Other Mining Fatalities

Clear Creek - 26 Nov 1919
Rains - 21 Sep 1924
Clear Creek - Sep 1924
Standardville - 6 Feb 1930
New Peerless Accident - 13 Mar 1930
Kenilworth - 14 Mar 1945
Latuda - 8 Jun 1937
Sunnyside - 9 May 1945
Castle Gate - 16 Nov 1950
Spring Canyon - 17 Jan 1958
Hardscrabble Mine - 16 Dec 1963

Look for additional information about other mine accidents on the Niosh Mining Safety & Health research webpage.

Clear Creek - 26 Nov 1919

The Sun - December 5, 1919 - Deaths at Clear Creek are Purely Accidental

Funeral services for the two men killed at Clear Creek on November 26th, last week, were held the following Saturday. The body of Charles Blackham was taken to Orangeville and that of James Wilde to Coalville. Both deaths were due to a fall of rock. The latter leaves five children that are now orphans. They are to be cared for by their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William S. Wilde of Clear Creek. The former is survived by a wife and four children at Orangeville. Everything points to the fact that Utah Fuel Company is in no way to blame for the deaths both being purely accidental. Family representative for Wilde family is A. Lee Pocock.

Rains - 21 Sep 1924

On September 21, 1924 there was an explosion in the property of the Carbon Fuel Company at Rains in Spring Canyon. The newspapers are missing for this day so details of the explosion are unavailable. There are five men listed in the death certificates on this date with the notation: "Accidental death due to coal mine explosion, death instantaneous. Date of death 21 Sept 1924 - from Rains".

Information about this mine explosion can be found on the GenDisasters webpage.

Miner birthdate birth place buried
Patrick Santistevan 17 Mar 1891    
John Melgaard about 33 Denmark Fairview, Sanpete, Utah
Walter Hudson 19 Jul 1888    
M.A. Tofoya about 39    
Nesbit Sarratos about 26    

Clear Creek - Sept. 1924

On October 1, 1924 Peter Angelo Christensen died of injuries caused in a coal mining accident. His death certificate states: "Shock from crushing wound of pelvic area, lower spine (mine accident)". Death certificate also states that the accident occurred in Clear Creek. Family contact is Samuel M. Blackham.

Standardville - accident occurred on 6 Feb 1930

Price, Utah, Thursday, February 13, 1930

Deadly Fumes Kill Twenty At Work In tunnels; Three Men In Rescue Crew Killed By Cavein

Official Investigation Launched To Determine Blast Cause; Work Of Clearing Mine Starts; 9 Saved

Twenty-three men, three of whom were members of a rescue crew, lost their lives as the result of an explosion in the mine of the Standardville Coal company Thursday evening about nine o'clock. The disaster was one of the worst in the history of mining in Carbon county. Of the twenty-nine workers in the tunnel at the time of the blast, nine escaped and the remainder were cut down by the deadly fumes of carbon monoxide, which came down No. 1 and 2 panels were the majority of the victims were being employed. It is believed that the explosion occurred in No. 3 mine, probably from sparks from a cutting machine, but this matter has not been definitely determined and may never be anything but a topic for speculation.

The three men who were killed while in an effort to reach the bodies of Frank Janes, Toby Wimber and C.H. Brady in No. 3 were crushed by a rock measuring 7 by 17 feet. Rescue work was temporarily stopped, but resumed the next morning. The victims of the cavein were fresh air crew endeavoring to air the gas filled panels. The dead: John R. Loman, 24, Cobollo, New Mexico; Clarence E. Smith, 36, Great Falls, Montana, and Walton Henderson, 18, of Standardville.

Those who were rescued are: Ruvie "Curly" Monroe, Gerald Banasky, M.H. Clelland, Andy Dougherty, Clawson Elliot, Barney Johnson, William H. McGuire, Virgus E. Olson, John F. Pritchett

Miners Name Birthdate Spouse Parents occupation Buried Family Contact
Barney, Angus 23 Oct 1896 May Bacock Barney Joseph S. Barney & Susy Heaps pumpman Price  
Bara, Santiago 37 Rosenda   digger Price  
Brady, Cyrus Heber 8 Apr 1895 Eva Brady Heber Brady & Jennie Langren machine man Fairview, Utah  
Briggs, Roy 21 Aug 1891 Rowena Briggs Francis Briggs machine man Sidney, Ohio (Steuberville)  
Bruno, Mike 28 Dec 1900 Mary Bruno Angelo Bruno & Mary Bernardo digger Price  
Duke, Austin 31 Jun 1911 single Grover Duke & Dora Roper rope rider Colorado Springs, CO  
Duke, Grover B. 17 Mar 1888 Mary Dora Duke W. W. Duke night foreman Colorado Springs, CO  
Fowles, Udell 8 Aug 1907 Daphne Fowles Charles U. Fowles & Martha E. Vance digger Fairview, UT  
Frederico, Guy 1 Jan 1907 Addie (Hattie) Frederico Frank Federico & Rosa Cottilino digger Grand Junction, CO Debbie Haining
Frederico, Orland 19 Nov 1908 single Frank Federico & Rosa Cottilino digger Grand Junction, CO Debbie Haining
Harriman, John H. 24 Aug 1890 Ethel Harriman James Harriman & Martha Gaddis digger Marissa, Illinois  
Henderson, Frank Walton * 1 Dec 1912 single Calvin Henderson & Louise Stanberry rescue crew Price Mary L. Slaten
Ishuzue, Waturi 40 Mitsuo (Mitono)   digger Japan after cremation ( Denver, CO)  
Janes, Francis Newton 33 Edith Overson Janes John L. Janes & Annie Hagan machine man Cleveland, UT  
Jensen, John Levi 17 Aug 1898 Vera Mitton Jensen John Charles Jensen & Irene Frandsen machine man Burley, Idaho  
Loman, John R. * 24     rescue crew Chiana, New Mexico  
Pritchett, Thomas Lee 13 May 1898 Lola Clyde Pritchett N. B. Pritchett & Olive Lerretta driller Fairview (Mt. Pleasant) , UT  
Reichert, Eugene Frederick 23 Dec 1894 Adrian Lloyd Reichert Emil Reichert & Elizabeth Twickel shot firer City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, UT  
Smith, Carlyle 9 Feb 1896 Geneve Rasmussen Edward Smith & Trene Bradley shot firer Spring City, UT  
Smith, Clarence Edward * 15 Oct 1892 divorced E. J. Smith & Martha Catterton rescue crew Helena, Montana  
Springer, Ray Edward 15 Oct 1892 Vera Senora Springer A. S. Springer & Mary E. Hagard machine man Price  
Watson, William 3 Feb 1890 Lydia Watson John Watson & Lovisa P-- machine man Price, UT  
Wimber, Melvin (Tobe) 29 Sep 1896 Katherine Wimber James Wimber & Arena Boyarth machine man Castle Dale, UT  

* Those names with an asterisk following them are listed on the death certificates with the death date of February 7, 1930 with the cause of death: "Fall of rock in coal mine - accidental".

New Peerless Accident - Accident occurred March 8, 1930

News Advocate - March 13, 1930

Gas Explosion In New Peerless Mine
Kills 5 Workers; Crews Rescue Eight from Shaft Alive

Five men, employees of the New Peerless Mine in Price Canyon were killed Saturday afternoon when trapped by a gas explosion. There were thirteen men working within the tunnels, when the blast occurred at 4:45 p.m., and eight of these were rescued alive. Two of them, however, were burned so badly they were taken to the Rolapp hospital.

Immediately after the explosion rescue crews from Peerless entered the tunnels to find the trapped workers, and other crews from Castle Gate, Rolapp and Standardville arrived on the scene to offer assistance. Taking of the men from the mine was accomplised in slightly over an hour and a half after the blast. Robert Howard, superintendent of the mine had charge of the rescue work.

.... Dr. L. H. Merrill, physician at the Rolapp hospital where Ross and King were taken, reports that they continue to improve and would probably be able to leave the hospital within ten days unless pneumonia set in or they absorbed poison from their burns. Both men were badly burned on the face, arms and back.

On death certificate cause of death listed as: "Shock and asphysiation in mine explosion accidental, instantaneous death".

Miners Name Birth Birth Place Residence Spouse Parents Buried
Curtis, Lester E. 11 Aug 1901 Rock Springs, Wyoming Heiner Pearl C. Johnson Ourm & Mary Curtis Price City Cemetery, Price, UT
Curtis, William Elise 15 Aug 1890 Vernal, Utah Heiner Edith Pearson William Avery Curtis & Clarissa Adelaide Morgan Price City Cemetery, Price, UT
Jensen, James Lafayette 29 May 1906 Tabor, Canada Heiner Sylvia Arnold Lafayette & Christina Knibb Jensen Lawrence, Emery, UT
Turner, Clement 3 Feb 1907 or 1908 Wellington, UT Wellington Golda Branch Turner John W. Turner & Clara Morgan Wellington, Carbon, UT
Turner, William Daniel 18 May 1906 or 1907 Wellington, UT Wellington Wilma Jesson Turner John W. Turner & Clara Morgan Wellington, Carbon, UT

Latuda - 8 Jun 1937

First Latuda Mine Mishap in 6 years kills one, hurts 2
Antonio Corsetti Meets Death Tuesday Afternoon When Hit by Rock Fall

Sun Advocate - Thursday, June 10, 1937

One man was killed and two men were injured in the Liberty Fuel company's mine at Latuda Tuesday afternoon by a fall of rock which marred one of the most remarkable mine safety records in the history of Carbon county's coal industry.

Fatally injured was Antonio Corsetti, about 45, who was believed to have been instantly killed. He was crushed beneath the rock, receiving a broken neck, crushed chest and pelvis and severe lacerations.

The injured were John Krissman and Val Turri, who suffered from shock and severe bruises.

Dr. I. K. Cummings of Standardville, who treated Krissman and Turri, reported that in view of the nature of the accident it is possible the two men also received minor fractures and internal injuries.

The accident was the first to occur in the mine since 1931. During the six year period since the last mishap the company was often cited for its safety accomplishments.

Corsetti is survivied by four children who lived with their father on a farm in Standardville. Also surviving are a brother in Pennsylvania and a sister in Italy.

Funeral arrangements will be under the direction of the Flynn Funeral home.

Kenilworth - March 14, 1945

Three miners died in the Price City hospital last night as the result of burns suffered when a coal dust explosion took place in the third east dip of the Independent Coal & Coke company operations at Kenilworth yesterday afternoon, twelve having suffered severe burns at the time. Sun Advocate, March 15, 1945

Four other miners died as a result of injuries after the newspaper

The information for these men was obtained from the Utah State Death Certificates for Carbon County. FHL film 2260785. The cause of death was listed as "Injury: fire from blast in coal mine."

Miners Name Birth Parents Buried Spouse Death Info
Bennett, David William 24 Feb 1918 Harry Samuel Bennett & Mabel Howells Colorado Springs, Colo. Rita Kathleen Bennett died 16 Mar 1945 in Price Hospital
Hawks, Clem Marvin 16 Feb 1903 Ephraim Hawks & Bertha Ann Davis Orangeville, Emery, UT single died 15 Mar 1945 in Price Hospital
Jackson, Ivan Russel 1 Dec 1917 John F. Jackson & Victoria Colledge Lehi, Utah Vola Hooley Jackson died 15 Mar 1945 in Kenilworth Hospital
Jensen, Ivan Christian "Pinky" 25 Jan 1905 John G. Jensen & Josephine Alfsen Ferron, Utah Clara Udella Jensen died 15 Mar 1945 in Kenilworth Hospital
Lermusiaux, Arthur - obit 19 Sep 1892 Constance & Emma DuPierre Lermusiaux Price, Utah Elsie Mae Cochran died 20 Apr 1945 as a result of the severe burns he received in the explosion
Nielsen, Gilmer B. 27 Jun 1909 James Nielson & Florence Effie Anderson Manti, Utah Delma Rostron Nielson died 14 Mar 1945 in Price Hospital
Smith, Arthur William 15 Apr 1901 Richard Smith & Maud Messer Price, Utah Flora Smith died 15 Mar 1945 in Price Hospital

The photograph at the right was donated by, David Verdi, the grandson of Arthur Lermusiaux. Included in the photo are some of the men who were killed in the Kenilworth explosion. We don't know the identity of all the miners but on the far left is Art Smith (killed in explosion). Kneeling in the front is Gilmer Nielsen who was the motorman the day of the explosion and was killed. Arthur Lermusiaux is second from the right, also died as a result of the explosion and Larry Regis (far right) who did not work the day of the explosion and later owned the Regis Club in Helper.

Sunnyside Mine - May 9, 1945

Sun Advocate newspaper - May 10, 1945

"The bodies of twenty men died in a terrific gas explosion, two miles inside the Sunnyside No. 1 Mine of the Utah Fuel Co., had been recovered by 9 a.m. today and belief that two more bodies were still to be dug out of the wreckage of the mine."

"The explosion occurred at 3:15 p.m. - 45 minutes before the shift was scheduled to finish for the day - and it was of such force that dust burst through the tunnel and traveled to the mine tipple more than two miles distance." ...

The information for these men was obtained from the Utah State Death Certificates for Carbon County. FHL film 2260785.

Miners Name Birth Birth Place Parents Buried Spouse Family Contact
Bailey, James Robert 22 Feb 1905 Marion, North Carolina James Bailey & Jeancy Mason Price, Utah Annie Mae Bailey  
Bradak, Marius Henry Sr. 22 Jul 1888 Fiume, Austria Frank Bradak & Elna Bradak Price, Utah Alice R. Bradak  
Corte, Cornelio Della 4 Oct 1891 Sovramonte Belluno, Italy Giovanni Della Corte & Domenica Dellmolin Price, Utah single  
Figueroa (Ferguson), Lawrence 10 Aug 1906 Saguarepa, Sonora Mexico Angel Figueroa & Maria Jesus Madrid Price, Utah Mickey Chavez  
Forsyth, Clell 27 Sep 1908 Teasdale, Utah John W. Forsyth & Diantha M. Noyes Price, Utah Etta Forsyth  
Gabaldron, Pedro 5 Nov 1892 San Jose, New Mexico Telesfor Gabaldon & Eligia Jaramillo Price, Utah single  
Gilmour, James 15 May 1901 Brazil, Indiana not on death cert. Price, Utah Lottie Gilmour  
Hill, Ira Allen 7 Jun 1897 Pedro, Ohio Allen Hill & Anna Barnhart Athens, Ohio Eva Hill  
Hotchkiss, Warren William 10 May 1893 New Haven, Conn. George W. Hotchkiss & Amelia Sebring Price, Utah WWI Vet Helen D. Green (divorced)  
Jardine, Jim (James) 7 May 1902 Scotland Thomas Jardine & Margaret Fraser Price, Utah Margaret Jardine  
Leonard, Irving M. 4 Sep 1897 Kamas, Summit Utah John T. Leonard & Carrie Olsen Price, Utah Eunice A. Leonard  
Manzanares, Efren 3 Jan 1906 Blanca, N. Mexico Florencio Manzanares & Guadalupe Archuleta Ignacio, Colorado Martha Baca Henry Valdez
Martinez, Juan E. 11 Nov 1907 Mexico Refugio Martinez & Eugenia Esparza Murray, Utah Jenie S. Martinez  
Montoya, Jose Elisea unknown - age 39 Durango, Colorado Joe L. Montoya & Victoria Barry Durango, Colorado Eufumia T. Montoya  
Niitsuma, Denshiro 14 Feb 1899 Japan unknown Price, Utah Fujiko Niitsuma  
Padilla, Joe D. 2 Oct 1901 Espanola, New Mexico Perfecto Padilla & Elena Meastes Cuba, New Mexico Amelia Valdez  
Sandoval, Nick 19 Sep 1917 Ring, New Mexico Desiderio Sandoval & Valentina Martinez Price, Utah Nicasio Sandoval  
Stamper, Virgil Thomas 5 Oct 1921 Trent, Kentucky Mort Stamper & Nannie Holland Price, Utah Mildred Ann Stamper  
Stubblefield, Orval Edward 11 Jan 1918 Spanish Fork, Utah Edward Stubblefield & Sarah Horne Spanish Fork, Utah Norma Leah Hamilton  
Trejillo, Manuel Epinenio 2 Sep 1917 Lyden, New Mexico Epinenio Trujillo & Lugardita Miera Sarita Martinez Trujillo Lyden, New Mexico  
Vigil, Jose Tonas D. 22 Dec 1871 Demontis Daos, New Mexico Juan De Deos Vigil & Eucarnacion Marquez Price, Utah Adelina Chavez  
Walton, Bud 11 May 1890 Burmingham, Alabama Ezekel Walton & Katie Eckfort St. Louis, MO Alice Mitchell Walton  
Wycherly, James 20 Apr 1908 Scofield, Utah Daniel W. Wycherly & Annie Lloyd Price, Utah Thelma Wycherly  

When this newspaper article was written Orvill Stubblefield was still missing. He had not been located in the mine or outside. In the Salt Lake Tribune on May 12, 1945 he is listed among the dead.

Castle Gate - 16 Nov 1950

The Helper Journal - Eugene Wendell Smith died Monday afternoon from injuries suffered in the Castle Gate No. 2 mine. He was working with a coal loading crew, when a large section of top coal fell, pinning him against the machinery. Co-workers Remo Ariotti of Helper, Bert Huff and Bob Reynolds of Castle Gate, rushed to his aid and carried him to a coal car and took him to the surface where he was rushed to the City-County hospital in Price, where he died shortly after. Read the rest of the story HERE

Spring Canyon - 17 Jan 1958

Sun Advocate - 23 Jan 1958 - Four Carbon county coal miners working in the Spring Canyon Coal Company mine were killed last Friday when a bounce of severe magnitude, that was felt miles away, and probably followed or was preceded by an explosion sent tons of coal and rock crashing down upon them. Three of the miners were buried under the fall while the fourth escaped being caught under the cave but was probably killed when the explosion threw him against some mining equipment.

The four men were William Daniels, 47, Spring Canyon, face boss; Dean Nielsen, 29 Spring Canyon, shuttle car operator; Cecilio Garcia, 36, Helper, rope rider, and Keith Anderson 30, Spring Canyon, motorman, Daniels was Nielsen's father-in-law.

The mishap occurred sometime between 11 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. and the rescue teams called to the scene began immediately to tunnel into the caved area. The rescue operations were hampered by recurring bounces and faulty air flow. However, the air supply was shortly remedied and the rescue operations carried on at a frantic pace. at the time it was believed the men were trapped behind the cave and that there existed a possibility that they would be found alive.

Rescue workers were forced to timber the area as they advanced because of the frequent bounces and caving.

The four men killed were in a crew held over Thursday night to remove a motor head and other equipemnt from an abandoned section of the mine.

Rescue crews from Sunnyside and Dragerton were rushed to the scene.

The first body recovered was that of Cecilio Garcia who was found where he had been thrown by the force of the explosion. His body was found about noon Friday covered under a pile of coal dust. He had suffered a severe blow on the head.

Mr. Daniel's body was found about 9:20 p.m. Friday and Mr. Anderson's body was found about 6:30 a.m. Saturday. Both these men had been caught under the cave and were found several feet apart. The fourth body, that of Mr. Nielsen, was not found until shortly before noon Sunday. All three bodies found under the cave were reportedly badly burned.

Rescue workers estimated that the caved area covered some 90 feet in length.

A fifth miner, Charles Losik, 61, hoist operator about 100 yards inside the mine, escaped the explosion but was nearly overcome by the coal dust. He managed to get to a mine telephone and reported the accident.

Mr. Garcia had been employed by the company for seven years. In addition to his seven children his wife is expecting another child.

The tragedy at Spring Canyon focused national attention on that little mining community through the three days of the search. Wire services, radio and television representatives converged on the small community shortly after the news of the accident was flashed over the wires.

An investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident was launched Tuesday. Taking part in the inquiry are Robert Reeder, Salt Lake City, district head of the U.S. Bureau of Mines; Thomas Reay and Joseph Freeman, both of Price, and A.S. Dimitroff, Denver, all of the U.S. Bureau of Mines mine inspector staff; James Phillips and L.A. Arnett, Price, Utah state mine inspectors; Harry Mangus, president, District 22, United Mine workers of America; Malio Pecorelli, international representative for the UMWA, and the safety committeemen of the Spring Canyon UMWA local.

Findings of the investigation will not be made public until the full text of the report is compiled, the inspectors said.

Story continued with personal information about the miners killed...

Sun Advocate - Thursday, January 30, 1958

Shifts of the earth and bounces at the Spring Canyon Coal Company mine January 17 let loose rock and methane gas to cause a disaster which killed four miners, an official report of the investigating committee revealed yesterday.

L. L. Arnett and James H. Phillips, district coal mine inspectors, reported to Otto A. Wiesley, chairman of the Utah Industrial Commission, on their findings after a thorough inspection of the section of the mine where the accident occurred.

Following is the explanation in the report:

The overburden had been active several days. In its bouncing action the strata released "large quantities of methane gas."

The same action caused rocks to fall which severed the electrical lines to the trolley. A resulting spark ignited the mixture of air and methane causing an explosion which was followed by the cave-in.

The report cited no blame or responsibility for the disaster and gve no suggestion as to how it could have been prevented.

Other newspaper articles about this explosion:
Spring Canyon Mine Disaster Spotlighted - Sun Advocate 23 Jan 1958
News Highlights About Spring Canyon Residents Reported - Sun Advocate 30 Jan 1958
If you would like copies of these article e-mail
Kathy Hamaker and please refer to Book E pages 164-170.

Name of Miner Birth date Residence occupation buried
Anderson, Keith Arthur 6 Sep 1927 Spring Canyon motorman Emery, Utah
Daniels, William 23 March 1910 Spring Canyon face boss body sent to Colorado
Garcia, Cecilio 29 Mar 1921 Helper rope rider Helper, Utah
Nielsen, Russell Dean 5 Apr 1928 Spring Canyon shuttle car operator Spanish Fork, Utah

Hardscrabble Mine - 16 Dec. 1963

The Helper Journal - Shortly after noon Monday, a violent explosion raked the west working of Carbon Fuel Co. No 2 coal mine in Hardscrabble Canyon, killing nine miners, injuring one miner, and trapping nine other men who were working in the east workings of the mine.

Unofficial investigation indicates that methane gas and a coal dust accumulation could have caused the deadly blast.

The nine miners working in the east drift of the mine walked out without any injury a few minutes after dust and smoke had subsided enough to allow them to see where they were going.

The one injured miner, Jesus Nunez of Price, was about 2400 feet from the explosion center, and was thrown about 200 feet by the concussion of the blast but walked to the mine entrance and was taken to the Carbon hospital by Helper's Chief of Police, Joe Myers.

All of the dead men were in a 1000 square foot area and according to reports were singed but not badly burned. Four of them were lying beside a large mining machine, three were beside a shuttle car; one was between the miner and shuttle car and another body was near the entrance to the west parting...

Blast Factors Are Listed
The Sun Advocate -

Utah State Industrical Commission yesterday announced that five factors - including three violations of Utah State safety orders for coal mining, contributed to the explosion that killed nine coal miners Dec. 16 in the Carbon Fuel mine.

Prepared for Gov. George D. Clyde, the report was signed by Industrial Commissioner Casper A. Nelson and State Coal Mine inspector Steve Hatsis.

The report concluded that the explosion resulted when:

"An explosive mixture of methane, coal dust and air was ignited at the face of No. 4 dip entry by sparks created by cutterhead bits striking rock."

Ignition resulted, it was decided, when a number of factors, some provided by "human err," combined at a fatal instant.

These were reported as contributing factors:

1- A continuous mining machine advanced so far into No. 4 dip entry that the ventilating system could not direct sufficient air over the machine to carry away methane and coal dust being liberated at the face.

2- The line brattice (screen) was not extended far enough toward the machine to effectively direct ventilating air.

3- A pump providing water spray at the machine's operating end broke down, greatly increasing volumn of suspended coal dust.

4- Overhead rock was encountered by the ripping machine as it tore into coal in No. 4 dip, creating sparks.

5- No. 4 dip "most probably" was not tested for gas with a flame safety lamp at 20 minute intervals.

Factors, two and five, the report said, all involved violations of state coal mine safety rules.

Miners Name Birth from Buried
Ardohain, Mike 14 Jul 1925 Price Price
Fossat, Victor 22 Nov 1916 Helper Helper
Juvan, Andy 20 Oct 1921 Spring Glen Price
Larsen, Archie 29 Apr 1923 Helper Price
Linn, Heino 10 Apr 1925 Price  
Montoya, Ben 24 Jun 1925 Helper Helper
Nielsen, Gerald 18 Jul 1920 Helper  
Senechal, John Jr. 28 Nov 1931 Kenilworth Price
Valdez, Benjamin 10 Aug 1924 Helper Helper

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