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Date: 21 November 2014
Posted by: Steve Starcevic
Query: My Great Aunt was Manda Pezel (her maiden name was Pavicic). She passed in 1975. Her sister, my grandmother, was named Matija Starcevic, she passed in 1976. Both ladies were born in Buzim, Croatia (North West of Gospic, taking the road through Smiljan to get there). Family had resided in and around Helper and Midvale. Looking to connect with offspring of Manda as part of a discovery and create a family tree. If interested, type PEZEL in the subject line and send message to cooksville@hotmail.com

Date: 28 Feb 2014
Posted by: Nicholas Crowder
Query: I am an author and I am trying to locate any living heirs of Walker Lowry. He died in 1984 in New York but was buried at Price City Cemetery. If you know of any living family members please have them contact me. It is regarding some research I am conducting on a book that Mr. Lowry wrote in 1963.

Date: 11 Dec 2011
Posted by: Ryan Faddis
Query: Looking for any information, photos or stories on Samuel Faddis (also spelled Faddies) and his family. He and some of his sons worked in the mines of Spring Canyon around 1910.

Date: 26 Jan 2011
Posted by: Rose Cerra
Query: My grandfather was Giuseppe Rizzuto DOB 5/8/1874 – DOD – 9/4/40.

He was an American citizen. The only information we have is that he has travelled from Italy to America constantly from about 1884 - 1927. He worked on the railways in UTAH we believe.

I am really keen to meet any Rizzuto’s who are alive and may be related to us. My mother died a year ago and she has two remaining sisters in Italy and one remaining brother in Thunder Bay, Canada whom we are in regular contact by telephone.

If you cannot assist, you may know other Rizzutos in your area that I may be able to get in touch with. Please use my email address for correspondence as this might be faster and easier. rcerra@yahoo.com

Date: 21 Jan 2011
Posted by: David Baker
Query: I am looking for information and photographs of George Ruff and his son Joseph Herber Ruff. Joseph Herber Ruff was married to Ida Bowley who is the sister of my great great grandfather. I am really interested in finding photographs of this family. Thank you for your help. Kind regards, David Baker, Sydney, Australia

Date: 28 Noc 2010
Posted by: Joseph Celhar
Query: Looking for any information on either Jakob Sorec or George Kostelic or maybe spelled Kastelic who resided in Sunnyside - Carbon County Utah around about 1906

Date: 24 Mar 2010
Posted by: Robin Reese and Mark Reese
Query: We are trying to locate family members of Thomas Levi Reese in the Carbon County area. Are you aware of any children or grandchildren? Thomas died in the mine explosion of 1924. His son William is our grandfather.

Date: 25 Oct 2009
Posted by: Connie Cartwright
Query: I am looking for any information on Walter Scott and Elizabeth M (Lizzie) Bass in the Price area. Walter died December 1, 1938 and Elizabeth died 19 December 1953. Their kids were Harriet, Eleanor, William Walter (Bill) Ethel Elizabeth, James Floyd, Harold Scott and Esther May. I would love any pictures, personal info, anything on this family, I would also appreciate any pictures of Price from the 1920's thru the 1980's. They lived at 34 West 2nd South in Price for years and years. Thanks in advance Connie

Date: 7 Nov 2009
Posted by: Vannesa Murray
Query: I am searching for any stories, pictures or information about my great grandfather Louie Zogmaister who was killed in a mining accident in Columbia mine in January 1944. Thanks!

Date: 18 Mar 2009
Posted by: Clothilde Cunningham
Query: Looking for any information on James Dominiski? Served in the American forces stationed in Scotland 1942. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 11 Jan 2009
Posted by: Antonie Kristensen
Query: I am looking for descendents of Mary Phyllis Lewis and Hans Mogensen. Hans immigrated from Denmark in 1923.
Hope to hear from you.

Date: Monday, 29 Sept 2008
Posted by: Kathy Stringham
Query: I am interested in any information and pictures on the family of Horace Simpson b. 26 Mar 1880 in Swinton, Lancashire, England, died in Castle Gate Mine Explosion 8 Mar 1924. He was married to Laura Annie Bruck b. 26 Aug 1880, (Wharncliffe Slk, Yorkshire, England), she died 3 Jul 1932 in Provo, Utah. They had 14 children, all born in Castle Gate, Utah. Their oldest son, Clarence Simpson, b. 16 Mar 1904 (Tankersley, Yorkshire, England) was also killed in the Castle Gate Mine Explosion.
Any information would be helpful, I am putting together a family history book.
Thank you

Date: Sunday, March 16, 2008
Posted by: Carrie (Housekeeper) Ward
Query: Looking for any memories or information that you have on William Kent Houskeeper or Kent's Barber Shop in East Carbon/Dragerton. I have trying to put together a memory book about him. And Dragerton/East Carbon.

Date: Saturday, February 29, 2008
Posted by: Dave Stevenson
Query: Do you know anything about a large cactus plant called a night blooming cereus that used to grow in the Price city park? Do you know if it is still alive? That night blooming cereus may look like a cactus or a succulent. I see that Price has several parks and the family information I am reading only refers to the Price city park and that would have been back in about 1917. I think I remember seeing it when I was in Price in 1966. It only blooms at night and not very often and isn't much to look at without the flowers.

Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Posted by: Katie Smith
Query: Ruland Smith - I am wanting to find any information I can on George Robert Smith's family. I'm guessing his family was in Helper around 1930-1960. He is my great grandfather and any information would be appreciated. I have much interest in finding out were his family has went since the 1930's. I and my immediate family know nothing about George, Vera and their kids and grandchildren. Ruland Smith was my grandfather and he worked for the railroad in the 1950's. I would appreciate any stories.

Date: Tuesday September 30, 2007
Posted by: Annelore Tilch
Query: I am looking for a Friend for James Morland he was a Soldier in the Army and stationed in Duisburg/Aschaffenburg Germany in 1955.We believe he was born in 1927. Thanks for the info.

Date: Saturday June 03, 2006   10:37:58
Posted by:JoAnn Glass
Query:Any stories about any of the Naylor's that use to live in Sunnyside. Trying to put a book together

Date:Friday June 02, 2006   20:23:22
Posted by:Sue Harvey
Query:Hampson family from Henry and Corilla(lindsay)Hampson. Were in Castle Gate, Helper and I think Thayer, KS

Date:Thursday June 01, 2006   21:25:00
Posted by:clarice lloyd
Query:a picture pedgree for mary ann carter one our ancestors who merried a carter.

Date:Thursday June 01, 2006   21:19:21
Posted by:clarice lloyd or eugene w lloyd
Query:picture pedreg

Date: Thursday May 25, 2006   18:21:26
Posted by:Tom Curley
Query: Seeking info on John Kozzur and family from Clear Creek....listed in 1900 Census with wife and two children. Wife returned to Luzerne County, PA with children and no husband, as recorded in 1910 Census. Trying to find out what happend to him. Thanks

Date: Friday May 12, 2006   13:29:54
Posted by: Erik Allen 321 Empress Ave. Toronto Ontario Canada M2N 3V5
Query: My great great Uncle David Burns was killed in a mining accident around 1900 I.m assuming it way the one on May 1 1900. Can you provide a list of those killed then or during other accidents in the Scofield area at that time. Thank you, Erik

Date: Sunday April 23, 2006   19:01:48
Posted by: Kim Allee, Denver, Colorado
Query: Looking for any information regarding my great-grandfather, Thomas, Tomas, or Tom Duran. Only known info is he was killed in a mine accident on or about November, 1950. Was married to an Emma Sisneros, had three children from this marriage. Any info would be great. Thanks!

Date: Tuesday April 11, 2006   19:42:48
Posted by: Dawn K.Anderson Christensen
Query: I would like to get a copy of my dad's obituary. His name is Keith Arthur Anderson, born Sept.7,1927 or 1928. He was killed in the mine accident in Spring Canyon on January 17, 1958.

Date: Saturday March 25, 2006   21:53:42
Posted by:Danny L. Michie
Query: Looking for information about Pinkie Adams killed in a bar fight in Price Utah around 1960. His 5 kids were taken away shortly before that and all adopted out. I am the oldest. Thanks for any information you can give me.

Date:Tuesday March 21, 2006   09:47:20
Posted by:ruth arlene gordon
Query: wilson/hendrickson family/sunnyside utah

Date:Saturday February 25, 2006   17:32:53
Posted by: Lea Allen
Query: I'm looking for information on Rollin Hochstatter, who died in Carbon County abt 1999. I have some information on an adopted half brother of his. Thank you Lea Allen

Date:Friday February 17, 2006   13:03:57
Posted by:costa Piperakis
Query: information about harilos piperakis and his brother gus papakakis

Date:Sunday February 12, 2006   09:52:51
Posted by: Gwen Fuller
Query:Marriage record of Mary M. Marta to (first name unknown) Taylor - Carbon County Utah, between 1915-1920. They later moved to Australia. She was born 1897, parents Peter & Rosa Marta, Scofield.

Date:Monday January 23, 2006   01:10:59
Posted by:Julie Segler Catlin
Query:I'm looking for information on the family of Richard David Reese and Mary Jones. He was killed in the 1900 Scofield mine disaster. This couple was my great grandparents. I also have information to share about desendants. Please contact me if you know any thing at all.

Date:Friday January 20, 2006   16:40:20
Posted by:Gwen Fuller
Query:Hi - Am interested in Steve Cholas or Choles, husband of Josephine Marta. Josephine was killed of gunshot wound at age 25, on 22 Apr 1917 in Scofield, Carbon, Utah. Would there be some record of this in a local newspaper?

Date:Tuesday December 27, 2005   16:05:22
Posted by:costa piperakis
Query:my father was known as:harilaos,harry,papadakis,piperakis,his brother was gus papadakis.I am trying to trace his travels.

Date:Monday December 26, 2005   15:57:58
Posted by: timothy clay (thomas) martinez
Query:family for lucille gentry who died approx 1970 timothy is her son

Date:Thursday December 22, 2005   02:02:39
Posted by:Johanna Pate
Query:I am looking for information on Thomas Harris Phelps and his wife Bessie. They were living in Carbon County in 1900 and 1910. He died in 1910. Looking for information on his death and any other information anyone may have on Phelps family.

Date:Monday December 19, 2005   07:41:58
Posted by:Janna Manookin
Query:Any information on George Hunter Henderson born 8 Aug 1891 in Storrs, Carbon, Utah? Or any relative. Thanks

Date:Thursday November 17, 2005   11:07:55
Posted by:joseph a pintarelli
Query: any pintarellis

Date:Sunday November 06, 2005   18:03:14
Posted by:Amber Henderson
Query:I am looking for Giuseppe Maio, or Joseph Mayo's grave site. I have been told he died in the mining explosion, but first was buried in Scofield and then moved to SL Cemetary. The problem is that I can't seem to find him in either. Also, a young girl, Alberta Mayo, in the schofield cemetary. I am wondering who her parents were, If possible confirm Ventura and Rosalie Mayo as her parents. Thank you AHenderson

Date:Saturday October 22, 2005   18:53:34
Posted by:T.Dovayak
Query:Any photos, records, stories, relatives of John Tomsich (Tomsich Butte) Oak Bowden, Josephine Tomsich, Valentine Tomsich, Bill Hannert, John J. Dovayak, and anyone who boarded at the Columbia Boarding House. Compiling information for family history.

Date:Friday September 30, 2005   23:06:52
Posted by:David B. Putman
Query:Looking for address of East Carbon or Sunnyside city hall. I am trying to locate information on a Frank Putman buried in the Dragerton Cemetery in the early 1900s

Date:Friday September 30, 2005   19:55:47
Posted by:Rosemarie Courville
Query: I am looking for relatives from Goldberg, Schlesien. My father's name was Karl Bruno Arlt. He was born July 25th 1897.He had 7 brother's and 8 sister's. His mother's name was Pauline Plagwitz. Any information would be appreciated.

Date:Saturday September 17, 2005   18:48:42
Posted by:Cletus Mooya
Query:I am looking for my great grand father who was shoot and killed in 1920 an Apache Indian by the name of Frank Lopez. Please may I know the general who kiled him and where hes buried. He lived somewhere in Texas.

Date:Wednesday August 03, 2005   08:19:01
Posted by: Ann Walker
Query:I am looking for pictures of the Holdaway Hotel in Price Utah. I can't remember the address, but it was across the railroad tracks, about a block or so from the rail station. My Aunt and Uncle Wilhelmina (Stecky) and Bill Holdaway bought the hotel about 1953.

Date:Monday August 01, 2005   21:17:05
Posted by: Mary Lee Hughes
Query:Information on the Orlandi family who lived in Mutual. My mother grew up there, her name was Rose Orlandi. She had two brothers, Victor and Jimmy. Her parents were Victor and Mary Orlandi. If you have any information about this family, please contact me. Thank you.

Date:Monday July 18, 2005   14:49:30
Posted by:Luis Armando Carreon
Query:research on my family tree where my root bigen

Date:Friday July 15, 2005   11:29:28
Posted by:Darlene Odenwalder
Query:Looking for info on one of the original settlers C.P. Johnson and his wife Anna. I have found reference to them in the History at Price from the Eastern Utah Advocate Mar. 22, 1906 page 86, but I can not find this publication... Any info would be appreciated.

Date:Wednesday June 29, 2005   15:52:17
Posted by: Dana Jensen Wall
Query:I am looking for information on my grandfather, Samuel Jensen. The records I have come across so far show that he was born in Molen, Emery County on June 20, 1902 and died in a mining accident in Columbia City Carbon County in February of 1931. Information on the mining company he worked for, or on his family that might include names or dates would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dana Jensen Wall

Date:Wednesday June 29, 2005   13:36:51
Query:Any information on descendants of Ida Elizabeth Pace Barnes. She was my paternal grandmother. My father,her son, died when I was 4 years old. Although I have good genealogy on the Pace side, I have no record of causes of death or medical history. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and would like to know if it ran in the Pace family. Also looking for marriage certificate for Ida and Guy Thomas Barnes, my paternal grandfather who also died young. He was not a Utah resident.

Date:Thursday April 28, 2005   03:12:20
Posted by:gerald farren
Query:I'm looking for any information about Frank Jerald Barker. He was a barber from Spring Glen in 1918. Also worked in Castle Gate. He disappeared in 1918 -1919. I'm also looking for information on John Howard Farren of Castle Gate. He died in 1925. Thank You.

Date:Sunday April 24, 2005   21:48:03
Posted by:Lauraley Brown Dilgard
Query: Information on my Great Grandfather who died in a mine accident on 7 Jan 1889 in Winter Quarters Scofield, he is buried in the Scofield cemetery with my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Robb Brown she died in 1896. I have been told that they do not have markers on their graves. I want to know if there is any record of them being buried there or anywhere else. Any information would be greatly appriciated. Thank you, Lauraley Brown Dilgard

Date:Saturday April 09, 2005   13:46:45
Posted by:Arlene Gordon
Seeking any info on family's related to Orville Henry Hendrickson, wife Dora Wilson Hendrickson. I lived in fosters homes and am curious about all the people I can't remember.

Date:Thursday April 07, 2005   19:20:21
Posted by: Rosemarie Courville
Query:I am looking for info. about the surname of Arlt. I know my father was born in Goldberg-Schlesien. I appreciate any help. He lived in Berlin-Germany until the time of his death.

Date:Sunday, January 23, 2005 4:07 PM
Posted by:Jessica Hannes
Query:Hello – My name is Jessica (Thomas) Hannes. I have been researching my family genealogy and recently came across your posting for Michael Thomas in the Carbon County Genweb site. The names listed on the obit had many similarities to my family. Listed on the obit are parents Gregory and Mary Bolf Thomas. I have a Mathew Thomas (Matja Tomac) and Josephine Bolf Thomas with son Matthew Thomas Jr born 12/22/1914 in Sunnyside, UT. When researching through the Ellis Island website I found a Yosipa Bolf going to visit brother in law Grga Tomac and sister Maria in Sunnyside. Father Martin Bolf in Delnice, Yugoslavia. She arrived in New York in 10/5/1913 and is in the correct age group as my Josephine. Coincidently, my father’s name is Michael Thomas. He is the son of Matthew Jr above so different generation as yours. The names are not exact but there is quite a coincidence. If you have any additional information or thoughts I would greatly appreciate the help.

Date:Sunday July 18, 2004   12:59:19
Posted by: charles morland
Query:james D jumper

Date:Tuesday June 29, 2004   20:02:19
Posted by:Johnny L. Martinez
Query:C Drager

Date:Sunday June 20, 2004   03:08:08
Posted by:Luke Houskeeper
Query: I am trying to learn more about my family history, My roots in Carbon County go pretty deep so I would love to get information about the Houskeeper and Orr families in Nine Mile and Price/Wellington

Date:Wednesday June 16, 2004   23:25:05
Posted by: Chaplain G D McFarland
Query: Albert C or any othr Higgersons that lived in Dragerton Utah. Thanks so much. Chaplain McFarland

Date:Sunday June 13, 2004   11:22:00
Posted by: theodore pittman
Query: I have found the family i was looking for..the name was "sparhawk" and if there is anyone out there that is also researching marie deveraux and william A. sparhawk..please let me know..thank you

Date:Thursday May 13, 2004   09:43:52
Posted by: Fred Civish P.O. Box 18101 Salt Lake City, UT 84118-0101
Query: Looking for any pictures of people mentioned in the Historical Novel, The Sunnyside War. Pictures will be displayed on the website: www.bullofthewoodsbooks.com. Will pay any costs needed for copying, mailing, etc.

Date:Tuesday April 13, 2004   10:13:40
Posted by:Lori Ann Wycoff
Query: I am looking for relatives with the last name Farrimond. I know some of them lived in Sunnyside,Utah. They were miners back in the early 1900's Henry, James, Richard???

Date:Wednesday March 24, 2004   16:05:59
Posted by: John Martinson
Query: I am looking for information the Delbert Petersen family, who had a son, James Herbert "Hub" Petersen. He married a Maxine Brace, daughter of James "Jack" Brace and Bertrude Burdick. They lived in the Dragerton and Sunnyside area. Please email me at jpmart47@msn.com. Thanks! john

Date:Sunday March 07, 2004   21:28:27
Posted by:Sharlene Pappas
Query:any information on James Pappas and Lucille Oliver, grandparents and also Elmo Wycherley and Marion Jones, grandparents. learning about family history and any information is welcome.

Date:Wednesday March 03, 2004   09:11:30
Posted by: william booth
Query: looking for any information on the BOOTH family. My dad ( Martin W. BOOTH) was born in june of 1908 in sunnyside. Father was Thomas William Booth. He worked in the mines . thanks for you info .

Date:Tuesday March 02, 2004   10:16:57
Posted by: Isabel Brown
Query:I am looking for info regarding Booth family who lived in Sunnyside, Helper and Price areas early 1900's. Thomas was killed in mining accident in Colorado about 1921-22. Left wife Martha and 3 known children. Any info would be greatly appreciated

Date:Wednesday February 18, 2004   14:13:44
Posted by: Shirley Spears, Administrator, Emery County Archives
Query: I have a personal scrapbook from a young girl named Shirley Hill who attended school at Wasatch Academy in the mid-40's (she was born in November around 1925). Her parents lived in Helper Utah. I would like to return this scrapbook to her or her descendants as there are personal letters from family included. Anyone who knows this family, please contact me. Thank you

Date:Friday February 13, 2004   18:22:19
Posted by: Sharon Scott, 5516 Azuza B Las Vegas Nv. 89122
Query: James Burtram Darrah (Burt) lived in Hiawatha in 1910 and worked for a mine as a clerk according to the census. of 1910. He died in Salt Lake in about 1928 was married and had two daughters. At the time of his death he worked for the Utah Railroad. I have more information about his earlier life that I will share and hope I can get some info about his life in Utah. I need his family life there.

Date:Monday February 02, 2004   21:21:08
Posted by: Michelle Harden
Query:I am trying to find any information on the family and friends of Nick Lapore (Lapori), and first wife, Maria (Mary) Milito and Also Nick and second wife Eliza (Olsen) Lapore. That lived in Helper from early 1900's to the 1950's/60's(?). Also, any information on Earnest "Cube" Mattena (Mattina), who was a musician in Carbon County, married Jennie Lapore. They lived in Helper 1931-? Thank You.

Date:Saturday January 31, 2004   11:04:12
Posted by: Donna Christensen Molgard
Query:Farnsworths, Christensens from Price

Date:Friday January 23, 2004   17:31:40
Posted by:Merrill Jones 1444n 1000w Price Utah 84501
Query: I'm looking for anything on the History of Columbia, Ut.

Date:Friday January 16, 2004   10:42:05
Posted by:Lori Jo Owen-Bunck
Query: Thomas Gilbert Owen, was killed in kaiser steel coal mine 1982. i would like all the news articles on his ascendent

Date:Tuesday December 23, 2003   11:41:34
Posted by:Janet (muncy) Smith
Query: I'm looking for any pictures of the old Dragerton School or other pictures. A family reunion is being planned and would like anything that might be of interest. Please contact me at e-mail or write me. Thank You - Janet Muncy Smith

Date:Friday November 21, 2003   14:28:02
Posted by: Melanie Daehler
Query:Looking for information about my grandparents,Lorenzo & Alta Cook.

Date:Thursday November 20, 2003   21:31:32
Posted by: Jodi Richards
Query: I was interested about the family of my deceased mother, Wilma Jean Reese. Her father was Theodore Reese and her mother was Jane Wallace. Please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks, Jodi

Date:Wednesday November 12, 2003   05:27:18
Posted by:Rodney Jackson
Query:old pictures of carbon county area, old tokens of the carbon county area. I am trying to set up a collection of tokens of the area to be displayed.

Date:Wednesday October 29, 2003   18:41:34
Posted by: vanessa lovett
Query: anyone connected to ihe lovett family,im in england

Date:Saturday October 25, 2003   13:59:47
Posted by: Marjorie Crosby Sanchez
Query: I would like any information about the Robert & Ellen (Spowart) Crosby family who was in the Carbon County area in 1904 to (?). Their children were John, William, James Spowart, Robert and George. Daughters were Agnes Helen, Margaret and Katheine known as Kate" and Granddaughter Pearl.

Date:Wednesday October 22, 2003   12:37:00
Posted by: barry lee schlier
Query: history of family

Date:Saturday October 11, 2003   00:00:02
Posted by: Joy Juliano Aspenall
Query: Any information about my grandparents, James and Agnes Juliano. Agnes died in 1937 and James in September 1947. Both are buried in Helper, Utah. I would be deeply grateful for any information you could provide for me, especially pertaining to their birthdates, place of birth(Italy) and the names of their parents. Thank you so very much. Joy Juliano Aspenall

Date:Sunday September 08, 2002   06:07:01
Posted by: C Dickinson
Query:Richard Dickinson or Richard O. Dickinson. Born in Wi circa 1870, probably Clark county. Cited in census of 1920 in Price, Carbon County, UT. Have info on his family and parents and I am trying to find his family and relatives. Will share info with family. Thanks.

Date:Thursday August 29, 2002   11:11:33
Posted by: Geneva Suzanne Hoeye
Query: My Grandmother Evelyn Ann Kofford B:Aug 24th 1911 in Billings Montana (Yellowstone County) Maiden name Evelyn Ann Berg PARENTS: Gus E. Burg and Bertha M. (Bohn) Burg

Date:Tuesday August 27, 2002   00:53:38
Posted by: Margaret Hibdon
Query: Pictures of coalmine workers 1948 carbon county. Pictures of dragerton school pictures 1948.

Date:Sunday August 25, 2002   17:10:39
Posted by: Maxine Suryan
Query: I am interested in finding any families or individuals named Suryan who came to the U.S. in 1920 via Ellis Island. They came from Vela Luka(on the island of Kortula),Yugoslavia. At that time the coast was part of Austria.

Date:Monday August 05, 2002   19:37:33
Posted by: Spyros Vutetakis 425 E FifthSt, Royal Oak, MI 48067
Query: Mr & Mrs JOHN GALANIS, lived in Sunnyside in the early 1920s - any information about either or any descendants.

Date:Monday August 05, 2002   10:41:37
Posted by: K.L. Lyster, P.O Box 1333, Lexington, TN 38351
Query: family information on the sevensson/swanson family Johan fredrik(father- dec. 26, 1823) hilda(mother- nov. 5, 1842-- maiden name-petersdotter) Children gustav oskar-1868, carl albins-1874, frans johan roberts-1870, august julius-1877, otto william-1885, esther cornelia-1883, and emma charlotta alfreda -1888 All the children through august were born in sweden. The family left jonkoping ian, smaland, sverige one 10 april 1879 settled in the princeton, illinois area...... Anyone having any information on this family would be deeply appreciated. Thankyou.......

Date:Thursday August 01, 2002   19:37:28
Posted by: Mandara Vance
Query: Johnny Ward

Date:Thursday July 25, 2002   11:14:32
Posted by: Marsha J. Ramsey
Query: Looking for records of mining disaster in Orangeville, Utah. My cousin, Nanette Saintz-Wheeler died in that mine. Thank you.

Date:Wednesday July 17, 2002   23:51:57
Posted by: Patricia Ann Dyson=Tays
Query: Need information for Moma Duke Tays. Where he was born etc. I know he died in Roswell, New Mexico and have information of part of families. I also need information forWilliam R. Tays who married Cherokee Woman. Her name, where and when. Information about her .

Date:Wednesday July 17, 2002   23:41:29
Posted by: Patricia Ann Dyson=Tays
Query: Any information about Augustas e. Dyson

Date:Tuesday July 16, 2002   19:32:21
Posted by: theodore pittman
Query: looking for a family called speirhawk or close to that. unless they lied about grandmas name. they also told me her husband before he died owned the railroad line from ogden to salt lake it had to be in the early 40s because i was a kid. do you know of any family that owned an independant line of the rr then. please get in touch with me ive been looking for a long time..she had a son named dewey and a daughter named doris or dora. this is for my medical records so if you know somthing...any little thing please let me know. thanks.

Date:Monday July 15, 2002   21:31:13
Posted by: Mary L. Slaten
Query: My brother, Walton Henderson, was in the mine explosion at Standarville Feb. 14, 1930. He was killed and is burried in Price Cemetery. I would like to have a picture of his grave and a death certificate.

Date:Saturday July 06, 2002   16:49:18
Posted by: Ray Neil Baker
Query: Researching my Cowan-Cowand-Cowin-Cowen family. The family of Kirtland and Byron Cowan are from North Carolina, they were sons of William Walter Cowan and Emma Caroline Davenport Cowan. William Walter Cowan was a son of William Bennett Cowand and Amanda Corbet Cowand from Bertie County NC. They went to Pasquatank County near Elizabeth City NC about 1870. My couzin and I would appreciate any info on this family.

Date:Wednesday July 03, 2002   20:25:34
Posted by: Jodi Ann Richards
Query: I would really appreciate any information about my mother Wilma Jean Reese . Her father was Theodore Reese and her mother was Jane Beatty Wallace. Thankyou

Date:Saturday June 29, 2002   12:47:28
Posted by: Lorraine Parkinson
Query: Looking for descendents of JOHN MCLEAN and wife AGNES née FLEMING and their children: CATHERINE (CAFFEY), AGNES (LYNN), WILLIAM, ALEXANDER, ANGUS, THOMAS, ANDREW, who emigrated from Fife, Scotland about 1882 to work as miners in Carbon/Pleasant Valley area.

Date:Monday June 10, 2002   01:27:10
Posted by: Sirimongkon Sirisanonwattana
Query: what i am looking for mother teresa. and jerry chidester and boy.

Date:Friday May 31, 2002   23:19:11
Posted by:Nikki Walker
Query: I am looking for Davis families (James, Jeff, or Kenneth) who were in Price and Sunnyside Utah in the early 1900's.....also Weight ancestors.....Millicent Agnes Weight

Date:Friday May 17, 2002   12:55:33
Posted by: Bruce Edward Kercher
Query: Kercher

Date:Wednesday April 17, 2002   16:54:11
Posted by: Diane McBain
Query: Seeking conformation that Jennie Bonvicin remarried after her husband Virgino Bonvicin passed away in Sunnyside, Carbon Co. Ut. in 1918 It appears she may have married a man named Pintarelli and she is buried in Valley View Cemetery. Jenny passed away Feb. 22, 1924. Thank you. Diane McBain

Date:Saturday April 13, 2002   17:52:15
Posted by: Christina Leigh Wagner Seay
Query: Looking for a Simpson line. My Great Grandmother was born in Mercersberg Penn. in 1898. Any help would be appreciated.

Date:Thursday April 04, 2002   12:26:59
Posted by: Spyros Vutetakis
Query: Book, "Toil and Rage In A New Land, The Greek Immigrants In Utah" by Helen Papanikolas. Need three copies.

Date:Tuesday April 02, 2002   20:36:27
Kari Fraser
I am in searc of an old medicine bottle from Bills Pharmacy located in helper throughout the 50's to 60's. Or any information anyone has about William"Bill" Fraser or Saline Fraser or their two children Frank Fraser or Maryanne Fraser

Date:Sunday March 31, 2002   11:34:35
Posted by:steven burgess
Query:looking to buy carbon county items sunnyside dragerton carbonville price etc jug stoneware paper what have you thanks

Date:Saturday March 30, 2002   11:46:16
Posted by:mats holtne
Query:Looking for mr.Kenneth Swanson. born 1933in Brakne-Hoby,sweden. His father Iver Swanson emigrated 1926-27 from sweden to Two Harbors , Minnestota. Please contact me if you have any information about the family.

Date:Friday March 29, 2002   22:12:39
Posted by:Karen Johnston
Query:Looking for Lewis and Lucinda (Dodson-Dotson) Clark. Daughter Nancy Elizabeth my ggreatgr. Last know place indiana in 1853.

Date:Tuesday March 26, 2002   18:43:39
Posted by:Micelle
Query:Looking for a connection between Ann Ruth Hartley and Drucilla Dickson (Dixon) Hartley. Would appreciate any help.

Date:Sunday March 24, 2002   17:20:13
Posted by:Cindy
Query:CURTIS MAURICE (MORRIS) BENJAMIN-lived in Price, UT for 38 years before his death in 1959. Married to Clarissa Elizabeth Jones Nelson. Carpenter by trade. Lived at 433 South 2nd Street, West. Any info or pictures would be deeply appreciated.

Date:Saturday March 23, 2002   15:01:48
Posted by;Elisabetta Valori
Query:I am looking for italian families who lived in Dallas in 1963.

Date:Tuesday March 19, 2002   18:08:33
Posted by:Janette O'Brien
Query:Simpson, Marion + Price UT

Date:Wednesday March 13, 2002   12:17:19
Posted by:C. Drager
Query:I have original papers and pictures of a community which was built in 1944 and called Dragerton. It has since been changed to Carbon City. Anyone interested???

Date:Wednesday February 27, 2002   14:21:02
Posted by:Joe Rizzuto
Query:I am looking for any ralatives in Utah. My grandfather(Giuseppe Rizzuto) lived most of his life in Utah working on the railroad. He was born Aug. 5th 1874 and died Sept. 4th 1940 in Italy. I believe that he had a family in Utah as well as in Italy. Please contact me if you have information about Rizzuto's in Utah.

Date:Friday February 22, 2002   10:42:44
Posted by:Tim Palen
Query:I'm looking for any information on Yugoslavian immigrants during the 1920's. i have some questions for a school report for anyone that can provide information. if you could answer any of these questions please email me... Why did the Yugoslavians want to leave Yugoslavia?..... How were they received by the Americans?..... What problems did they experience with jobs and housing?......What successes did they experience in the U.S.?

Date:Friday February 15, 2002   17:43:33
Posted by:Diane McBain
Query:Bonvicin Family Seeking information on Virgino Bonvicin and his wife Yenis (Cereghino) Bonvicin also children Elizabeth 14, Angeline 12, (went to Calif and Married Frank Elmo) Rosie age 10 and David age 7. Thank you.

Date:Saturday February 09, 2002   12:16:30
Posted by:John Kalec
Query:My grandfather and his brothers came to the US from Zaluczne, Poland in the 1890 timeframe. One brother (William Kalec) settled in Sweetmine and National, Utah....I was looking for any information available.

Date:Friday February 08, 2002   11:16:13
Posted by:Jan-Erik Sjoholm
Query:Alma Olivia Carlsson, born 1882 i Skara, Sweden. Imigrated to Edmonton, Canada 1907. I can´t find her. Can You?

Date:Tuesday February 05, 2002   08:02:16
Posted by:Alexander Andrew Chatburn
Query:Where my family came from and who am I decsended from

Date:Friday February 01, 2002   18:13:57
Posted by:Merle Maloney
Query:My grandmother, Magdalen Roberts, was born at Newport, Monmouth, Wales in 1876. Later she migrated to Australia. She married and settled in Ravenswood and Charters Towers, Queensland. She had a brother in Wales, named Fred. His wife was Flora, and their daughters were Dora, Isa and Lilian. Magdalen [or Madge] married Ernest Edward Eli, and after his death, John Floyd Parnell. I am seeking information about her Welsh family.

Date:Monday January 28, 2002   01:03:54
Posted by:Dorotha Shepherd
Query:stories or histories about David Clarence cook, corbon county, utah, and wayne county utah Daniel cook, corbon county and wayne county,utah

Date:Monday January 07, 2002   21:51:20
Query: I am looking for an obituary for Jasper Simpson or any of the Simpson family in the Castle Gate area during 1920-1924. Also if anyone has any type of stories printed about Castle Gate at this time, something not about the mine explosion.

Date:Thursday January 03, 2002   11:03:37
Posted by: Diane Simmonite
Query:Any detail on the name of Anakin or Annakin most welcome.

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