George A. Anderson Photo Collection

The following list is an index of the photographs from Carbon County, Utah that was taken by George A. Anderson in the years around 1895 - 1905. The Family History Library in Price, Utah has copies of most of these photographs. They are beautiful pictures and would be a wonderful addition to any family history book. The Harold B. Lee Library at the Brigham Young University has the original glass plates of the photographs and holds the copyright to the collection. If you find any pictures that you are interested in purchasing you are welcome to contact:

Russ Taylor,
Supervisor of Reference Services
L. Tom Perry Special Collections Department.
E-mail address:

Many of these photos have been scanned and are online HERE at the Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library. The libraries special collection includes photos from C. R. Savage Collection, George Edward Anderson Collection, Walter Mason Camp Collection, William Henry Jackson Collection.

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Photo #   Photo purchased by & description Location
10886   Accord, Jos. - Partial view of woman and five children Scofield
10346   Alger, Nellie (as Miss Utah) - three girls in white dresses Sunnyside
10698   Allred, Betty & Alice Downard - two young women Price
10717   Allred, C. W. - man, woman, two boys, girl, young man seated on porch Price
10518   Allred, Laura - young woman Wellington
10352   Allred, Louis (Lewis) - infant Sunnyside
10718   Allred - older man with long, gray beard Price
4548   Anderson, Anna - young woman Price
10858   Anderson, - boy and little girl Scofield
4464   Anderson, Christen - young man Price
15694   Anderson, E. - family portrait: man, woman, four girls, infant Price
10734 no photo in Price Anderson, Eve & Edd - four girls, boy  
4580   Anderson, Florence - woman and five children Price
10358   Anderson, Ida - two poses of a young woman Sunnyside
4607   Anderson, J. - young child Price
10829 no photo in Price Anderson, John F. - little boy & girl (Johnny & Violet)  
15701   Anderson, Jos. - man, woman, infant Price
10736 no photo in Price Anderson, Jos. - man, woman, infant Price
4480   Anderson, Lapriel & chum - two young women Price
4481   Anderson, Lapriel - young woman (daughter of Ras Anderson) Price
10745   Anderson, Mrs. G. - three young women, infant Price
10738   Anderson, Peter - infant in white dress with lace collar (Orson) Price
10737   Anderson, Peter - infant (Ralph) Sunnyside
4552   Anderson, Swen - woman, child, and half view of two other children Price
10572   Armitage, J. - man on horse by cabin Wellington
10903   Arnold, - woman, six children in front of tent house Sunnyside
4531 no photo in Price Attwood and Price - People, horses, wagons, camping provisions Vernal
10775 no photo in Price Attwood, L. A. - young boy and infant  
10479   Babcock, Lorenzo - man sitting with cane Wellington
10836?   Babcock, M. J. - woman Helper
10316   Baird, Robt. - nine people outside tent houses Sunnyside
4509   Ballinger, A. - two children one holding a doll Price
4560   Ballinger, A. (Jessie) - young girl (same child as in 10654) Price (?)
4559   Ballinger, A. - little girl standing (same child as in 10654) Price (?)
10655   Ballinger, A. - young boy (George) (same child as in 4560) Price
10654   Ballinger, A. - young girl (Jessie) (same child as in 4559) Price
4448   Ballinger, A. - two young men Price
10653   Ballinger, Alf - two young boys outdoors Price
30050   Ballinger, Alf - infant Price
30051   Ballinger, Alf - infant in white dress Price
4682a   Ballinger, Alf - two boys and an infant Price
4642   Ballinger, Alf - tow young boys Price
10801 & 10802   Ballinger, Valentine, Whitmore, Taylor - four men in suits (photo filed under Whitmore) Price
4454   Barlow, O. H. - woman and three children Price
4661   Barlow, O. F. - young boy and girl holding hands Price
4510   Barlow, O. F. - two girls, two boys, infant Price
10963   Bachelor, John - man & woman Castle Gate
10961   Bell, Mrs. - infant in white dress Castle Gate
10972   Bell, Mrs. - older woman sitting Castle Gate
4591   Bell, Thomas - infant and woman at side Castle Gate
10710   Berglund, G. C. - young girl Price
10711   Berglund, G. C. - young girl in dark dress Price
10962   Beveridge, Mical - family portrait: man, woman, girl, and infant Castle Gate
4697 no photo in Price Birch, A. W. - woman and three children on porch Price
4567   Birch, A. W. - woman and two children Price
10492   Blackburn, John - man with beard and boy Wellington
    Blackburn, Manasah - picture strip of four poses  
    Birch, Vard - picture strip of four poses  
    Birch, Bert - picture strip of four poses  
    Branch, Eugene E. Jr. - picture strip of four poses  
    Branch, Eugene E. Jr. & Bert Birch - picture strip of four poses  
    Branch, Irvin - picture strip of four poses  
    Branch, Jane - picture strip of four poses  
    Branch, Levi May Smith - picture strip of four poses  
    Branch, Rosella Violet Hansen - picture strip of four poses  
10531 no photo in Price Blackham, John - (photo of photo) Man seated beside a table Wellington
4443   Booth, John - young man Price
10971   Bott, Carl - young girl seated outdoors Castle Gate
30043   Bottino, John - man, woman, two children Helper
10902   Brace, James - man, woman, four children, plank type house Sunnyside
4585   Branch, Bell & Irene - two young girls Price
10597   Branch, Emily Cornelia - young woman (daughter of Wm. Henry) Wellington
10583   Branch, E. E. - two women, six boys & infant Wellington
10463   Branch, E. E. - family group of thirteen people Wellington
10534   Branch, Agnes - woman and three infants (Gladys Branch Burnett, Effie Branch Anderson Lyddell, Ida Thayn Burnett) Wellington
10493   Branch, Effie (Anderson) - baby (daughter of Eugene E. Branch Sr.) Wellington
10533   Branch, Eugene E. Jr. - infant in long white dress (Amos) Wellington
10612   Branch, Ella - older woman (wife of William Henry Branch) Price
10613   Branch, Ella - older woman (Wife of Wm. Henry Branch) Price
15708   Branch, Ella - little boy and two little girls Price
10614   Branch, Ella - older woman Price
10472 no photo in Price Branch, Jean - Six young women, six young men Wellington
4713   Branch, Jenny - (photo of photo) young man Price
4681 no photo in Price Branch, Olive - young woman Price
10514   Branch, Olive & Draper, Violet - young girl & young woman Wellington
4680 no photo in Price Branch, Olive - young woman standing Price
10615   Branch, R. (photo of painting) - young girl Price
10616   Branch, Richard Mrs. - woman and little girl Price
10519   Branch, Rosilla - young woman Wellington
10931   Brock, William - young boy Sunnyside
10932   Brock, William - young girl Sunnyside
10935   Brown, H. Miss - young woman Sunnyside
10780   Bryce, W. H. Mrs. (Or Hazel Bryce) - young girl (Ashton) Price
10674   Bryner, A. - infant in long white gown Price
10673 no photo in Price Bryner, A. - little boy with toy horse and cart Price
10672   Bryner, Ada Miss - young woman Price
10675   Bryner, Albert - infant in dress with lace collar Price
4694 no photo in Price Bryner, Albert - man & two women Price
4584   Bryner, Albert - infant Price
4717   Bryner, Albert - infant in long dress Price
4523   Bryner, Albert Mrs. - woman, girl, boy Price
4674 no photo in Price Bryner, Alma & Edith - young man & woman Castle Gate
10677   Bryner, Alma - young man Price
4436   Bryner, Annie (& McMullin, Albert O.)- young man and woman (photo filed under McMullin) Price
10676   Bryner, Edith (Sheppeck - sitting right) - four young women (Pauline Bryner Pace - standing) Price
10667   Bryner, Enoch - infant in dark dress Price
4654   Bryner, Enoch - young man sitting Helper
4658   Bryner, Frank (photo of photo) - bride and groom Price
4605   Bryner, Frank - Man with infant Price
4434   Bryner, Frank - young man and two young women (Bryner, Annie & McIntyre, Dora) Price
4433   Bryner, Frank - man and woman Price
10669 no photo in Price Bryner, Henry - two girls Price
4435   Bryner, Henry - young child Price
30038   Bryner, James (& wife Jane) - young man and woman Helper
10671   Bryner, James - young man Price
10679   Bryner, Jennie - young woman Price
30037   Bryner, John L. - young man in suit Helper
4673 no photo in Price Bryner, John W. - baby in swing Castle Gate
30039   Bryner, John (& Martha) - little girl and young child (children of maybe Vida & Belva) Helper
4624   Bryner, John W. (& wife Martha Rowley) - young man and woman Helper
4640   Bryner, Lily & McIntyre, Isabell - two young women Price
10670   Bryner, (Margaret Kuhn) - older woman with glasses Price
10668   Bryner, Pearl - young girl Price
4644   Bryner, Rosey & Lilly - two young women Price
4635   Bryner, Rosey - group of eleven young women (Rosella Anderson - 2nd from left) Price
10665   Bryner, Ulrich (photo or photo) - man & woman Price
10666   Bryner - Young man and woman (bride & Groom) outside house Price
30151   Buffunim, (Buffmire) Guss (Gus) - boy holding young child Castle Gate
10787   Bunce (Bounce), J. D. Mrs. - woman Price
10823 no photo in Price Bunce, J. D. - family portrait: man, woman, two girls, two boys & infant Carbon Co.
4493   Bunce, Joseph - seven groups of four strips of photos, one woman, two girls & four boys  
4455 no photo in Price Bunce, Joseph - two young children. One child is holding a doll Price
10517   Burch, J. S. - two girls, two boys, infant Wellington
30695   Burdeck (Burdick), Moses - little boy, two little girls, dog in front of covered wagon Sunnyside
10912   Burdick, Moses - two little girls, boy and dog Sunnyside
10353 no photo in Price Burdick, Moses - three children and a dog next to a wagon Sunnyside
10732 no photo in Price Burgess, J. - family portrait: man, woman, young girl, infant Price
4516 no photo in Price Burgess, W. J. - man  
4461   Burgess, Wilmer - woman, three girls, one boy Price
4515 no photo in Price Burgess - young woman  
10798   Burglund (Berglund), C. G. - infant Price
10719   Burnham, Wilber - infant Price
5458   Burrows, Wm. C. - older man with beard Scofield
10321   Burton, F. G. - man, woman outside tent house Sunnyside (?)
10661   Butler, Ed. - two boys & two girls Price
30150   Byland (or Lamh or Lamb, B.J.) - three men sitting Castle Gate
10794   Calleway (or Callay), J. G. - young boy and girl Price
10926   Carey (Corey), E. M. - man in suit seated Sunnyside
4593   Carrera, Charley (photo of photo) - man, woman, three children Helper
10979   Case, Jas. - man & woman Castle Gate
10350   Chittendon, Hi - man, woman, six children outside house Sunnyside
10351   Chittendon, Hi - two men standing outside Sunnyside
    Chriansen, Harriett - two photo strips of three photos  
10769 no photo in Price Christensen, Niels - two little girls Castle Gate
10899   Christiansen, Peter - man, woman, tent house Sunnyside
10498   Christopher, Hannah - older woman Wellington
4706   Christensen, C. N. - eight people, two house and men holding construction tools Castle Gate
4704   Christensen, C. L. - man and woman in front of wood house Castle Gate
4705   Christensen, Neils - young child in chair with doll Castle Gate
10982   Clark, Thos. Mrs. (Photo of photo) - woman standing Castle Gate
10981   Clark, Thos. (Photo of photo) - man standing Castle Gate
30084 no photo in Price Clerico, Batisto & wife - young man and woman  
4659   Clyde, Dave - young man with mustache Price
10568   Coleman, Perry - young girl in white dress Wellington
10480   Coleman, Perry - three young children Wellington
5505   Collingham, George - young girl holding a doll Price (?)
5506   Collingham, George - young girl standing next to a doll Price (?)
10849   Cook, C. H. - three girls Helper
10847   Cook, C. H. (Chauncey Harvey) - older man with beard Helper
10984   Cook, Harvey (photo of photo) - young boy Castle Gate
10846   Cook, L. A. - young maan in dark suit Spring Glen
10848   Cook, Leroy - young man in dark suit Helper
10930   Cook, R. C. - young man and woman Sunnyside
10921   Cook, R. C. - young boy and infant Sunnyside
10924   Cook, Ray - young boy Sunnyside
10853   Cooke, H. G. - man in dark suit standing by a table Helper
8780   Cormen, Joe - family portrait: man, woman, three children Castle Gate
10946   Cowley, Wm. - four girls, dolls, dog, and woman in background Castle Gate
30157   Cowley, Wm. - girl and young child Castle Gate
10978   Cowley, Wm. - infant with woman at side Castle Gate
5485   Cox, Edward Mrs. - woman & little girl Scofield
10969   Cox, Edward B. - infant and young girl Castle Gate
4627   Cox, Hannah - young woman Castle Gate
10664   Cox, Sarah (& Pauline A. Pace & Keziah J. Empey) - three women (photo filed under Empey) Price
    Craig, Georgia Mrs. - strip of three photos  
10907   Crawford, David - family portrait: man, woman, little boy and infant Sunnyside
10760 no photo in Price Crochett, J. A. - infant Price
10714   Crosby, Agnes - young woman Price
10317   Crosby (Crosley), R. C. - woman, girl, four boys outside tent house Sunnyside
10357   Crowley, A. E. Miss - woman Sunnyside
10521   Curtis, Ed - woman, four children Wellington
10552 no photo in Price Curtis, Edw. - Young girl and a boy seated on a chair Wellington
10522   Curtis, G. A. - woman, four children Wellington
10570   Curtis, Myra & Nellie - two young women Wellington
10539   Curtis, W. A. - young boy and girl Wellington
4544   Daman, H. W. (or A.W.) Mrs. - young woman Price
4543   Damon, H. W. - Man with mustache Price
4566   Danes, - two young women Helper
5174   Dalton, J.H. & family Price?
10964   Dart, E. V. - two young boys in suits and caps Castle Gate
4449   Daunard (Downard), John L. Price
4623   Davice (Davis), A. C. Mrs. - young boy and infant Price
10842   Davis, A. G. - older woman and man Helper
4553   Davis bros. - two men by river Price
10331   Davis, D. T. - two young children Sunnyside
10836   Davis, Isaac & lady - young man & woman (four photos numbered 10836) Helper
10836   Davis, Isaac & lady - strip of three photos Helper
10843   Davis, M. Miss & sister - two young women, sisters Helper
10578   Davis, Mrs. - older woman Wellington
4475   Dimick, D. - man wearing a gun and holster Price
10542   Dimmick (Dimick), Epraim - family portrait: man, woman, seven children Wellington
10304   Dimmick (Dimick), Mrs. - six men, one women, thirteen children by boarding house Sunnyside
10698   Downard, Alice & Betty (or Letty) Allred - two young women Price
10701 no photo in Price Downard, Geo. F. - two young women, girl, young child Price
10602   Downard, John - man standing by horse and building Price
10699   Downard, Nena - three young girls Price
10702 no photo in Price Downard, William - boy and young child Price
10700   Downard, William - infant in print dress Price
10703 no photo in Price Downard, William - infant in print dress Price
10529   Draper, E. Mrs. - (photo of photo) little girl & infant Wellington
30040   Draper, Thos. & wife - older man and woman outdoors Helper
10514   Draper, Violet & Branch, Olive - young girl & young woman Wellington
4629   Drury, G. W. - family portrait: man, woman, four children - one holding a doll Helper
4574 no photo in Price Dudley, Andrew - man, woman, two girls  
10338   Duerden, Harry - four men, one woman outside house Sunnyside
10314 no photo in Price Dugmore, Samuel - miners by building and coal car track Sunnyside
10313 no photo in Price Dugmore, Wm. - five men by coal car Sunnyside
30787 no photo in Price Ealn, J. W. - man, woman and dog at station Castle Gate
4622   Earl, H. H. - young girl Price
4621   Earl, H. H. - young girl with big dog Price
10857   Earll, A. H. - Scofield post office (photo filed with Area Photos) Scofield
10874   Edwards & Wycherly - two young men in suits, seated on porch (photo filed under Wycherly) Scofield
30158   Edwards, Ella Whitmore - infant in stroller (photo filed under Whitmore) Castle Gate
4727   Eldredge, G. H. - Young woman Spring Glen
10594   Ellis, D. - young child Wellington
4474   Empey, C. H. (wife Keziah Jane Jones) - man and woman Price
4471   Empey, C. H.(Charles Henry Empey & wife Keziah Jane Jones Empey) - young man and woman Price
10744   Empey, C. H. - man, woman, twin boys, girl, young woman (left to right: Charles Henry Empey, Keziah Jane Jones Empey, Mary, Ella May and twins Claude and Carl) Price
4470   Empey, C. H. - boy and girl (Edward Stewart Empey & Susan Stewart Empey stepchildren of C.H. Empey adopted Aunt & Uncle Thelma Anderson) Price
4472   Empey, C. H. - two young children (Ella May & Charles Jr. - children of C.H. Empey & Keziah Jane Jones Empey) Price
4473   Empey, C. H. - young boy and girl Price
10966   Engle (or Ingle) Castle Gate
12800   Edwards, George Emery
10980   William  
4699 no photo in Price Esmeston - young boy Price
4613   Evans, David J. - young girl, infant Castle Gate
4619   Evans, J. - young man and woman  
10974   Evans, James - infant in swing Castle Gate
10856   Evans, Levi - boy in suit seated Castle Gate
10810 no photo in Price Evans, Levi - outside school with children Castle Gate
4626   Evans, M. D. - Three children standing in doorway. One child is holding a doll Castle Gate
4601   Evans, Mrs. & Griff Thomas - two women (photo filed under Thomas) Price
10998   Evans, Mrs. - young man by railroad tracks Castle Gate
30168   Evans, Wm. - man with mustache seated Castle Gate
4614   Evans, Wm. - family portrait: man, woman & two boys Castle Gate
10851   Ewell, F. M. (Francis Marion) - man with beard wearing Utah Indian war veteran medal Helper & Spring Glen
30032   Ewell, Franklin - two young boys and a young girl Helper
4514 no photo in Price Ewell, M. J. - infant  
10850   Ewell, William - three young children Helper
15706   Fausett, Geo. - young child in chair Price
10721   Fausett, Geo. - infant in long white dress Price
4675 no photo in Price Fausett, Geo. - family portrait: man, woman, small child Castle Gate
10723   Fausett, George - young girl Price
4579   Fausett, George - three children (two girls and a boy)Grace, Lynn and Zella Fausett. Children of George A. & Josephine Bryner Fausett  
10722   Fausett, George - infant in white dress Price
10720   Fausett, J. G. - infant wrapped in lace cloth (Vida Fausett daughter of James Orline & Dora Fausett) Price
10709 no photo in Price Fausett, J. O. - two girls and a boy Price
4522 no photo in Price Fausett, J. O. - two young girls and a rocking chair  
4678 no photo in Price Fausett, J. O. - Family portrait: man, woman & two children Price
4583   Fausett, Vida - young girl in costume (daughter of George & Dora Fausett sister of James Fausett) Price
4482   Fausett - young man and woman(wedding picture of James Orlin & Dora Violate Williams Fausett) Price
10993   Ferguson, J. - little boy with hammer and saw Castle Gate
10337   Ferrish, Mary - family outside house Sunnyside
10837 no photo in Price Finch, Joe - eight women, five men outside Helper
4535   Fitzgerald, Thomas - infant Price
30026 no photo in Price Fitzsimmon, Wm. - man and woman with hats, seated Helper
5455   Fitzsimmons, Geo. (Photo of photo)-man Scofield
10530   Foote, J. W. - young girl seated at a table Wellington
4700   Foote, J. W. - girl seated at table Price
4670 no photo in Price Forrester, John - man, woman, young woman, little girl, dog Castle Gate
10939   Forrester, John - man, woman, boy and dog Castle Gate
30772   Forrester, Mrs. - children of Winter Quarters School (phto filed with Area Photos)  
5457   Forrester, Wm. - infant Scofield
4610   Frandsen, Anna - young woman Price
4609 no photo in Price Frandsen, Anna - young woman Price
10634   Frandsen, Bishop Mrs. (photo of photo) two men standing Price
10633   Frandsen, Bishop Mrs. (photo of photo) man with beard Price
4676 no photo in Price Frandsen, Frans (?) - young man & woman Castle Gate
10695   Frandsen, G. G. - young boy and infant Price
10636   Frandsen, George - infant in long white gown Price
10696   Frandsen, Hazel - young woman Price
10628   Frandsen, Heber - picture of house  
10629   Frandsen, Lars - two boys and a young girl Price
10697   Frandsen, Lars - young girl & infant Price
10635   Frandsen, Mrs. - older woman Price
4664 no photo in Price Frandsen, Peter - five children and doll in toy baby carriage Emery
4701 no photo in Price Frandsen, Peter - four girls, two boys (one girl is holding a doll) Emery
10631   Frandsen, Rass - infant Price
10694   Frandsen, Rass - young girl, infant, and dog Price
10630   Frandsen, Rass - infant Price
10632   Frandsen, Rass - young child by chair Price
10894   Frankland, Heber F. - young man and dog Scofield
10312   Frantzen, Mrs. (Photo of drawing) - woman Sunnyside
10950   Freckleton, Richard - young man on horseback, horse pulling logs Castle Gate
10781 no photo in Price Fuller, O. M. - young man  
10642   Fullmer, Edwin - family portrait: man, woman, four children outside  
10838   Fullmer, James - infant with woman in background Spring Glen
4724   Fullmer, Mary A. - two women Helper
10989   Fullmer, Theodore - young man with mustache Castle Gate

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