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    Book Indexes

    I have been doing this webpage and learning about Carbon County history now since January of 1997. Since that time I have acquired many articles, journals, books and information about the people and places. It is impossible for me to remember all the names contained in the articles and books. My brain is on overload. My goal is to add indexes of the books so you can search on this website and find if there is information in these books about your ancestors. If you find your ancestors included on these indexes please e-mail me with the name, the name of the book and the page number and I'll let you know what it says. My e-mail address is khamaker@emerytelcom.net.

    If you would submit an index from a book I would be happy to add it. If I don't have the book or access to it then I must request that you make yourself available for look-ups. Please e-mail me if you would like to help with this project. Thank you.


    GREAT NEWS!! The Utah State University Eastern is digitizing all the old Carbon High School yearbooks in their collections. You can visit their website here: DigitalCommons@USU and read through each yearbook. The yearbooks can also be downloaded for your own use. Visit their website and check it out.


    Carbon County Historical Society Journals

    Cunningham Collection

    Frances Cunningham has been doing Carbon County research for many years for herself and for other individuals. She has a large archival collection of historical and genealogical information that she is making available to the Carbon County UTGenWeb web page. As she donates this information it will be listed here and in other locations on the webpage. Special thanks is given to Frances for the many hours she has spent researching and preserving the history of Carbon County. She is a wonderful example to all of us. Thank you!

    Cemeteries & Death Records, etc.

    World War Records

    Mine Accidents

    Birth, death and census records

    Obituaries in Sun Advocate Newspaper Archives

    Listed below are indexes of the obituaries on the Sun Advocate webpage. Find the individual on the index and then visit the Sun Advocate webpage to find the obit. The index tells you which newspaper you need to look in. The Sun Advocate Archives are here.

    Carbon County Databases on other servers

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