George A. Anderson Photo Collection

The following list is an index of the photographs from Carbon County, Utah that was taken by George A. Anderson in the years around 1895 - 1905. The Family History Library in Price, Utah has copies of most of these photographs. They are beautiful pictures and would be a wonderful addition to any family history book. The Harold B. Lee Library at the Brigham Young University has the original glass plates of the photographs and holds the copyright to the collection. If you find any pictures that you are interested in purchasing you are welcome to contact:

Russ Taylor,
Supervisor of Reference Services
L. Tom Perry Special Collections Department.
E-mail address:

Many of these photos have been scanned and are online HERE at the Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library. The libraries special collection includes photos from C. R. Savage Collection, George Edward Anderson Collection, Walter Mason Camp Collection, William Henry Jackson Collection.

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Photo #   Photo purchased by & description Location
10528   Gale, Thomas - family portrait: man, woman, four children Wellington
    Gayler, Alan with Petty, Susie - 3 picture strip (filed in P's)  
10349   Gentry, Frank - young girl standing outside Sunnyside
10900   Gentry, Frank - man, four girls, dog, tent house Sunnyside
10361   Gentry, J. W. - young child Sunnyside
10326   Gentry, J. W. - men, woman, child outside tent house Sunnyside
10365   Gibbs, Rachel Miss - young lady Sunnyside
10322   Gibbs, Reese W. - Eleven people outside house Sunnyside
4527 no photo in Price Gibsen - young child Price
10311   Gibson, Arthur - infant Sunnyside
30048 no photo in Price Gibson, E. M. - young child with hat on chair Helper
10920   Gould, Brigham M. - young man standing outside Sunnyside
4420   Grames, M. - Young woman Price
5454   Grange, E. J. - little girl standing on chair Huntington
10862   Greenland, Henry Mrs. - woman sitting Scofield
10561 no photo in Price Grundvig, S. H. - infant in white dress Wellington
4693 no photo in Price Guyman, J. H. - young man Price
5496   Guymon, Orson - young man Huntington
10770 no photo in Price Gwyther, Ben - woman Price
10733 no photo in Price Gwyther, Ben - (photo of photo) - woman Price
4450   Hack, Henery - woman & young child Price
10867   Hadden, John - young man and woman Scofield  
10319   Haddows, D. Y. - woman and child by tent house Sunnyside  
4530   Hair, James and G. D. Nash - men in camp Vernal or Price (filed under Nash)  
4573 no photo in Price Hales, C. A. - young woman  
10581   Hall, Chas (or Charles) - (photo of photo) - woman and young child Wellington  
10573A   Hall, Chas - boy and young childWellington  
10478   Hall, Chas. - young man & womanWellington  
10835   Hall, Sarah J. - womanHelper  
10954   Halversen, M. - three young men in suitsCastle Gate  
10948   Halversen, Mrs. - young girl and womanCastle Gate  
4671 no photo in Price Halverson, C. H. - Young man standing Castle Gate
4617   Halverson, M. Mrs. - young girl Castle Gate
4688 no photo in Price Halverson, Minnie - young woman Castle Gate
4628   Halverson, Mrs. (Photo of photo) - man Castle Gate
4595   Hamell, (or Hamall) Louise - older woman Castle Gate
10584   Hansen, H. F. - young boy standing (Carl Andrew Hanson son of H.F. Hanson) Wellington
10785   Hansen, James - older man and woman Price
10791   Hanull, Louise & daughter - older woman seated next to young woman Castle Gate
4723   Hardie, Jennie - woman Castle Gate
10871   Hardy, Thos. & wife - man and woman Scofield
10864   Hardy, Thos. (Or Thomas R.) L. - man and woman Scofield
4569 no photo in Price Harmon, E. - older woman  
10626   Harmon, Levi - Infant in long white gown Price
10623   Harmon, O. - young child with toy wagon Price
3689   Harmon, O. J. - infant in dress Price
10618   Harmon, Oliver - young boy in doorway with toy wagon Price
10622   Harmon, Oliver - young child with hobby horse in front of house Price
30042   Harrison, Mrs. J. - young girl and boy holding hands Helper
30041   Harrison, M. J. - little girl in coat (photo says Hansen, J. Mr.) Helper
10771 no photo in Price Harrison, Russell - little girl Price
5456   Harrison, Sam - twin infants lying on a quilt Scofield
10967   Harrison, Steve A. - young man with mustache Castle Gate
4457   Hatch, A. Mr. - Family portrait of man woman & four children Price
9218   Howard, Robert - Young girl Sunnyside
10302   Hawks, Amos - five men, five women, nine children outside tent house Sunnyside
4604   Haycock, Hannah - woman standing next to chair Helper
4570 no photo in Price Haycock - man standing outside Tucker (?)
30154   Haycock, Mary E. - girl with fan and hat Castle Gate
10845   Haycock, R. T. - young man in dark suit Helper
4625   Haycock, Wm. - young man standing Price
4541   Heath, James - man with beard and cane Price
5488   Hendrickson, S. A. (or Thomas, T. H. on list) - girl in dress and hat, boy in uniform (filed in T's) Scofield
10910   Henningson, Paul - young man sitting on chair Sunnyside
10343   Henrie, (or Henry) Jim - people in camp with covered wagons and tents Sunnyside
10827 no photo in Price Hensley, James - young man standing by chair  
10324   Herring, Smith - two women, four men, infant outside tent house Sunnyside
10965   Hight/Hiatt, Harry Castle Gate
    Hill (Gould), Belinda - strip of four photos  
    Hill, Betty Golding - strip of photographs  
10576   Hill, Clark & George. N. - two young men (son of Newton Hill, Clark is a cousin) Wellington
10549 no photo in Price Hill, Chas. S. - young man and two women Wellington
    Hill, George - strip of photographs  
10543   Hill, George N. & wife Jennie - young man and two young women Wellington
4668   Hill, George R. - man, woman, two boys & one girl Castle Gate
10527   Hill, Hulda (Norton) - young woman standing Wellington
10481   Hill, Roseltha - five women (L to R sitting Belinda, Betty, Hulda Hill, back - Roseltha Golding ?) Wellington
10562 no photo in Price Hill, Wm. - woman standing next to table Wellington
    Hill, William S. - strip of photographs  
10712 no photo in Price Hill, - young man (Anderson envelope said, "Give to Hill") Price
15718   Hite, J. P. - man in suit seated Price
10796   Hoffman, L. O. - infant Price
4641   Holdaway, D. W. - four children (two in a baby carriage) Price
10999   Holley, H. G. - young man Castle Gate
10459 no photo in Price Holmes and Liddel - three men, three women, outside house Sunnyside
10996   Horn, (or Horne) John - young man, boy Castle Gate
10749   Horsley, Arthur W. Mrs. - woman Price
10748   Horsley, Arthur W. - man in suit Price
10750   Horsley, A. W. - little girl, young child (same kids in 10751) Price
15707   Horsley, Arthur W. - little boy and young child Price
4469   Horsley, Ernest S. - Man with mustache Price
4468   Horsley, Ernest S. & wife - man & woman (2nd bishop of Price) Price
10747   Horsley, Ernest. S. - man in suit Price
10746   Horsley, Frank Mrs. - little girl standing on chair (Margaret Ann Horsley) Price
10751   Horsley, A. J. - little girl, young child (same kids as in 10750) Price
10753   Horsley, H. B. - boy, four girls, infant (L to R: Florence, Hannah, Albert E., Euphae, Rava, Phil) by Ross Horsley Price
10752   Horsley, H. B. - infant Price
4638   Horsley, H. B. - family portrait: man, woman, four children (L to R: Amanda Barton Horsley, Albert E., Florence, Herman, baby Euphae, Reva) by Ross Horsley Price
4466   Horsly, Herman B. & wife Amanda - Family portrait: man, woman, two children (sitting: Florence, Albert, baby) by Ross Horsley Price
4467   Horsly, H. B. - Two young children Price
10898   Howard, George - large wooden house, man and woman in doorway Sunnyside
9218   Howard, Robert Sunnyside
10959   Howard, Robert - man, woman, two little girls Castle Gate
4725   Howard, Robert. - young girl Sunnyside
10860   Hunter, Andrew - family portrait: man, woman, girl, boy, infant Scofield
10872   Hunter, Harriet - woman standing Scofield
10859 no photo in Price Hunter, Harriet - woman standing Helper
10335   Hunter, Jos & company - group of men outside building Sunnyside
10315   Hunter, William - Man and woman in Scottish Kilts Sunnyside
4519 no photo in Price Hutchings, J. B. - young girl next to a rocking chair  
4557   Ingberg, A. G. - young Price
10980 no photo in Price Ingle, Wm. - infant with woman at side Castle Gate
10966 no photo in Price Ingle, Wm. - young man with mustache Castle Gate
10766 no photo in Price Isaac, - older man Price
30180   Jackson, Thomas - man and two women Castle Gate
10329   Jacobsen, Chris & John Powell - two young men sitting Sunnyside
4669   Jacobson, Minnie - woman standing next to chair Castle Gate
10342   Jacobson, Walter - woman, man with banjo outside house Sunnyside
4572 no photo in Price James, W. T. - family portrait: man, woman, two girls, four boys  
4525 no photo in Price Jensen, C. F. - young girl and infant with a doll and two chairs Price
10595   Jesen, Lehi - woman and infant Wellington
10473 no photo in Price Jessen, Anna - infant Wellington
10457   Jessen, Lehi - family portrait: man, woman, six children (children: Squire, William, Henry, Pearl, Thurssey, Polly Ann) Wellington
10569   Jessen, Lehi - two infants Wellington
30044   Jewkes, S. R. - little girl, boy and baby Helper
4597   Johnson, C. A. - man with mustache Price
10604   Johnson, Chas. - man, woman, six boys, two girls, baby Price
30047   Johnson, Charles. - young child on chair Helper
13967 no photo in Price Johnson, F. F. - young man sitting on porch Clear Creek
10323 no photo in Price Johnson, Hyrum - miner outside house Sunnyside
10779   Johnson, J. M. - young girl Price
10663   Johnson, Mrs. & sisters - three women Price
10792   Johnson, Reta Mrs. - woman holding infant Price
10928   Johnson, Theodore - young man in suit with white tie and high collar Sunnyside
15710   Johnson, Wallace - little boy with hat Price
10938   Johnson, William. - infant and two young children, woman in background Castle Gate
10783   Johnston (or Johnson), C. C. - little girl, baby Price
10789   Johnston (or Johnson), G. E. - woman, three boys, girl Price
10782   Johnston (or Johnson), J. W. - bride and groom Price
10922   Johnston (or Johnson), John - young man and woman standing Sunnyside
10995   Jones, Billy - family portrait: man, woman, two boys Castle Gate
30198   Jones, E. A. - young man in suit seated Castle Dale
4615   Jones, E. J. - woman with infant Helper
10839   Jones, E. T. - two girls, boy Helper
30195   Jones, E. A. - young woman seated Castle Dale
30200   Jones, Eliza Catherine Thayn - woman seated Castle Dale
30049 no photo in Price Jones, E. T. - young child in white dress Helper
4616   Jones, E. J. - two girls & one boy Helper
30201   Jones, Elisha Allen - two babies in matching gowns (twins?) Castle Dale
30140   Jones, F. A. (or G.A.) - little boy with bicycle Clear Creek
10888 no photo in Price Jones, F. A. (?) - dog Scofield
5311   Jones, John A. - man & woman Scofield
10605   Jones, Jos. (Or Joe) (Metta and Anna) - young woman and girl Price
10607   Jones, Jos. (Clarissa and Rita or Reta) - two little girls and a lamb Price
10606   Jones, Jos. (Clarissa and Rita or Reta) - two little girls Price
4653   Jones, Jos. - Infant wearing a wig Price
4657   Jones, Jos. - young girl sitting on a chair Price
4526 no photo in Price Jones, Joseph - four children (standing L to R: John Hetta, Ernest, Anna) Price
31096   Jones, Jr. - young man and woman outdoors Castle Dale
10609   Jones, Maggie & Miss Larson (or Larsen) - two young women Price
10610   Jones, Maggie - young woman Price
10516   Jones, Mattie - young woman (see 10495) Wellington
10495 no photo in Price Jones, Mattie & J. Vance - young man & woman Wellington
30197   Jones, Mrs. - woman sitting outdoors (possibly Eliza Catherine Thayn Jones) Castle Dale
10836?   Jones, T. E. - little girl (picture Strip) Helper
30046 no photo in Price Jones, T. H. - two girls, young child  
10573B   Jones, Thomas - older man with beard Wellington
4551   Jones, Thomas. (Photo of photo) - two boys Price
10547 no photo in Price Jones, Wm. Edward - (photo of photo) - man Wellington
10876 no photo in Price Jones, Wm. L. - young man and woman Scofield
10544   Jones, William Edward - young man Wellington
10546 no photo in Price Jones, Wm. Edward - (photo of photo) - woman Wellington
30045   Jones - young girl leaning on chair Helper
10788   Jorgensen, Anna - woman, four girls, infant Price
10656   Kay, John - three girls, two boys sitting on porch Sunnyside
10603   Keller, W. A. - man on horse by building Price
10763 no photo in Price Kelsey, W. K. - man, woman, four boys, two girls, baby Price
10301   Kennedy, Lee - four men outside house Sunnyside
30608   Kenny, Ray - young man  
4883   Kimball, A. H. - man with mustache Castle Gate
10828 no photo in Price Kimber, James - infant Carbon Co.
30800 no photo in Price Kirker, R. A. - rock house, R.G.W. Sunnyside
4576 no photo in Price Kirkman, Susie - young woman  
15713   Kofford, J. - little girl and boy Price
10808   Kofford, J. - family portrait: man, woman, four boys, four girls, infant Price
30179   Lamph, Thomas. - infant in white dress Castle Gate
4702   Lamph, Thomas. - infant Castle Gate
10617   Lamph, W. Mrs. - young woman Scofield
4682b no photo in Price Lang, Laura - young child Price
4722   Lange, Jean - young man outside Castle Gate
14125   Langford, Thomas - 2 little girls in plaid dresses (not on list in library)  
10716   Larsen, Emma - woman sitting and holding a fan Price
10040   Larson, L. - man woman, four children outside house with animals and lumber (photo filed with Area Photos) Castle Gate
10609 no photo in Price Larson, Miss & Maggie Jones - two young women Price
10852   Lawley, William - family portrait: woman, young girl and infant Helper
10854   Lawley, William (photo of picture) - man Castle Gate
4558   Lawley, William H. - woman and four children standing in front of fence and wood house Castle Gate
5540   Laynd or Loynd, J.T. - young man  
30172   Ledger, Alma - three young boys in suits Castle Gate
10756 no photo in Price Lee, A. J. - young woman Price
15702   Lee, A. J. Mrs. - young woman in dark dress seated Price
4565   Lee, A. J. - young child in a baby carriage Price
4534   Lee, A. J. - infant Price
4533   Lee, A. J. - young girl with a dog and a child's rocking chair Price
10755   Lee, A. J. - two little boys, girl (10754) Price
10754 no photo in Price Lee, Art J. - two little boys, girl Price
4589   Lee, Arthur J. - infant seated on pillows Price
4528   Lee, Cliff - young boy Springville (?)
10759 no photo in Price Lee, Ed - Young boy (see 10757) Price
10757   Lee, Ed - little boy standing Price
10758 no photo in Price Lee, Ed - infant in crocheted shawl Price
4529   Lee, Ray - young boy Price
14053   Lee, S. H. - family portrait Price?
10308   Leroy, A. - two men, three women, four children in front of house Sunnyside
30182   Lewis, Daniel - seven children Castle Gate
10970   Lewis, G. W. - man, woman, two girls Castle Gate
10992   Lewis, Grover - infant Castle Gate
10913   Lewis, J. T. (photo of photo) - older woman Sunnyside
10990   Lewis, Reese - infant Castle Gate
10973   Lewis, Reese - little boy and girl Castle Gate
30152   Lewis, T. W. - man, woman & infant Castle Gate
30153   Lewis, T. W. - infant Castle Gate
10460   Liddel, Abram - older man and woman (father and mother of Agnes Branch) Wellington
10459 no photo in Price Liddel and Holmes - three men, three women, outside house Sunnyside
10474   Liddell, Wallace - young boy Wellington
10532   Liddell, Hopkin T. - young man (son of Abraham Liddell) Wellington
10461   Liddell, Lucy & Mary - two young women Wellington
10502   Liddell, Lucy - young woman (Lucy on list and Mollie on photo, daughter of Abraham Liddell) Wellington
10580   Liddell, Mildred - young woman (daughter of Peter Liddell, sister of Frank) Wellington
10327   Liddell, W. D. (or Katie) - woman, two men outside tent house (man in doorway Wm. Barker Lidell) Sunnyside
10991   Lloyd, Arthur - young woman and small child Castle Gate
14094   Lock, John - photo of Picture - young man Castle Gate
4581   Lords, William & Olive Anderson - man & woman (daughter of Joseph Anderson) Price
4513 no photo in Price Loveless, Thora - young woman  
14128   Loyd, J. T. - young man (photo not on index)  
4425   Lyman, I. D. - two children Price

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