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    Welcome to our Carbon County UTGenWeb webpage. If you are looking for information about a specific person you are encouraged to do a search of the website. There are many town histories, histories of our residents, indexes and databases that could contain information about your relatives and you could miss the information if you don't do a search. Your donations of photos and histories are encouraged and very welcome!!

    The Brief History of Carbon County

    ... In 1894 the territorial legislature created Carbon County from a portion of Emery County. Most of the county's residents live in the Price River Valley and at the foot of the Book Cliffs....
    During the early 1880s the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, seeking a route from Denver to Salt Lake City, discovered and opened up the vast coal lands of Carbon County. Coal mining became the major catalyst for development in the county. Coal companies often built and ran towns in Carbon County and imported many southern and eastern European and Japanese laborers to work in the coal mines and on railroad gangs....
    Coal mining continues to play a vital role in the county's economic and social development...
    Area: 1,476 square miles; population: 20,228 (in 1990); county seat: Price; origin of county name: from the vast amounts of coal found there; principal cities/towns: Price (8,712), Helper (2,148), Wellington (1,632), East Carbon (1,270), Sunnyside (339). Excepts of article written by Philip F. Notarianni, Utah History Encyclopedia.

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