Castle Gate Relief Society Scrapbook

The following is an index of the photographs in a scrapbook created by the LDS Ward Relief Society sisters. The scrapbook is in the possession of the Price Family History Library. If you find the name of one of your ancestors and would like a copy of the photo e-mail Kathy Hamaker. Please be sure to include the scan number and photo number.

Scan & photo # Name Description of photo
Scan Number Name Description
Scan0498/001 Presidents Violet Ross, Leona Turner, Anne Huff, Bessie Snow, Marie Gilbert
Scan0499/002 Presidency June, July 1956 – Joan Thorpe, Counselor; Leona Turner, President; Dorothy Bowns, Secretary; Arva Potter, Counselor
Scan0500/003 Presidency July 1956 to Aug 1959 – Thalia Thacker, Secretary; Leona Turner, President; Joan Thorpe, counselor; Arva Potter, counselor
Scan0501/004 Presidency Aug 1959 to 1964 – Thalia Thacker, secretary; Rheta Miller, counselor; Joan Thorpe, counselor; Leona Turner, President
Scan502&503/005 President President Anne Huff, August 16, 1953
Scan504&505/006 Visiting Teachers 1946 Back Row: Melva Donahue, Clea Davis, P. James, Sylvia Barney, Mable Peterson, Jennie Nielson, Mary Wilstead, Thalia Thacker, Elna Nougaret, Ruth Johnson: Second Row: Alice Foote, Neva Green, Inez Robertson, Edna Hardee, Tressa Johnson, Mary Babcock, Josephine Houghton, Helen Houghton, Pearl Stagg: Front row: LaVerne Houghton or Agnes Harrison, Elaine Miller, Ruby Taylor, Ann Huff, Vi Ross, Marie Gilbert, Dessie Durrant
Scan506/007 Annual Party April 1948 Group of woman and men dressed up as men with mustaches and beards. Names under photo reads: Helen Thacker, Leo Miller, Chas Huff, Tom Hilton, Fay Thacker, Mel Taylor, Edgar Johnson, Bert Huff
Scan0507/008 Bishopric No names
Scan0508/009 Leona Turner President 1956, 1964; Visiting teacher, work director teacher
Scan0509/010 Joan Thorpe
Scan0510/011 Dorothy C. Bowns Visiting teacher, Quilt committee counselor, work director – secretary
Scan0511/012 Arva Potter Counselor, theology leader, visiting teacher
Scan0512/013 Rheta Miller Counselor, social science leader, Mag Representative, theology, visiting teacher
Scan0513/014 Thalia W. Thacker Teacher Trainer, chorister, visiting teacher, secretary
Scan0514/015 Edna Hardee Visiting teacher, chorister 1961
Scan0515/016 Bulah Tabone Visiting teacher, organist, chorister
Scan0516-017 Berniece Watson Theology, 1961, Social Science, visiting teacher, quilt committee
Scan0517-018 Sariah Lewis Visiting teacher message, visiting teacher, chorister, quilt committee
Scan0518-019 Ileen Wilde Work director teacher, visiting teacher, 2nd counselor
Scan0519-020 Ruth V. Durrant Social Science 1960, Literature 1956, 1st counselor
Scan0520-021 Verda Craig Magazine Agent 1961, work director teacher 1956, visiting teacher, counselor
Scan051-022 Ruby Taylor 1st counselor, visiting teacher, work director leader 1956
Scan0522,0523,0524-stichscan0522-scan024 Scan0525&scan0526 Relief Society Presidency Annie R. Parker, counselor; Edna Broadbent, President; Wanda Broadbent, Social Science; Parthenia Rhead, magazine; Margaret Pace, Work director; Geraldine Thomas, chorister; Vivian Jones, counselor; Maudeen Gardner, Literature; Belle Johnson, Secretary; Ramona Walters, Theology
Scan0527-023 North Carbon Stake Relief Society Board No names included
Scan0528&0529-024 Closing social May 23, 1961 Entertainment – one individual
Scan0530-025&026 Closing social May 23, 1961 People sitting around tables and a group of ladies sitting around the outside edge of a room
Scan0531-027 Closing Social May 23, 1961 Group of ladies sitting on chairs on the outside edge of a room
Scan0532-028 Closing Social May 23, 1961 Women sitting in a circle
Scan0533-029 Closing social Group of sisters
Scan0534-030 Birthday Party Audience watching performers
Scan0535-031 Birthday Party Performance ladies wearing long white tights and showing smilie faces on their bottoms
Scan0536-032 Birthday Party Performance ladies wearing long white tights and showing smilie faces on their bottoms
Scan0537-033 Birthday Party Performerce of ladies wearing skirts, white t-shirts and bikini top dancing
Scan0538-034 Birthday Party Looking a part of the audience and the piano
Scan0539-035 Birthday Party Sylvia Barney, Chairman & Ruth Durrant
Scan0540-036 Birthday Party Birthday cake and Leona Turner, President
Scan0541-037 Birthday Party Past Presidents honored
Scan0542-038 Birthday Party Group of people sitting around tables
Scan0543-039 Birthday Party Anne Johnatakis & baby Jimmie
Scan0544-040 Birthday Party Two young women dancing in striped outfits
Scan0545-041 Birthday Party Women in skirts, t-shirts and bikini top dancing
Scan0546 Birthday Party Newspaper article about Birthday party: March 21, 1962, Wednesday evening the Relief Society held its annual birthday part. This year commemorates the organization’s 120 anniversary. The party was planned by the visiting teachers with Sylvia Barney serving as chairman. Table settings and décor were in gold and blue in keeping with Relief Society colors with the big birthday cake holding the center attraction. Past presidents were honored. Mrs. Bessie Snow of Provo, Mrs. Ann Huff of Carbonville, Mrs. Violet Ross, and the current president, Leona Turner, reminisced about the years and were presented with corsages, as with Ruby Taylor for her many years of counselor work. Viewing a scrapbook that was compiled 20 years ago by Relief Society wards of the Carbon Stake was enjoyed. Pictures of all present were taken by a local photographer for the continuation of the scrapbook. A program was presented and refreshments were served. Others attending from out of town were Jennie Nielsen, Mary Babcock and Eva Smith of Helper, Sandra Morley and Collen Peterson of Price, and Iva Laird of Carbonville. Approximately forty-five attended.
Scan0547-042 Work day, June 1962 Sisters quilting: Ileen Wilde, Dorothy Bowns, Ruby Taylor, Sariah Lewis, Joan Thorpe
Scan0548-043 Stake Convention 1962 Back row: Joan Thorpe, Ileen Wilde, Ruby Taylor, Sariah Lewis, Leona Turner, Edna Hardee, Thalia Thacker Front row: Ethel Hreinson, Verda Craig Bernice Watson
Scan0549-044 Four generations of RS Marie Gilbert, Josephine G. Houghton, Joanne H. Hyatt, Vickie Hyatt, Tommy Hyatt
Scan0550-045 Display table Photo taken June 1962 – five women are in photo
Scan0551-046 RS general board Photo taken June 1962 – four women in photo
Scan0552-047 Cleaning & Painting Day, New Stake Center, July 18, 1962 A group of people working outside a building. Perhaps LDS church building. Names of people are: Clea Davis, Lou Jean Basso, Tony Koss, Lucy Martinez, Ileen?, Ardith Crawford (Helper)
Scan0553-048 Cleaning & Painting Day, New Stake Center, July 18, 1962 Another group of people working outside a building. Perhaps Helper LDS church building. Names of people are: Ileen Wilde, Leona Turner, Sylvia Barney, Dorothy Bowns, Lou Jean Basso
Scan0554-049 Cleaning & Painting Day, New Stake Center, July 18, 1962 Mixing paint? – Lucy Martinez, Tony Koss, Clea Davis
Scan0556-050 Birthday Party - March 18, 1963 Birthday Cake
Scan0557-051 Birthday tables - March 18, 1963 December back to July – photo dated Mar 63
Scan0558-052 Birthday Party - March 18, 1963 Edna Hardee and Thalia Thacker in “skit” – photo dated Mar 63
Scan0559-053 Birthday Party- March 18, 1963 Josephine Houghton and Thalia Thacker
Scan0560-054 Birthday Party- March 18, 1963 Cart tables set up in gym with women sitting and eating. Caption on page reads, “Each member sat at her Birthday month Table”
Scan0561-055 Birthday Party- March 18, 1963 Ten women lined up in front of stage
Scan0562-056 Birthday tables - March 18, 1963 January to June
Scan0563-057 Birthday Party- March 18, 1963 Cart tables set up in gym with women sitting and eating. Caption on page reads, “Each member sat at her Birthday month Table”
Scan0564-058 Birthday Party- March 18, 1963 Joanne Hyatt doing the hula
Scan0565-059 Birthday Party- March 18, 1963 Large group of women in semi-circle on stage. Photo labeled “kitchen band”
Scan0566-060 Birthday Party- March 18, 1963 Large group of women in semi-circle on stage. Photo labeled “kitchen band”. Name Rhea Parry leader
Scan0567-061 Birthday Party- March 18, 1963 Cart tables set up in gym with women sitting and eating. Caption on page reads, “Each member sat at her Birthday month Table”
Scan0568-062 Invitation for RS special opening social Tuesday, Oct 1, 1963 at 10:30 a.m. at the Castle Gate Ward Chapel
Scan0569-063 Opening Social Group of women eating refreshments
Scan0570-064 Opening Social “Relief Society Special” a train made of cardboard and foil
Scan0571-065 Opening Social Group of women eating refreshments
Scan0572-066 Opening Social Women sitting on chairs lined up in front of stage. Perhaps representing “a train”. Photo labeled “officers and class leaders”
Scan0573-067 Opening Social Three women: Marie Greenland, Joan Thorpe, Rheta Miller
Scan0574-068 Opening Social “Members at Birthday party”
Scan0575-069 Opening Social Two sisters in a “skit”, Rhea P. & Clea D.
Scan0576-070 Work Day – May 1964 Women sitting around a quilt quilting
Scan0577-071 RS presidency – 1964 Thalia Thacker, Sec; Joan Thorpe, Work counselor; Leona Turner, Pres.; Rheta Miller, Educ. Counselor
Scan0578-072 RS presidency – 1964 Bernice Watson, Theology Leader
Scan0579-073 Relief Society Members in class
Scan0580-074 Relief Society Ruby Taylor, Work director – photo dated May 64
Scan0581-075 Relief Society Sariah Lewis, visiting teacher leader
Scan0582-076 Relief Society Ileen Wilde, Work Day Lesson Leader
Scan0583-077 Relief Society presidency 1969 Ruth V. Durrant, 1st counselor Joan W. Thorpe, President
Scan0584-078 RS birthday party 1969 Birthday cake
Scan0585-079 Birthday party Mar 14, 1969 Group of children on Program
Scan0586-080 Possibly Christmas social Tuesday Dec 10, 1968 Group of three children, one boy and two girls. Names cut off of scan. Part remaining says: Chris (boy), Kim, Mary Ann
Scan0587-081 RS event Three girls standing in front of a sign that reads: “Vacation time is here.”
Scan0588-082 RS event Table set for a party with one little girl sitting at the table
Scan0589-083 Relief Society Anna bell Fish, literature leader – photo dated Apr 1964 Note on side of picture that was added at a later time says “deceased”.
Scan0590-084 Relief Society Ruth Durrant, Social Science Leader – photo dated Apr 1964. Note on side of picture that was added at a later time says “deceased”.
Scan0591-085 RS Edna Hardee, Chorister – photo dated May 1964
Scan0592-086 RS Sylvia Barney, substitute
Scan0593-087 RS Three children, one boy and two girls with the names of Tommy, Mary Ann, Vicki. Possibly the children of Larry and Joanne Hyatt.
Scan0594-088 Closing Social Invitation Honoring Leona Turner, President. “Orchids to our Leaders”. June 19, 1964 at 7:30 p.m.
Scan0595-089 Closing Social Leona with quilt and other gifts
Scan0596-090 Closing Social Leona T cutting the cake
Scan0598-091 Closing social Hardee leading chorus also a newspaper clipping that says: The Relief Society held its closing social Friday. They honored President Leona Turner and presented her with an orchid corsage and a lovely friendship quilt, et. Ruth Durrant, Thalia Thacker, Joan Thorpe and Rhetta Miller were in charge of the party. The program was on the lessons and activities of the Relief Society. A luncheon was served.
Scan0599-092 Closing Social Photo dated June 1964 – Marie Greenland played for the performers
Scan0600-093 Closing Social – June 19, 1964 Quilting skit
Scan0601-094 Closing social Honor guest Leona T. and Ruth D.
Scan0602-095 Closing social Photo dated Jun 1964 – “Band and Dancers” with cardboard and foil train
Scan0603-096 Closing social Photo dated Jun 1964 - Cleaning and paint skit. Group of people on stage with saw horse
Scan0604-097 Closing Social Ruth Durrant, Announcer
Scan0605-098 Closing Social Thalia Thacker impersonating Leona T.
Scan0606-099 Closing Social Singing Mothers practice: Ruby T. LuGene B., Josephine H., Ileen W., Sariah L., Thalia T., Joan T., Joanne H., Tressa J.
Scan0607-100 Closing Social Two women on stage singing, “All I want for Christmas”. Possibly Josephine H. as Leona – Joan Thorpe?
Scan0608-101 Closing Social Three women on stage: Joanne H., Ruby T., Edna H. visiting presidency
Scan0609-102 Closing Social More scenes from closing social. Kitchen – Banquet scene
Scan0610-103 Closing Social Kitchen Band Scene “Relief Society Special” (train) in front
Scan0611-104 Closing Social Serving refreshments – a group of women sitting and eating
Scan0612-105 RS presidency Margaret S. Jones president & Sarah Cowley counselor 1907
Scan0613-106 RS Abt 1943 in front of the Castle Gate school – Clea Davis, Violet Ross, Lenore Davis, Sariah Lewis, Crystal Grundy, Louexes Whitaker, Bobbie Ross, Annie Evans, Thelma Wright, Dorothy Bowns
Scan0614-107 RS Joanne Hyatt leading the singing
Scan0615-108 RS Joann H. (Hyatt) and children
Scan0616-109 Christmas party Ruth J. & Edna H.
Scan0617-110 Christmas Party Helen H. reading a story
Scan0618-111 Christmas Party People doing something in front of the stage with group of sisters watching
Scan0619-112 Birthday Party Pres. Joan T. Cutting Birthday Cake
Scan0620-113 Birthday Party Women sitting around near the piano in the cultural hall
Scan0621-114 RS Sisters quilting: Ileen W., Ruby T., Thalia Th., Joan Th., Margaret R., Sariah L.
Scan0622-115 RS Sisters quilting: Margaret R., Joan Th., Ruth D.
Scan0623-116 RS program Group singing leader
Scan0624&625-117 RS program Janet Thorpe, Evelyn Pendleton., Petty Wilstead
Scan0626-118 RS closing social Linda Wilstead
Scan0627-119 RS Three women that appear to be in cleaning clothes standing outside. One with a dust pan another with a gallon can of “AerOwax” and cleaning cloth. A man standing off to the side. Names on photo: Josephine, Lou Gene, Ileen W. and Fay
Scan0628-120 RS Same four individuals as photo 119 with two other women. Under the photo is written “Church Farmhouse”. Photo dated Jul 67’. Names ?Phetz, Ruth, Josephine, Lou Gene, Fay & Thelea (name is listed differently that photo 119)
Scan0629-121 RS Women quilting
Scan0630-122 Christmas party December 1965 One sister with a box that says: Mail, Santa Claus Letters here.”
Scan0631-123 Christmas Party December 1965 Joanne H. (Hyatt) and Edna H.
Scan0632-124 Nursery Class Tidwell Children, Vickie, Chris and Gloria
Scan0633-125 RS activity Refreshment table with sign “Life can be a bowl of cherries!”
Scan0634-126 RS birthday party Pres. Joan Thorpe cutting the birthday cake
Scan0635-127 RS birthday party Rhea P., Clea D., on stage
Scan0636-128 RS birthday party Story-telling R.V.D.
Scan0637-129 Christmas Party Large group of sisters sitting on folding chairs watching a program
Scan0638-130 Christmas Party Children singing on stage
Scan0639-131 Banquet Table D.B., Lu Gene, Josephine
Scan0640-132 Banquet Table Bishop Thorpe & Joan
Scan0641-133 Work Day Clean up Ruby T., Sariah, Margaret R.
Scan0642-134 RS Birthday party March 1971 Color photo of five sisters seated around a table eating
Scan0643-135 RS Birthday party March 1971 Color photo – 11 sisters seated on folding chairs looking at the camera
Scan0644-136 RS presidency Sept 1971 to August ? – Ruth V. Durrant, 1st couns., Joan W. Thorpe, president, Thalia W. Thacker, Secretary
Scan0645-137 RS Stake Board Stake Board: Faye J. Lamb, 2nd couns., Mona Lee Grundvig, 1st counselor, Pearl G. Gardner, Pres.
Back Row: Ruth V. D., Geraldine Tabone
Scan0646-138 RS Quilting – 9 women quilting
Scan0647-139 Birthday party March 1972 Joan Thorpe, President cutting cake
Scan0648-140 Birthday party March 1972 Ruth J., Elna N., Sylvia B., Verda C., Edna H. at party
Scan0649-141 Birthday Party March 1972 Thalia Th., Jeremy T., Ruth J. behind Verda C., Margaret R. in orange dress at back, Elna N. down in middle, Joanne H. back, Pearl W. above Elna N., Sylvia B. Josephine H. and Mark
Scan0650-142 Birthday Party March 1972 Two ladies performing a skit
Scan0651-143 RS Mae Snow & Ruby Taylor cleaning up after lunch
Scan0652-144 RS Ruth V. D. & Thalia Th.
Scan0653-145 Anniversary Pres. Thorpe cutting anniversary cake March 1972
Scan0654-146 RS Group of five women and two children: Margaret R., Geraldine T., Joanne H. & Mark H., Pearl W., Josephine H. & Kim H
Scan0655-147 RS Dolly T., Josephine H. (Hyatt) and Mark
Scan0656-148 RS social Spring Fashion Show: Clea D., Margaret R., Sylvia B.
Scan0657-149 RS social March 1966: Women seated around a table eating
Scan0658-150 RS social March 1966: four women, R.V.D., D.B., J.S. Sariah
Scan0659-151 RS birthday party Birthday cake
Scan0660-152 RS birthday party Bishop Miller, Bishop Thorpe, counselor John Houghton
Scan0661-153 RS birthday party A group of four men: 1. Jim Richens 2. ? 3. Paul Tabone and 4. ?
Scan0662-154 Ward Party Three men possibly the same as photo 0660-152
Scan0663-155 Ward Party Outgoing bishopric sitting at a cart table, blind folded possible feeding each other cream pie
Scan0664-156 Ward Party Group of ward members sitting on folding chairs, posing for photograph
Scan0665-157 March 1967 125 years Possibly a skit named “The Gift” with Thalia Thorpe, Virginia, Ruth V. D. & Joan Th
Scan0666-158 Mar-67 Audience at Relief Society Party “The Gift”
Scan0667-159 Mar-67 Cast from production “The Gift”: Ruth D., Ileen W., Rosetta., Lucy, Sylvia, Virgina, Thalia
Scan0668-160 17-Mar-67 Earl D & a group of people at the refreshment table
Scan0669-161 17-Mar-67 A group of individuals seated on the stage. Under the photo it says: Stage set-up.
Scan0670-162 17-Mar-67 The audience watching “The Gift” actors on stage
Scan0671-163 17-Mar-67 Virginia Wilstead on stage
Scan0672-164 17-Mar-67 Mel T., Rose and others at the refreshments table
Scan0673-165 RS presidency Spring 1968 One woman sitting at a table. “Thorpe, President”
Scan0674-166 RS presidency Spring 1968 Ileen Wild, counselor standing in front of piano
Scan0675-167 RS presidency Spring 1968 Thalia Thacker, secretary standing in front of piano
Scan0676-168 RS presidency Spring 1968 Ruth Durrant, counselor
Scan0677-169 RS Nursery, summer 1968
Scan0678-170 RS Sisters sitting at table eating: Linda H., Sylvia B.
Scan0679-171 RS Old photo of two women standing outside in front of a home in Castle Gate
Scan0680-172 Birthday party Written under the photo it says: Elaine L. Miller. It appears to be a birthday party with 16 women in the photo. Mrs. Turner and Ethel Hreinson in the back on the right hand side. Time on clock in photo says: 8:52
Scan0681-173 RS presidency Blanch T. McGrath counselor
Scan0682-174 Sisters A group of six RS sisters. Possibly a singing group: Edna, Ruby, Rayona, Tressa, Joanne H., (Hyatt) and Joan Th
Scan0683-175 Sisters Caption under photo reads: Singers from Castle Gate April 1968”
Scan0684-176 RS presidency Rachel B. Olson, president 1926-28
Scan0684-177 RS presidency Bessie R. Snow, president 1928-1936
Scan0685-178 RS presidency Dessie Durrant, president 1936-
Scan0685-179 RS presidency Ellie Gobel, president Oct 1941-Feb 1942
Scan0687-180 RS presidency Marie P. Gilbert, President 1942-43
Scan0687-181 RS presidency Elaine L. Miller, president 1949-1953
Scan0686-182 RS presidency Beverly B. Banasky, Social Science
Scan0688-183 RS Mary Wilstead, Literature Leader, Visiting teacher leader, visiting teacher
Scan0688-184 RS Nora Llewelyn, Magazine representative, visiting teacher
Scan0689-185 RS Nora or Dora Llewelyn, magazine representative, visiting teacher
Scan0689-186 RS Mary Wilstead, literature leader, visiting teacher Leader, visiting teacher
Scan0690-187 RS Florence Seely, visiting teacher leader, visiting teacher
Scan0690-188 RS Anne Huff, President, counselor, theology leader
Scan0692-189 RS Tressa Johnson
Scan0692-190 RS Margaret Russell
Scan0691-191 RS Ora Bogdin
Scan0691-192 RS Ann Johnatakis
Scan0693-193 RS Esther Hunten
Scan0693-194 RS Tsuruko Imai
Scan0694-195 RS Coleen Ross Peterson
Scan0694-196 RS Nellie Mackley
Scan0695-197 RS Venda Robinson
Scan0695-198 RS Sandra Craig Morley
Scan0696-199 RS Three RS sisters with no names listed.
Scan0697-200 Obituaries Obituaries for ? Thorpe Stevens, Mrs. Inez Maud Goulding Robertson, Delphia Mae Acord, Annie Christine Evans, Janette Davis Nielsen, and a photo copy of a photograph of Thomas Bendall, Edgar Johnson, Fay E. Thacker and Melvin Taylor
Scan0698-201 North Carbon Stake RS Back row: Best, Campbell, Hansen, Henry, McArthur, Archibald, Baysinger
Front Row: Twiddell, Walters, Bjorshinsky, Grundvig, Gardner
Scan0699-202 North Carbon Stake RS Annie R. Parker, counselor, Edna Broadbent, President, Vivian Jones, counselor, Wanda Broadbent, Social Science, Parthenia Rhead, Magazine, Maudeen Gardner, Literature, Margaret Pace, Work Director, Geraldine Thomas, Chorister, Belle Johnson, Secretary, Ramona Wat?, Theology
203 RS Price North Carbon Stake Visiting teaching convention. Photo is a large group of women in the choir seats at the Price North Stake center building. No names listed. Photo dated April 22, 1965

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