Carbon County World War II Dead and Missing

The following information was copied from images on the National Archives and Records Administration webpage. The images are copies of the book that contains information about "World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from Utah." There are images on the webpage for each state and county.

The following statistics for Carbon County are given.

31 KIA Killed in Action
5 DOW Wounded and later died
0 DOI Died in the line of duty
12 DNB Died, non-battle
6 FOD Individuals determined dead
1 M Missing

The following is a list of the men whose names appear in the book. The information in the Organization, Death date and Awards columns was received from the World War II and Korean conflict Soldiers Interred abroad database on the webpage.

Name Rank Stats Organization Death Date Monument at
Amador, Salvador PFC KIA 5310 Infantry 5th Division 13 Sep 1944 Lorraine, France
Angotti, Antone S SG DOW      
Avalos, Jesus PFC M 102nd Eng. combat Battalion 27th 4 Jul 1945 Honolulu, Hawaii
Averrett, Jack B. PVT DOW      
Bromley, Dewane J. PVT KIA      
Bruno, Ernest F. PVT KIA Company 1, 3rd Battalion, 502nd Parachute Infantry, 101st Airborne Division (Information donated by family member.) 27 Dec 1944  
Bruno, James L. S SG KIA      
Bruno, Orlando S. PFC KIA 853rd eng. Battalion Aviation 27 Nov 1943 North Africa
Capozo, John PFC KIA      
Cave, Orvil M. PVT KIA 59th Cavalry Regiment 5 May 1942 Manila, Philippines
Cory, Thomas H. 2 LT DNB 744th Bomber Squad, 456th Bomber 6 Feb 1944 Sicily & Rome, Italy
Cowan, Norman K. PFC DOW      
Cravens, Gilbert SGT KIA      
Dixon, Leonard T SG FOD 525th bomber Squad, 379th Bomber 29 Nov 1943 Ardennes, France
Engle, Robert E. 1 LT DNB      
Fox, William K. S SC KIA      
Gallegos, John J. PFC KIA 853rd Eng. Battalion Aviation 27 Nov 1943 North Africa
Gardner, John D. PFC KIA      
Gerber, Keith M. FL O FOD Air corp 4 Aug 1943 Cambridge, England
Gill, Harold E. PFC DOW 308th Tank Battalion 7 Oct 1944 Lorraine, France
Giraud, Pete PFC FOD 351st Infantry 88th Div. 1 Jun 1945 Sicily & Rome, Italy
Helsten, John W. TEC4 KIA Member of the 11th Armored Division, 42nd Tank Batallion, A company Mar. 9, 1945 Buried in Foy Belgium then body was returned to Scofield, Utah.
Hiibner, Okey L. S SG KIA      
Jernigan, Alton SCT KIA Information from says:
birth: 20 Jul 1920 in Brewton, Escb, AL
Death: 15 Oct 1943 Napoli, Italy
Buried: Abt 1949 in Dixonville, Escambia, Alabama
Johnson, Frank PFC KIA      
Juergens, James F. TEC5 KIA      
Kochevar, Rudy 2 LT KIA      
Kolovich, Joseph PFC KIA      
Leonard, Harold E. SGT KIA      
Littlejohn, Alexander PVT DNB      
Malonas, Harry PVT KIA      
Mancine, John T SG FOD      
Menary, Jack R. PVT FOD 30th bomber squad, 19th bomber group 1 Feb 1946 Manila, Philippines
Nicolaides, Thomas PVT KIA      
Nielsen, Thorald D. PVT DNB      
Nogulich, George Jr. PFC KIA      
Pappas, Anthony L. SGT KIA      
Pilling, Ervin M. PVT DNB      
Polve, Lamar V. PFC KIA      
Powell, Joseph P. SGT DOW      
Powell, William J. T SG KIA 8th Infantry 2nd Division 3 Jul 1944 Normandy, France
Purdy, Earl R. S SG DNB 330th bomber squad, 93rd bomber 29 Oct 1942 Cambridge, England
Rich, Dorrell E. SGT DNB      
Richards, Albert R. SGT KIA 731st bomber squad, 452nd bomber 9 Nov 1944 Cambridge, England
Rowley, George A. Jr. 2 LT DNB      
Sillitoe, Frank B. S SG FOD 3rd photo Recon Squadron 9 Dec 1944 Honolulu, Hawaii
Simmons, Doyle L. CPL DNB      
Smodey, Frank PVT KIA      
Starich, Walter A. PVT KIA      
Topolovec, David A. PVT DNB      
Treat, Wallace N. Jr. PVT DNB      
Tucker, Earl PVT KIA      
Vail, Vern L. PFC DNB      
Weight, Kenneth D. CPL KIA 853rd Eng. Battalion Aviation 27 Nov 1943 North Africa
Williams, Orson J. SGT KIA      


In addition to the soldiers listed above, the following soldiers names were found in the book, "Centennial Echos from Carbon County", compiled by Thursey Jessen Reynolds, published by Daughters of Utah Pioneers of Carbon County 1948, pages 145 and 146. The names in the list were submitted by Dow Young. These soldiers are also listed as having served in World War II and did not return.

Alexander, Eugene Averill, Charles Albert Barker, Stephen A.
Bikakis, Luther Charles Bragdon, Warren J. Busch, David Lester, Jr.
Christensen, Bernard A. Davis, Leroy Conrad Denny, John R.
Denny, Thomas Patrick Donohue, Ned Burton Francisco, Joseph
Frandsen, Richard F. Freeman, Glen William Gunderson, Frank Keith
Gunderson, Jack L. Hixon, Rufus P. Hyatt, Herman Leroy, Jr.
Keen, Weston Kay Keller, Ray E. Lermiaux, Buster
Livingston, Acel Earl Martinez, Fily Pike, Leonard B.
Pilling, William Dorius Protopappas, Charles D. Rasmussen, Lawrence V.
Stifos, Pete Trueba, Frank Watkins, Kenneth Wayne
Hartman, Roy John Jackson, George B., Jr. Laursen, Kenneth Abner
Naylor, Robert Russell Rahor, William G.  

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