John B. Maffei

Documentation source: FHL film 1421806 book 13 page 32

Funeral services were conducted September 21 in the Sacred Heart Catholic church in Frontenac, Kansas for John B. Maffei, 88, who died September 17 in the Girard, Kansas, City Hospital after an illness of about a year. A retired coal miner Mr. Maffei was a frequent visitor to this area visiting a daughter, Mrs. Bertha Elegante of Helper, one of his five daughters. Burial was in the Mt. Carmel cemetery in Frontenac.

Family representative: Laura Frederick.

Bertha Maffei Elegante

Documentation source: FHL film 1598468 book B-97

HELPER - Bertha Maffei Elegante, age 88, died Oct. 4, 1994 in Salt Lake City.

She was born Feb. 22, 1906 in Frontenac, Kan., the daughter of John and Adelina Sennechal Maffei. She married Joseph (Joe) Elegante on July 26, 1924 in Price. He died Dec. 2, 1976.

She was a member of the Catholic Church, a longtime resident of Helper and a former member of the Phythian Sisters. She will be dearly missed by her family and friends.

She is survived by two sons and their spouses...and nine grandchildren; 34 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren; two sisters, and one brother.

Funeral Mass will be Saturday, Oct. 8, 10 a.m. at Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Helper. Vigil service will be Friday, 7 p.m. at Mitchell Chapel where friends mya call daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Committal service, Mountain View Cemetery, Helper.

Family representative: Laura Frederick.

Tony Laboroi

Helper Journal - 24 Apr 1941 pg 1
Tales of Early Helper Pioneer

One of Helper's oldest business pioneers is 73-year-old Tony Laboroi, who first came to this neck of the woods 37 years, ago, although he has lived here continuously for only 29 years.

Mr. Laboroi, because of his "early morning walks "which keep me healthy," doesn't show his age, and has only been to a doctor one or two times in his life. The only thing that will convince one of his age is to listen to his life's history, for then the listener will concede that all that happened to him couldn't possibly have taken place in a shorter period.

Mr. Laboroi, Tony to all his friends, first saw the light of day in the little village of Piamonte, Italy, near the border of France. His parents were Pietro and Maria Laboroi.

Born a farmer's son. Tony early learned to use his hands and back, growing up on a peaceful farm in the country. He stayed with the farm, and later tried his hand at shoemaking, until he attained manhood, and then, at the age of 21, he joined the Italian army.

A soldier's life for two years was enough for him, and immediately upon his discharge from the army he embarked for the United States at the age of 23, lured there by a promotional agent's promise of a good job and plenty of money.

Like many others who came here to serve as laborers in building the rapidly growing nation on the western hemisphere, Tony was unable to speak a word of English, but nevertheless went immediately to work in a coal mine in Oklahoma. During his seven or eight years there he learned the English language. Getting suddenly homesick, he returned to Italy, but only for four months, whereupon he came back to the United States, which he knew was now really his home.

This time he worked in Michigan, for three years. He first set foot in Carbon county in the year 1900, where he worked in the mine until the big strike of 1903. Idle for almost a year, he finally decided to pull up stakes and move into Helper, which was then a fast growing community.

His first impressions of the town were apparently not very satisfactory, for later that same year he turned his eyes eastward and headed for Missouri. He worked in this latter state for eight years, but always believed this new country held wonderful fields of opportunity, and so in the year 1912 returned here and set up a saloon and lodging house.

"When I first came here in 1912," he chuckles, "there were seven saloons, more than all other kinds of businesses put together. But, unbelievable as it may seem, this small town was supporting 21 saloons one year later in 1913."

Contrary to popular belief today, he points out, Helper was not then a city of just a few people, but rather was not so much smaller than it is today. However, at that time, he hastens to explain, practically everyone was living in dirt dugouts in the sides of embankments, a few being lucky enough to possess squalid shacks. There were possibly 2800 people here then, most of them railroaders.

He quit the saloon business in 1917. He has erected several monuments in the form of strong brick buildings here, among which are the building now housing the liquor store, which was constructed in 1923, and the Fish Market, built in the year 1913. He also built his present home behind the liquor store in 1913, but several years later it burned down and he rebuilt it in 1919.

While in Oklahoma he met and married Teresa Trosano in the year 1894, three years after his arrival there. By her he had six children, four of whom died while children. The other two are John, who is manager of the Helper Super Service station in Helper, and Pete, who is manager of one of the Success stores in Salt Lake City. His wife died in 1936, and more than a year later he married Mary Falvo, his present wife.

He has served three terms on the city council, and ws once supervisor of the water line. He remembers that floods, then expecially heavy, washed the water lines, and virtually everthing else near the river, completely out.

In 1919 he bought shares in the Helper State Bank and that same year became a director, which position he has held ever since. At one time he served as vice president of the bank for a two-year period. During those earlier years, he says that Joe Barboglio Sr. was owner of the first weekly newspaper which was printed in the bottom of the Helper Hotel.

Always big hearted in the past - "Overly so," he says regretfully - his eyes still flash with outraged fury when he speaks of two different persons, still living in Helper, to whom he lent money and both of whom declared bankruptcy, cheating him out of over $5000 in one year.

Reading and his early morning walks are two hobbies which he seemingly enjoys very much, as long as he is accompanied by his trusty pipe.

Peter Paul Laboroi

Documentation: FHL film 1421806 bk 83 pg 54

SANTAQUIN, Utah - Peter Paul Laboroi, 85, died July 14, 1982 in a Payson, Utah hospital.

Born on May 3, 1897 in Colgate, Oklahoma to Antonio and Teresa Tronsano Laboroi. Married Mabel Downard in 1918. She died in 1948. He married Rachel Peterson Peery on July 23, 1950 in Salt Lake City. Retired grocery store manager, co-owner of the Success Markets in Salt Lake City. Veteran, World War One.

Survivors: Wife, Santaquin; one daughter, step-sons, eight grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren; one brother, John B. Laboroi, Helper, Utah.

Funeral services will be conducted Monday, one p.m., Holiaday Hills Funeral Home, Santaquin. Friends may call at Holladay hills, Sunday, 7-8:30 p.m. and one hour prior to services on Monday. Interment, Santaquin City Cemetery. Military rites, Post #84, Santaquin American Legion.

Mary Tallarico Laboroi

documentation: FHL film 1421805 bk 8 pg 27

HELPER - Mary Tallario Laboroi, 81, died in the Price City Hospital, coronary occlusion. Born Dec. 25, 1874 in Decoliatura, Etaly, a daughter of Ralp Tallarico and Mary Bonnacci. Survived by her husband Antonio, Helper, daughters, stepsons, seven grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, a sister. Services will be announce by the Mitchell Funeral Home.

Joe Walker

"Looking Backward"
By John A. Crockett

The Sun, Price, Utah, Thursday - September 1, 1932, p.4

The following, taken from the files of the Eastern Utah Advocate of May 19, 1898, tells of the capture of and killing of Joe Walker and the notorious outlaw, Butch Cassidy. (This was not Butch Cassidy.)

"News reached Price late Friday evening of the killing of the notorious outlaw, "Butch Cassidy, and Joe Walker, and the capture of Schultz and Thompson, members of the ‘Robbers' Roost' gang, by Sheriff Allred's posse which left here on Sunday, May 8. The members of the posse leaving here were Sheriff C. W. Allred, Pete Anderson, J.W. Warf, J. N. Whitmore, George Whitmore, Jack Gentry, Jim Inglefield, Billy McGuire and Jack Watson. When in the vicinity of Lower Crossing (Woodside), Sheriff Allred sent McGuire and Inglefield to Lower Crossing with dispatches. Joe Bush of Salt Lake City and a rancher named Coleman of Lower Crossing returned to the posse with McGuire and Inglefield. In the box canyons of the Price River below Lower Crossing, the trail of the outlaws was found. Here also was a bunch of Whitmore's cattle which they had stolen and also one of the outlaws' horses.

Sheriff Allred detailed members of the posse to drive the cattle back to the range and join them in Range valley. With the balance of the posse, Sheriff Allred followed the trail north into Range valley where they were told by a rancher that Walker and Cassidy had not been see. Believing that this information had been given to mislead, Sheriff Allred pressed the rancher into service as a guide, and in a short time were on the trail which leads down Range valley and crosses the Green river. After crossing the river the entire posse remained in the canyon until nightfall. Sheriff Allred was pretty well satisfied that they were close to the outlaws, and knowing that the latter would have some of their members on the outlook, deemed it wise to continue under cover of darkness. Led by the rancher, they continued across the hills until about fifteen miles was covered and the vicinity of the rendezvous of the robbers was reached. Here the posse dismounted and wrapped in their blankets, awaited the approach of dawn. About an hour before daybreak they remounted and preceded to within sixty yards of the sleeping outlaws. Allred then called on them to surrender, as did also Pete Anderson and J. N. Whitmore, who told the outlaws that they were surrounded by a hundred men. Cassidy and Walker immediately began firing but the other two threw up their hands and begged for mercy. Cassidy and Walker after emptying their revolvers, started to run. Walker fell about sixty feet from the bed with a bullet through his head and another pierced his heart. Cassidy fell shortly after with a bullet through his heart. The battle took place in the Bookcliffs, about forty-five miles north of Thompson's Springs. With the dead bodies packed on a couple of horses and with the two captured outlaws, the trip to Thompsons began, which point was reached on Friday morning.

Governor Wells of Utah was notified by wire of the capture. The party left Thompsons the following morning and reached Price at 7:1O a.m. A big crowd had assembled to view the remains of the outlaws. At the inquest a large number of witnesses testifies as to the identity of the outlaws, and in accordance with the testimony, the jury's decision was that the dead bodies were those of Butch Cassidy and Joe Walker. The bodies were prepared for burial on Saturday evening and placed in common wood coffins and on Sunday buried in the Price cemetery.

Joe Walker was said to have come from Texas some seven years ago and remained here, doing ranch work and riding the range. Later he went to Huntington where he was employed at Day Bros. sawmill. Being a good rider and handy with a gun, he was soon again among the cow-punchers. During the summer of 1895 his criminal career began. Under the influence of liquor he attempted to hold up Price, and in some way managed to elude the officers. Fearing arrest in case he returned to Price, he joined the cattle rustlers who rendezvoused in the eastern part of Emery county, and who have fattened off the cattlemen of eastern Utah. About fifteen months ago an attempt was made by the officials of Carbon and Emery counties to arrest him for horse stealing. In an encounter with Walker and a pal in the San Rafeal reefs, Sheriff Tuttle of Emery county received a bad gunshot wound in the thigh, supposed to have been inflicted by Walker. Walker has led gangs in raid after raid on cattle and horses and was much feared by ranchmen. As to the identity of Cassidy there is a great divergence of opinion. Sheriffs Allred and Tuttle, with several others, claim the body to be that of Butch Cassidy beyond a question of a doubt. Doc Shores of the Denver and Rio Grande Western, a noted criminal hunter, and others are equally positive that it is not Cassidy. Time alone will settle the dispute. The two outlaws who surrendered to the posse claim the names of Thompson and Schultz and are possibly Wyoming cattle rustlers. They were lodged in jail at this place under heavy guard. Thompson and Schultz claim that the dead man said to be Cassidy was known by him in Wyoming by the name of John Herring. In the event of Sheriff Allred's posse failing to capture the outlaws, Sheriff Tuttle with a posse from Orangeville was south of the Bookcliffs to intercept them. Sheriff Wilson of Grand county was also notified to cut off escape to the southeast, but failed to show up.

The Price boys who were in the posse smiled when Joe Bush got his work in on the Salt Lake City reporters. Joe is smooth of tongue and has a supreme amount of unadulterated gall. Bush says the melee was of very short duration. When he dismounted, it was just 5 o'clock. The bandits were surrounded after a walk of a hundred yards or more, and the battle fought six minutes later. The two bandits fired eight or ten shots. Some of the posse say the bullets whistled by close to them, but Bash says he wasn't paying any attention to such details of the performance. He was only looking after his own rifle and the bullets in its chamber. The shooting was all done at a distance of about twenty-five or thirty years. Members of the posse say that Bush, ‘the brave', did not show up until after Walker and Cassidy had been killed.It is very probable that Bush was at a safe distance when he was looking after his own rifle and the bullets in its chamber. It is also very likely that Bush was not as much concerned about the flying bullets as he was to preserve his cowardly hide. The credit for the capture is due solely to the Price boys, every one of whom were at the front pumping lead into the outlaws. ‘Windy' Bush is all right in an interview, and the Salt Lake reporters are soft snaps.

Sheriff Ward of Evanston, Wyo., reached Price on Sunday evening for the purpose of identifying Cassidy, the latter having served a term in the Wyoming penitentiary while Ward was warden. On Monday the body of exhumed, and an examination made. When seen by The Advocate reporter, Ward stated positively that the body was not that of Butch Cassidy. On Tuesday, Schultz and Thompson were taken to Castle Dale for a preliminary hearing. They were guarded by a strong posse. Jack Gentry, Billy McGuire, Pete Anderson and Jim Inglefield reached Price on Monday with the band of horses which were found in possession of the outlaws. They reached here with twenty-four head, four having given out on the trip to Price. The band is above the average Utah horse.

Lillian H. Cooper

PRICE - Mrs. Lillian A. Herman Cooper, 94, died Feb 7, 1984, in the Emery County nursing home.

Born Aug. 15, 1889, New Rochelle, N.Y., to Frederick and Emma Hollenweger Herman. Married Granville A. Cooper, Sr., Jan. 16, 1921, New Rochelle, N. Y. He died May 16, 1978. They came west to Myton, Utah and stayed until 1936 moving to Price in 1938. Member Community United Methodist Church, Price; United Methodist Women's Society; Price Chapter Service Star Legion; Carbon Temple Pythian Sisters.

Survivors; sons, both Price; step-son, Twin Falls, Idaho; four grandchildren; two great-grandchildren.

Funeral service Friday, 11 a.m. Community United Methodist Church, Price. Friends may call Mitchell Chapel, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. Family will be at mortuary chapel, Thursday, 7-8 p.m., and at the church one hour prior to services. Burial, Price City Cemtery, Price. Family suggests in lieu of other expressions of sympathy, donations be made in her memory to Community United Methodist Church, Price.

Granville Alexander Cooper, Sr., "Curly"

PRICE - Granville Alexander Cooper, Sr., 89 died May 16, 1978 in a Price nursing home of causes incident to age.

Born January 1, 1889, Hot Springs, Arkansas to Christopher C. and Samantha Lambert Cooper. He married Lillian A. herman, January 16, 1921 at New Rochelle, New York. Long time Price resident. Retired carpenter. Veteran of WWII, Navy. Member of Moose Lodge.

Survivors: wife, sons, both of Price; Twin Falls, Idaho; eight grandchildren; several great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchildren, brother, Ted, Salt Lake City.

Funeral Friday 1 p.m. Mitchell Funeral Chapel where friends may call Thursday, Friday prior. Burial Price City Cemetery.

Granville Alexander Cooper Jr., "Coop"

PRICE - Our beloved husband, father and grandfather, Granville Alexander Cooper Jr., age 74, passed away Nov. 10, 2001 at his home.

He was born March 19, 1927 in Myton to Granville Alexander Cooper Sr. and Lillian Anne Herman. Married Shirley Johnatakis May 29, 1957 at the Price United Methodist Church.

Member of the Price United Methodist Church. Served U.S. Navy during World War II. Member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America Local 184. "Coop" worked for Kaiser Steel as a carpenter and was a supervisor in the construction of Huntington and Hunter power plants. But most of all, he was well known for his craftsmanship as a finish carpenter.

When Coop was younger, he was an avid hunter, fisherman, and he loved to dance. He spent countless hours each day playing solitaire.

Survived by wife, son, daughter, and three granddaughters, all of Price. He will be dearly missed by four brothers-in-law, five sisters-in-law, many nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by parents and brothers, Harold and George Cooper.

Funeral service, Wednesday, Nov. 14, 11 a.m., Price United Methodist Church. Family will be at Mitchell Funeral Home Tuesday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. and at the church Wednesday one hour prior to service. Interment, Price City Cemetery.

Antonio Corsetti

The Sun Advocate, Price, Utah
Page 1 Thursday, June 10, 1937


One man was killed and two men were injured in the Liberty Fuel company's mine at Latuda Tuesday afternoon by a fall of rock which marred one of the most remarkable mine safety records in the history of Carbon county's coal industry.

Fatally injured was Antonio Corsetti, about 45, who was believed to have been instantly killed. He was crushed beneath the rock, receiving a broken neck, crushed chest and pelvis and severe lacerations.

The injured were John Krissman and Val Turri, who suffered from shock and severe bruises.

Dr. I. K. Cummings of Standardville, who treated Krissman and Turri, reported that in view of the nature of the accident it is possible the two men also received minor fractures and internal injuries.

The accident was the first to occur in the mine since 1931. During the six year period since the last mishap the company was often cited for its safety accomplishments.

Corsetti is survived by four children, Mr. Carrie Deviett, Helper, and Sam, Virginia and Anna Rose Corsetti, who lived with their father on a farm in Standardville. Also surviving are a brother, Carlo Corsetti of Jeanette, Pennsylvania and a sister in Italy.

Funeral arrangments will be under the direction of the Flynn Funeral Home.

T. H. Auphland

Eastern Utah Progress - 12 Jun 1912


New Resort at "Frenchy's Ranch" to be Known as Riverside Park

Spring Glen will be the scene of a big jollification on Saturday evening of this week, when the new Riverside Park, which is located on "Frenchy's Ranch," will be thrown open to the public. Carpenters have been busy all week erecting a first class dancing pavilion and constructing various stands, tables and seats for the convenience of guests who desire to enjoy themselves during the hot months of the coming summer. The new dancing pavilion is first class in every respect and is fifty by sixty in size, ample to accommodate a large crowd of pleasure seekers.

The pavilion will be covered with a shingle roof and will be lighted with large gasoline lights, making it as light as day. The park abounds in shade of all kinds and there will be nothing that the heart could desire in the way of a place to rest and enjoy oneself that will be omitted.

Saturday evening a free dance is to be given, and "Frenchy and Frank Jerome, who is associated with him in the enterprise say there will be plenty of free beer or other refreshments, and that they are expecting a big crowd. The gentlemen are to be complimented on their progressive spirit, and it is hoped that the new resort will receive the support which it so justly deserves.

Eastern Utah Progress - 13 Mar 1913

T.H. Auphland informs Helper's Times that he will open up Riverside Park at Spring Glen for the season about May 15th. There will be dancing and other smusements every Saturday night throughout the summer. Riverside Park was a popular resort last year and Auphland hopes to make it still more popular this year.

Carbon County News - 15 Jan 1914

T.H. Aphond (Auphland) of Spring Glen, owner of Riverside Park, between this city and Helper, was a visitor in Price Saturday and informed the News that he is planning to make his park more popular than ever during the coming summer.

Arthur Reid Lloyd

The Helper Journal (UT) - Thursday Aug 1,1957

B 27Dec1896 Palisade, Mesa county Colorado
D 29July1957 Helper, Carbon county Utah
Parents Arthur and Sarah Jones Lloyd

OK Cleaners Employee Dies Here Monday

Arthur Reid Lloyd, 61, an employee of the O. K. Cleaners and Dyers of Helper, died Monday at the hotel where he resided of a heart ailment.

He had been a resident of Helper for the past seven years.

He was born at Palisades, Colorado, a son of Arthur R. and Sadie A. Lloyd.

Funeral Services and burial will be at Palisades under the direction of McLean Mortuary.

Frank Stavar

Death Takes Spring Glen Lawman, 44
documentation: FHL film 1,421,806 bk 15 pg 136

Special to the Tribune

SPRING GLEN, Carbon County - A Carbon County deputy sheriff died of apparently natural causes Satuday.

Deputy Frank Stavar, 44, was found dead in his yard Saturday at 8:15 p.m. (19 March 1966)

Heart Attack?

Investigating officers theorized the deputy died of a heart attack as he was putting some guns he had just sold into a friend's truck.

County Atty. A. John Ruggeri said later Sunday an autopsy has been requested.

Frank Stavar was born Sept. 10, 1921, in Spring Glen, to Frank and Frances Tomsich Stavar. He married Phyllis Callis, Sept. 14, 1947, Spring Glen.

War II Veteran

He was a member of the Utah Peace Officers Assn., a former member of the Price Elks Club and a World II veteran.

Survivors include his widow; daughters, all of Spring Glen; his mother; a brother and two sisters.

Frank Stavar

SPRING GLEN, Carbon County - Requiem Mass, for Frank Stavar, 44, Spring Glen, who died Saturday evening of a heart ailment, will be Wednesday at 10 a.m. in St. Anthony's Church, Helper. Rosary Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Mitchell Funeral Chapel, Price, where friends call Tuesday prior to rosary. Burial Price Cemetery. Pallbearers members Utah State Peace Officers Assn.

For more information about this family please contact Janet Garrett.

Frances Tomsic Stavar Brgoch

documentation: FHL film 1,421,806 bk 19 pg 8

SPRING GLEN, Carbon County - Mrs. Frances Tomsic Stavar Brgoch, 74, died Feb 9 in a Price rest home after a long illness. Born May 3, 1892, Bach, Yogoslavia, to John and Josephine Tomsic. Married to Frank Stavar 1909, Yugoslavia. He died April 4, 1945. Married to Tony Brgoch, 1947, New Mexico. He died June, 1960. member St. Anthony's Catholic Parish. Survivors: son, daughters; 8 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild; Requiem Mass Monday 10 a.m., St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Helper. Holy Rosary Sunday 7:30 p.m. Mitchell Funeral Chapel, Price, where friends call Saturday, Sunday, Monday prior to services. Burial Price Cemetery.

For more information about this family please contact Janet Garrett.

Veda Albina Stavar Topolovec

SPRING GLEN - Veda Albina Stavar Topolovec, age 68, died Sept. 19, 1995 at her home.

She was born Dec. 17, 1926 in City Hill Camp, Colo., the daughter of Frank and Frances Tomsic Stavar Sr. She married William "Bill" Topolovec April 14, 1946 in Helper.

She was a member of the Catholic Church and a longtime resident of Carbon County. She graduated from Carbon High School in 1945. Veda was employed in several restaurants in Price prior to retiring. She was a former member of Price Ladies of Elks. A devoted wife, mother, grandmother and sister, her favorite pastime was encouraging her grandchildren in their many endeavors. She will be dearly missed, but never forgotten by her family and friends.

She is survived by her husband, daughter and her spouse, grandchildren, brother, and sister. She was preceded in death by her parents, son, William "Billy" Frank Topolovec, and a brother, Frank Stavar Jr.

Funeral Mass will be Friday, Sept. 22, 10 a.m. at St. Anthony Catholic Church, Helper. Vigil service will be Thursday, 7 p.m. at Mitchell Chapel, where friends may call daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Committal service, Price City Cemetery.

For more information about this family please contact Janet Garrett.

Frank Stavar, Sr.,

Sun Advocate - Thursday, April 5, 1945
Spring Glen Man's Funeral Held Here Sunday Afternoon

Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at the Mitchell Funeral Home in Price for the late Frank Stavar, Sr., 57, of Spring Glen, who died at the Price City Hospital late Wednesday afternoon of last week of pneumonia contracted following an accident at the Peerless mine late last month.

Rev. Richard Halbert officiated, burial being made in the Price City cemetery.

Mr. Stavar suffered chest injuries when sh was crushed between two mine cars.

He was born in Austria Feb. 26, 1888, the son of Joe and Mary Sercel Stavar. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Frances Stavar; two daughters, two sons, and one sister, Mrs. Josephine Urli, Austria.

For more information about this family please contact Janet Garrett.

Dr. William H. Bash

News Advocate - Dec 2, 1927
Dr. William H. Bash, Prominent Physician, Dies

Deceased Doctor Eminent Figure in Carbon County During Past Decade; World War Veteran

Pneumonia, following a long illness proved fatal to Dr. William Henry Bash, 38, prominent Helper physician Monday at 1:43 o'clock in the afternoon. A series of operations had weakened his vitality, leaving no resistance to the fatal malady.

Dr. Bash had submitted to a gall stones operation at Price City hospital several weeks ago, and had recovered sufficiently to return to his home at Helper. It was thought that he would soon be able to resume his practice, but pneumonia developed and he failed to rally.

William Henry Bash was born in New Cumberland, W. Va., May 12, 1889. He was the son of John and Elizabeth Ritchie of that place, his father being a member of an old colonial family and his mother a native of Ireland. He went through common schools in his home town and then attended the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Baltimore. He then became an interne at Mercy hospital, a connection of Johns-Hopkins University.

He was married to Miss Agnes Maylan in 1915 and came to Utah the following year, locating at Huntington. He spent almost a year in that place, selling his practice there to take up a position as company surgeon for the Utah Fuel company at Sunnyside. He enlisted in the medical corps in the fall of 1918 and was commissioned a first lieutenant at Fort Riley, Kas. Upon his return to Carbon county, he established a practice at Clear Creek. He removed to Winter Quarters, and thence to Castle Gate, in 1922. He transferred his practice to Helper in 1926, where he remained until his death.

Prominent Club Man

Dr. Bash was one of the most prominent men in medical circles in the eastern part of Utah. He stood high in the estimation of his fellow members of the profession and was prominent in lodge and fraternity work. He was a member of Carbon lodge No. 16, of the F. & A. M., and a member of the Loyal Order of Moose. He was past commander of the Castle Gate post No. 48 of the American Legion, and at the time of his demise, was president of Carbon County medical association.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Agnes Maylan Bash, four children, William Hr. Jr., 11; Mary Elizabeth, 10; John E., 6; and Robert Maylan Bash, 5, his mother Elizabeth Bash and one brother, John, of New Cumberland.

Requiem high mass will be said for the remains of Dr. Bash by Monsignor Giovannoni at 10 a.m. Saturday, at Notre Dame de Lourdes church. The body will be shipped to Salt Lake by J. E. Flynn and the interment there will be in the Calvery cemetery.

The Sun - 2 Dec 1927


Death claimed Dr. William H. Bash, aged 38 years, at his home in Helper Monday of this week of pneumonia, after a long and complicated illness. Dr. Bash was operated on several weeks ago at Price City Hospital for gall stones and stomach ulcers. He became very ill at this time, and for days his life was despaired of, but he finally rallied enough to return to his home in Helper. Sunday he developed pneumonia and his death was the result of this malady.

Dr. Bash was born in New Cumberland, W. Va., May 12th, 1889, the son of John and Elizabeth Ritchie Bash. He received his education in the school of physicians and surgeons at Baltimore, Md., and was an intern at Mercy Hospital. He was married in 1916 to Miss Agnes Maylan of Baltimore, and came to Utah that year, locating at Huntington. Later he became the Utah Fuel company physician at Sunnyside. He served as a first liutenant at Fort Riley, Kan., during the world war, and on his return spent some time at Winter Quarters and Clear Creek. He removed to Castle Gate in 1922, and in 1926 to Helper. He was a member of the Moose lodge and the Carbon Lodge of masons, a past commander of the Castle Gate post of the American Legion, and at the time of his death was president of the Carbon county Medical association.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Agnes Maylan Bash; four children and his mother, of the same place.

High requiem mass will be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow (Saturday) at Notre Dame de Lourdes for Dr. Bash. The body will be sent to Salt Lake City for interment by the Flynn Funeral Home of Price. Interment will be in the Cavalry Catholic church in Salt Lake City. Shortly before his death Dr. Bash was baptized into the Roman Catholic church by monsignor A. F. Giovannini, this being in compliance of the last wish of Dr. Bash.

Family representative: Steve Bash.

Matt Biondich

Helper Journal - 6 Oct 1966 page 1
Matt Biondich Funeral Held in California

Funeral services were held Tuesday in Castro Valley, Calif. for Matt Biondich, 77, Castro Valley resident, who died Sept. 30 at his home after a long illness. He was a former long-time resident of Helper and Carbon County and for many years he owned and operated a tavern in this city.

He was born march 31, 1889 at Cevarina, Austria. Married Antonia Krizman in 1916 in Sunnyside.

Survivors are his widow; son and daughters, and nine grandchildren.

Burial was in Castro Valley.

Additional Information about Matt's Place


The third building over from the left is in the location of Matt's Place. We don't know if the building in the picture was torn down and a new two story building was built or if a second floor was added to the current building. This building is at 138 South Main Street in Helper, Utah. During the years of 1938-1944 it is known as Matt's Place owned by Matt Biondich. In 1945-1948 it is known as Jack's Place owned by Jack Busato. In 1949 Jack Busato sold to Johnny Bianco and it became known as Johnny's Place. Johnny owned it until 1962 and then it became the Regis Club. It remains the Regis Club now. In the early years the building also had Cozy Rooms upstairs where the "ladies of the night" worked.

Joe (Fidele Vigilio Luigi) Asson

by Gary Asson

From the 1900 U. S. Census for Sunnyside Precinct, Carbon County Utah, dated 23 June 1900, Enumeration District No 86, I found evidence of my grandfather, Joe Asson, on line 19. The birth date matches to confirm identity. At that time, Joe was living in a boarding house with other coal miners. He was single, 28 yrs of age, and could read and speak English. He had been in the United States for approximately 4 years.

Joe (Fidele Vigilio Luigi Asson) was born in Amblar Austria, now Italy. Amblar is located in the Valle di Non and the province of Trentino. The area is also known as Sud Tirol (Tyrol). Surrounding villages of more prominence than Amblar include Fondo, Cavareno, Cles, and Romeno, to name a few.

Ironically, on line 12 of the census document referenced above is the name of my paternal grandmother, Rosa Malench, wife of Daniele Malench listed on line 11. Rosa was born Rosa Angela Gabardi in the village of Malgolo. Malgolo is located only five kilometers from Amblar in the Sud Tirol of what is now Italy, but was Austria at the time of her birth.

Daniele Malench was also a product of Sud Tirol, though little is known of his life.

Rosa had been married prior to Malench to a man named Riccardo Carotta. It is believed that Carotta died in Colorado or Wyoming, leaving Rosa with four children. Two of those children were returned to Malgolo Austria, now Italy, to be raised by relatives. The other two children, John Carotta and Eda Carotta, are listed on lines 13 and 14 of the census report referred to above. Another child, David Malench, the product of Daniel Malench and Rosa is listed on line 15.

The irony of the matter is that Rosa Gabardi Carotta Malench later left her marriage with Daniele Malench, for reasons unknown to our family. The possibilities are many, including divorce, separation, death of Malench, abandonment by Malench, or any number of reasons.

Now, the rest of the story. At the time of the census, Joe Asson was a boarder with other coal miners in a boarding house operated by Rosa Malench. Five years later, Rosa and Joe were married in Diamondville, Wyoming. Ultimately, Rosa bore seven children by Joe Asson. The couple raised the two Carotta children listed on lines 13 and 14 of the census, as well as the Malench child listed on line 15 of the census report.

In 1910, the family moved to Rupert, Idaho from the area of Kemmerer, Wyoming. The family owned a small farm on the Minidoka Irrigation District near Rupert. Most of the family remained in the area of Rupert, Idaho until their death.

While both of my grandparents were born in what was Austria at that time, the both spoke Italian, or a dialect of Italian called Nones. Nones continues to be spoken in the area and is a very distinct dialect with ancient origins.

I have traveled to northern Italy on many occasions and have developed a wonderful relationship with many, many relatives of both my grandfather, Joe Asson and my grandmother, Rosa Gabardi.

I will be happy to share information with anyone with a common tie to the area or to either family.

The photo is believed to have been made about 1900. We can date the photo, because of the age of the children in the photo. The baby in the photo was born in April of either 1898 or 1899.

The lady is Rosa Gabardi Carotta Malench Asson, my grandmother. The man holding the baby is believed to be Daniele Malench. The baby is David Malench, the little girl is Edith or Eda Carotta, the little boy peeking from behind is Johnny Carotta.

The man at the upper right in the photo, the good looking guy, is Fidele Vigilio Luigi "Joe" Asson, my grandfather.

It is believed that the photo was made in Carbon County, Utah. It is further believed that the other individuals in the photo are coal miners who boarded in Rosa's boarding house.

If you are related to this family or would like to know more please contact Gary Asson.

Ida Pace Barnes

Sun Advocate - 7 Aug 1958

Funeral services were conducted Monday at 10:30 a.m. at the chapel of the Mitchell funeral home for Mrs. Ida Pace Barnes, 69, who died Thursday evening in the Price hospital after a short illness.

She was born January 28, 1889, at New Harmony, Washington county, the daughter of James F. and Mary Mathis Pace. She married Guy T. Barnes who preceded her in death.

She had been a teacher in the Carbon county school district for the past 35 years.

Surviving are two brothers and four sisters and three grandchildren.

Family representative: Liz Fieldstead.

Samuel Jensen

News Advocate - 12 Feb 1931


Falling Coal Pins Three; One Escapes Without Injury

One man was killed and two were seriously injured Saturday, when a fall of coal imprisoned them at the Columbia mine. The dead man is Sam Jensen and the injured are Tally Evans and Glen Stevenson. One worker in the mine Abe Crawford, escaped injury and summoned aid for the three who were pinned underneath tons of coal.

These four men were the only workers in the mine at the time of the crash and were loading a car of coal when a huge chunk fell on them. The fall of the coal could not be accounted for by mine officials, who state that there had been no recent blasting.

Evans had his hand severed, and the body of Jensen were extricated from the coal quickly but it was approximately two hours before Stevensen could be freed from the wreckage.

A heroic feature of the accident was the manner in which Glen Stevensen, imprisoned with Jensen and Evans, probably saved Evans' life. As told by Clarence Bentley, trackman in the mine and one of the first to reach the scene of the fall, Stevensen saw the covered hand of Evans on top of the mine car, and, although securely pinned himself, Stevensen was able to sieze Evans by the arm and staunch the flow of blood by the pressure of his fingers on the injured man's arm.

It is believed that Evans had his hand on the edge of the mine car when the crash came, and that one of the falling chunks caught his hand between itself and the car and severed it cleanly. Bentley stated that it was probably twenty minutes between the crash and the time that help reached the men.

Incidentally a brother of Bentley's, Brigham Bentley, was killed in the same mine by a car on January 15 of this year.

Evans was treated at the mine hospital and later removed to Salt Lake City where he will receive medical and Stevensen, although pinned under the coal for longer period of time than the other men escaped with bruises and after being treated at the hospital, was removed to his home.

The body of Jensen was removed to the Deseret Mortuary where it was discovered that Evans suffered a broken back, two broken legs and badly crushed shoulders. He was born at Ferron , June 20, 1902 the son of Hans and Evilda Jensen. He had lived at Columbia for seven years and had worked around and in the mine since living there. He is survivied by his wife, and his father, and four children.

Funeral services were held at Cleveland Tuesday under the direction of the Deseret Mortuary with interment in the Cleveland Cemetery.

If you are related to this family or would like to know more please contact Dana Wall.

James & Mary Watson Gatherum

  • James Watson Gatherum and Thomas Gatherum were both coal miners in Kilconquhar, Fife, Scotland as was their father James (b 1832) and their younger brother John (b1864).
  • The whole family, (although Thomas is not on the manifest ) sailed on the Abyssinia from Liverpool on 21 Oct 1882 arriving in New York on 3 Nov 1882. They arrived in Salt Lake City by train on 10 Nov.
  • Their mother Mary Watson (b1835) died on February 10, 1894, a few years before the explosion.
  • The youngest child was William born 1878 in Carnbee, Fife. I presume that he was the William Gatherum who also died in the explosion.

If you are related to this family or would like to know more please contact David Parker

Helper Journal

News Advocate - Jan. 14, 1932

The Helper Times of Helper becomes the Journal, with its purchase by O. Wat Brandon of Sheridan, Wyo., who will be assisted in its publication by his son, DeLos E. Brandon, The Brandons have been in the newspaper business in Wyoming for many years with marked success.

Virginia H. Neuteboom

Virginia Neuteboom was from Ogden, Utah, and graduated from Weber College in 1926. She received her teaching certificate in 1927 and taught for two years outside of Ogden (according to her Teacher Registration card of 1930, from the Ogden School District). Family members have said she taught in Wattis and Helper.

The only story from this period that has survived is that she went home for the Christmas holidays to Ogden and contracted smallpox (seven of her siblings got it, too). She didn't know she had it, however, until she was back teaching in Helper. Her sister came to nurse her and they stayed in a hotel for the confinement period.

She died at 31 years of age.

Family representative: Emma West.


Henry Joseph Hampson

Henry Joseph Hampson is the head of the family. His wife, to his left (to the right looking at the picture) was Corilla Lindsay Hampson. My Grandmother, Agnes Hampson, is the little girl over Joseph's left shoulder. The boy in the back row is Henry Franklin Hampson, later to marry Rosa Johanna Sigridur Jonsson Hreinson.

Henry Joseph Hampson was a coal miner in Castle Gate, Utah. He was employed by the Utah Fuel Company at Castle Gate.

Corilla, his wife, may have managed a local Boarding House

This family lost two daughters to the 1918 influenza.

Hampson Sisters

The picture at the right shows the five Hampson sisters & Rosa Hreinson Hampson back row: Rosa wife of Henry Franklin Hampson, Betty Craft, Agnes Gorham, Ila Marshal front: Nel Wilber, Charotte Clark

Here is the only picture of John Howard Farren. John is the man that my father (Frank Barker Farren) thought was his father. He must have been a good man because my dad had fond memories of him. He was a miner in Heiner. Included in the picture is Agnes Hampson Farren behind John Howard Farren, sitting on the rock is Frank (Barker) Farren , His brother Arthur Maynard Farren, and his cousin Opal Cruse. This picture was taken in Castle Gate or Heiner, ca 1921 or 1922. Notice the rocky landscape in the background.

If you are related to this family or would like to know more about them please contact Gerald Farren.

John Howard Farren

Agnes & John Howard Farren

John Howard Farren was employed by he United States Fuel Company and worked at the Heiner mine. He died on Friday April 2, 1925 in a mine accident. The News Advocate for 9 Apr 1925 reads:

John Howard Farren, age 39, was killed by a fall of coal in the Heiner mine of the United States Fuel Company Friday. He is survived by his widow, Agnes Hampson Farren and three children. He was born in Ireland. Funeral services were held in Salt Lake Monday afternoon. The death of Farren, a timberman, and of his father-in-law; Henry J. Hampson, who was employed in the Castle Gate mine, occured within four days of each other.

He was the husband to Agnes Hampson. They lived in Castle Gate.

If you are related to this family or would like to know more about them please contact Gerald Farren.

Carl Werner "Stubby" Petersen

FHL film 1421809 bk 81 pg 78

PRICE- Carl Werner "Stubby" Petersen, 86, died January 19, 1982 in a Price Hospital. Born December 5, 1895, in Menominee, Michigan, to Charles Herman and Georgina Stephensen Petersen. Married Verda Turner, March 29, 1918, Farmington, Utah. Graduated from East High School in S.L.C. in 1915. Received his degree from Utah State University in 1919, where he was an All Conference Halfback. Upon graduation, he later coached at Bingham, Ogden, Carbon County High Schools. While he was in Ogden, he played and managed the Ogden Team in the Utah Idaho League. Member, United Methodist Church of Christ, past member of USU Board of Trustees, USU Alumni Counsel, Ann Self Training Center, Carbon County Welfare Board, CEU Prehistoric Museum, Old Time Athletes Assoc., S.L.C., Chamber of Commerce, Past President of Price Rotary Club, Honorary Life Member Joppa Lodge #26 FA&M, CF Jennings Chapter of Knight of Templers, Al Kalah Shrine Temple, S.L.C., Eastern Utah Shrine, Carbon Country Club, Price Elks Lodge 1550. Also received and affiliated with many other Civic, Educational, Fraternal organizations and received many other personal awards for his many years of service to the community of Carbon County.

Survived by his wife, Verda; sister, Mrs. Harriette Fog, Hollywood, Calif.; nephew, Wallace R. Gittings, Calif. and a Community of appreciative Friends.

Public Masonic Services Friday, 2 p.m. at Price Elks Home. Friends may call Mitchell Chapel Thursday and Friday prior to service. Family will be at Mitchell Chapel Thursday evening 7 to 8 p.m. and at Elks Home an hour prior to service. Graveside services at Price City Cemetery by Joppa Lodge #26 FA&M and Officers Price Elks Lodge 1550. In lieu of flowers, family suggest contributions to Shriners Childrens Hospital, S.L.C. Utah.

Verda Turner "Mrs. Stubby" Petersen

FHL film 1421809 bk 86 pg 119

PRICE - Mrs. Verda T. "Mrs. Stubby" Petersen, 85, died July 26, 1983 in a Price Hospital.

Born March 19, 1898 in Cardston, Alberta, Canada to Fred N. Turner and Agnes Pitkin Turner. Married Carl W. "Stubby" Petersen on March 29, 1918. He died January 19, 1982. She retired from teaching and counseling in 1964 after 42 years in the Carbon School District and Carbon Junior College (now CEU). Her career started in 1925 when she and her husband, C. W. "Stubby" Petersen came to Price; he was a coach at Carbon High School. during their first year in Price and in addition to his coaching duties Mr. and Mrs. Petersen served as "houseparents" for 25 boys in the old Carbon High School Dormitories. Mrs. Petersen attended High School at the old Brigham Young College at Logan and graduated from Utah State Agricultural College, now Utah State University. She also attended University of Utah, Brigham Young University, University of New Mexico; University of Michigan and Colorado State College. She started teaching as an instructor in English at the Harding School in Price, where she taught the seventh and eighth grades. Later she taught at the Price Junior High School and in 1941 joined the Carbon High School Faculty when it was operated jointly with Carbon College. In 1953 she began teaching English to College students and introduced courses in Education to College Freshmen who expected to major in that field. In 1957 she began counseling part-time and gave up teaching, except for introducing remedial reading classes to students on the High School level. When the High School and College separated in 1959 she elected to go with the High School as a full time counselor. In this capacity she introduced free school counseling at Carbon High. Mrs. Petersen has acted as advisor for the Carbon High Pep Club and the Eaglette Club, which was the Carbon College Pep Club. She advised the Pi Gamma Chi Sorority and the Associated Women Students of the College as well as Girl's Glee at Carbon High. She was the first Chairman of the Scholarship Committee of Carbon High and College and through their efforts 100's of Carbon students have been able to go on to institutions of higher learning. She was a Past President of the Price Sorosis Club and Treasurer of the Carbon County Teachers Association. She attended the Community Methodist Church and was a member of Price Ladies of Elks Organization.

She is survived by a brother, Fred Turner of Raymond, Alberta, Canada; sister, Mrs. Caroline Begg of Calgary, Alberta, Canada; many nieces and nephews and a community of friends.

Funeral services Saturday 11:00 a.m. Mitchell Chapel in Price, were friends may call Friday and one hour prior to services on Saturday. Burial; Price City Cemetery.

Arthur Lermusiaux

Sun Advocate - April 26, 1945

Funeral services for the seventh victim of the Kenilworth coal mine explosion on March 14 were held in Price Tuesday for Arthur Lermusiaux at the Mitchell funeral home.

He suffered burns and other injuries which caused his death from a blast explosion in the mine of the Independent Coal and Coke company. Eleven men were burned of a 16-man crew which was operating in a section of the mine. The other four men are reported as safely out of danger.

Mr. Lermusiaux was born in Seattle, Wash., Sept. 19, 1892. He came to Kenilworth several years ago as a miner, having worked in mines in Colorado previous to coming to Carbon county.

He is survived by three daughters; one son, and several granddaughters.

Burial will be in Price City cemetery.

Jackson O. Jewkes

FHL film 1421807 bk 46 pg 105
Coach Dies of Heart Ill in Price
8 Nov 1973 - Special to the Tribune

PRICE - Jackson O. Jewkes, 55, Price, former coach and athletic director at Carbon High School and the College of Eastern Utah died of a heart attack Thursday at his home.

Born Feb. 2, 1918, Orangeville, Emery County, to Joseph Benjamin and Avis Fern Jackson Jewkes, he was graduated from Carbon High School in 1935 where he was a member of several all state football teams and was captain of the basketball team.

BYU Star
He was a star halfback at Brigham Young University from 1936 to 1938. He began teaching at Price Junior High School and was named head football coach at Carbon High and later Carbon College now College of Eastern Utah. After completing military service during World War II, he returned to Carbon College and coached the 1947 football team to the Intercollegiate Athletic Conference title. In 1962 he resumed full time teaching at Carbon High where he remained until his death.

In 1939 he married Lois Olsen, they were divorced. He married Phyllis Lupon on Feb. 2, 1946. He was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Price Elks and American Legion, the Old Time Athletes Assn., the Carbon County Educational Assn., Utah Education Assn., and was a vice-president of the Carbon Credit Union.

Name Survivors
Survivors include his widow; daughters, five grandchildren; brothers, and sister. Funeral services will be Monday at 2 p.m. in the North Carbon LDS Stake Center, Price. Burial will be in the Price City Cemetery.

The family suggests contributions be made to the Jackson Jewkes Athletic Memorial Fund in care of Carbon High School.

Laurence Martin Rasmussen

FHL film 1421805 bk 8 pg 159
Sun Advocate
death date: 12 Dec 1956

PRICE - Funeral services for Laurence Martin Rasmussen, 73, who died Wednesday, will be held Monday at 1 p.m. at Price Second LDS Ward Chapel. Friends call at Wallace Mortuary Sunday until 5 p.m. and at residence, 59 E. 1st North, Monday after 11 a.m. Burial Price Cemetery. Born Dec. 17, 1882, in Mt. Pleasant to Martin and Nicolene Christensen Rasmussen. Married Mary Jane Olsen Oct. 7, 1911, in Salt Lake City. Survivors: widow; sons and daughters, six grandchildren, a sister and a brother.

Carl E. Olsen

FHL film 1421808 bk 64 pg 121

PRICE - Carl E. Olsen, 70, died July 21, 1977, at his home in Price.

Born Nov. 14, 1906, Price, to Seren and Emily Barton Olsen. Married Jessica Lange, July 21, 1939, Manti LDS Temple. She died May 19, 1977. Member LDS Church. Served mission to Eastern states. Graduate, U. of U. Taught English and art for 40 years. Taught at Carbon High, CEU of Price, and Weber High of Ogden. VISTA volunteer. At time of death was teaching art to senior citizens of Price.

Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Ken (Judy) Chiodo, Littleton, Colo.: Mrs. Scott (Lynne) Johnson, Trumbell, Conn.; son, Stephen, Salt Lake City; 5 grandchildren; brother, sister.

Funeral services Tuesday, 1 p.m., Price 4th-5th LDS Ward Chapel. Friends may call Monday, 8-9 p.m., Fausett Mortuary and at the ward Tuesday one hour before services. Burial, Price City Cemetery.

Bess Riggs Jones

FHL film 1421806 bk 13 pg 45

Funeral services were conducted Wednesday at 4 p.m. in the Price Community Methodist Church for Mrs. Bess Riggs Jones, 75, Price, retired Utah educator and former dean of women at Carbon College, who died Monday at 8 a.m. in the Carbon Hospital after a long illness.

She was born March 1, 1889, at Orrick, Missouri, to N. R. and Sallie J. McCune Riggs. She was married July 3, 1910. She has no known survivors.

Mrs. Jones first taught school in Utah in 1916 at Bingham Canyon after having taught in Missouri and Oklahoma. She taught at the Bingham Canyon Junior High School until 1919 when she left to teach in Fredonia, Kansas, and Lathrop, Missouri. She returned to Utah in 1926 coming to Price where she engaged in teaching English and Latin at Carbon High School. She remained on the high school faculty until 1945 when she joined the faculty at Carbon College advancing to the position of dean of women until her retirement in 1958. Since her retirement she has attended lecture courses at Carbon College not for credit but to satisfy her unquenchable desire for knowledge and association with young people to whose education she devoted her life.

Active in community affairs, she was past state president of the P.E.O. and past president of Chapter B and of the Order of Eastern Star. In 1949 she was honored by the Beta Sigma Phi sorority as First Lady of Price and in 1963 she was recipient of the first distinguished service award given by Carbon College.

She received a PdB degree in 1910 from the Missouri State Teachers' College and in 1924 was awarded her AB degree in Latin and History from the University of Colorado. She also attended the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Colorado University and University of Chicago.

A special scholarship has been established in her name at Carbon College. Any person wishing to contribute to the Bess Riggs Jones Memorial Scholarship fund may do so by writing the treasurer at Carbon College.

Veronica Sarah Heinlein

FHL film 1421809 bk 87 pg 64

PRICE - Veronica Sarah Heinlein, age 82, died November 12, 1983 at home.

Born December 9, 1900, Hamilton, Montana to George Philip and Rosalle Sylvia Marek Heinlein. Member, Catholic Church. Past president, Altar Society. Graduated with a B.A. degree from Duchesne College, Omaha, Nebraska, June 13, 1924. also attended U of U, BYU and USAC (now known as Utah State). Began teaching in 1924 at Soldier Summit Elementary, 2 years, in 1926 moved to Harding Elementary, 4 years; in 1930 moved to Carbon High School, retiring in 1966 with 42 years of service. Active in many Club Advisorships at the High School. Spent entire teaching career in the Carbon School District.

Survived by niece, Maryetta Heinlein, Englewood, Colorado; grandnieces, Katherine Joan Heinlein, Dallas, Texas; Jamie Lynn Heinlein, Englewood, Colorado and a community of friends.

Mass of the Christian burial Thursday 10:30 a.m. Notre Dame DeLourdes Catholic Church in Price; Holy Rosary will be recited Thursday prior to the Mass at the Church. Friends may call Mitchell Chapel, Wednesday and Thursday prior to Mass. Burial: Price City Cemetery. Family suggests contributions to the Notre Dame Parish, Price, Utah.

Vernon N. Merrill

FHL film 1421807 bk 33 pg 97
Vernon N. Merrill, 65, Price Educator Dies
5 July 1970 - Special to The Tribune

PRICE - Vernon N. Merrill, 65 recently retired vice principal at Carbon High School, died Sunday at Heber City Hospital after a short illness.

Mr. Merrill, a Price resident, served as vice principal for 41 years after joining the Carbon High School faculty as football coach in 1928. He was a past president of Price Rotary Club, served on the Carbon County Red Cross Board for 30 years and was a staff sergeant with the Utah National Guard based in Provo.

He was manager of Price Municipal Swimming Pool for 20 years and a fire warden with the Utah State Forestry Service.

Former Scoutmaster

A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mr. Merrill was a former scoutmaster of Price First LDS Ward and a past president of the North Carbon LDS Stake Young Men's Mutual Improvement Assn. He received his bachelor and master of science degrees from Brigham Young University.

Mr. Merrill was born Oct. 24, 1904, to Dr. Amos Newlove and Eliza Drysdale Merrill. He married Zella Moody, Aug. 21, 1929, the the Salt Lake LDS Temple.

Wife, Sons survive

Survivors include his widow; two sons, Dr. M. Don Merrill, Las Cruces, N.M., and Non Moody Merrill, American Fork, plus eight grandchildren. Also surviving are three brothers and a sister, Alton D. Merrill, Springville, David M. Merrill, Farmington, Lyman Merrill, Rolling Hills, Calif., and Mrs. Melvin (Lucile) McDonald, Salt Lake City.

Funeral services are Wednesday at 11 a.m. at the North Carbon LDS Stake Center. Friends may call at Mitchell Funeral Home, Price, Tuesday 7-9 p.m. and at the stake center one hour prior to services. Burial is at 4 p.m. in Provo City Cemetery. the family suggests contributions to the Vernon N. Merrill Memorial Scholarship Fund, Carbon High School.

Russell E. Lee

Sun Advocate - 22 Mar 1945

Price Native Dies as Marine Corps Fighter; Grandson of Pioneers

A native of Price and one-time student at Carbon senior high school, Private Russell E. Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Ray Lee of Provo, former resident of this city, was reported as having been killed while serving as a member of the marine corps in action on February 20.

He was a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Lee of Salt Lake City, former pioneer residents of Carbon county. His widow, Renee Lee, is a resident of the state capitol city. He was a graduate of the Provo high school, had entered the military service on February 19, 1944.

Survivors include his parents, widow, a son, five brothers, and two sisters.

Andrew Wallace

The Sun Advocate - 23 Jan 1941, page 4

Aged Helper Man Killed When Struck by Railroad Engine

The body of Andrew Wallace, 77, was found Sunday morning beside the Denver and Rio Grande Western railroad tracks, where he died from injuries receive dwhen struck by a passing freight train between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m.

Mr. Wallace was known to have been in good health Saturday. His son, Andrew Wallace, Jr., reported that his father was in the habit of walking to town every morning beside the railroad tracks.

Deputy Sheriff Warren Peacock, who investigated the accident, reported that Mr. Wallace had been killed by a passing train.

Mr. Wallace was born March 31, 1863, Scotland, coming to Salt lake City at the age of 17. He was the son of James and Elizabeth Brown Wallace.

He helped cut and fit the stones for the Salt Lake City temple spires while he was a stone mason in that city. He subsequently moved to Winter Quarters and then to Castle Gate, where he worked in the coal mines. He moved to Helper on his retirement nine years ago. His wife, Margaret Ann Wallace, died several years ago.

He is survived by two sons and seven daughters, a brother, 19 grand-children and four great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Wednesday mornig at 10:00 o'clock under direction of the Wallace Funeral home of Price Bishop William Stapley of Castle Gate officiated. Services were held in the Helper Civic auditorium and burial was in the Castle Gate cemetery.

The Helper Journal - 23 Jan 1941

Train takes Life of A. Wallace Citizen of Helper

Andrew Wallace Sr., 77, reportedly hit by a passing freight train, was found dead alongside the Rio Grande railroad tracks shortly north of the D street crosing early Sunday morning.

Some doubt was at first experienced as to which train or engine had struck the victim as law officers studied the scene of the accident, but Deputy Sheriff Warren Peacock, possibly drawing his conclusions from the position of the body and the schedule of trains, comparing this with the fact that Dr. A. R. Demman established the time of death at only a short time previous, annonced that he had been killed by a freight train heading north.

Mr. Wallace, a well-known figure about Helper, was in the habit of taking an early morning walk before breakfast, said his son, Andrew Wallace Jr., and he was probably on his way to or from home when the train hit him.

The body was discovered by John Curry, Helper, who immediately phoned the authories. However, no engineer could be found who remembered seeing the victim in the train's path or feeling any kind of impact. The immense size of any engine would, however, absorb any shock caused by such an impact.

He is survivied by two sons, seven daughters, 19 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Of those, living in Carbon County are his son, a daughter, ,of Helper and ,,of Standardville.

Mr. Wallace was born March 31, 1863 in Scotland, coming to Salt Lake City at the age of 17. He was a son of James and Elizabeth Brown Wallace.

He was employed as a stone mason in Salt Lake City for a number of years and helped cut and fit the stones for the Salt Lake temple spires. He subsequently moved to Winter Quarters and then to Castle Gate, where he worked in the coal mines. He moved to Helper on his retirement nine years ago. His wife Margaret Ann Wallace, died several years ago.

Funeral services were held yesterday morning at 10 a.m. in the Helper Civic Auditorium, bishop Stapley of Castle Gate in charge. Interment was at the Castle Gate cemetery under the direction of Wallace mortuary or Price.

Ernest Metelaud & Lulu Jane Sumner

Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Cross Divide

The Sun - 29 Nov 1928

Death claimed two well known Price citizens this week within twenty-four hours of each other, when E. M. Sumner, aged 49, died at his home in the Sumner apartments Tuesday morning after an illness of about ten days. His condition had been serious for the last four days, following an attack of pleural pneumonia and influenza.

Yesterday morning Mrs. Lulu G. Sumner, widow, died at 6:30 o'clock of influenza and complications. Mrs. Sumner's condition had become serious Monday and the shock following the realization of her husband's demise Tuesday morning, contributed to her death. Vincent Sumner, a son is reported in a serious condition from pneumonia.

Ernest M. Sumner came to Price from Idaho and was engaged in the furniture business at the time of his death. He was born at Rawlins, Wyo., and was engaged in the newspaper business at Grand Junction. In 1906 he established the Idaho Falls Post. After operating that publication for eight years he disposed of his interests in Idaho and moved to Price. Besides his son, Vincent, he is survived by his mother, Mrs. J. N. Sumner of Salt Lake City, and two brothers, C. G. Sumner editor of the Pocatello Tribune and Edward C. Sumner of Cedar City.

No definite arrangements have as yet been made for the funeral, as they are awaiting the arrival of the two brothers. The remains of both Mr. and Mrs. Sumner are at the mortuary of Wallace & Harmon.

Double Funeral Services Held Last Sunday

The Sun - 6 Dec 1928

Double funeral services for Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Sumner, influenza victims, were held Sunday at the Community church at 2 o'clock with Rev. H. M. Merkel in charge. Rev. Merkel spoke the invocation and the choir sang one number. Bishop W. E. Stoker offered a prayer and brief eulogies to Mr. and Mrs. Sumner were delivered by the two. Mrs. E. K. Olsen sang and selections by the choir concluded the services. Charles M. Sumner of Pocatello, Ida., Edward M. Sumner of Cedar City, brothers, and Mrs. J. S. Sumner of Salt Lake City, mother of Sumner were present. Mrs. John Jones from Chicago, sister of Mrs. Sumner, was in attendance. Interment was at the Price City cemetery.

Vincent M. Sumner

Newspaper dated 25 Apr 1966

documentation: FHL film 1421806 bk 16 pg 115

PRICE - Vincent M. Sumner, 62, Price, died Monday at 3 p.m., in a Price hospital after a long illness. Born March 10, 1904, Grand Junction, Colo.; to Ernest and Lulu Hawkins Sumner. Married Clea Neilson Dec. 29, 1929, Salt Lake City. Proprietor Sumner Apartments, Price. Past Lt. Governor Price Moose Lodge. Attended Utah State University. Survivors: widow; sons, 7 grandchildren. Funeral Thursday, 11 a.m. Fausett-Etzel mortuary Chapel, Price, where friends call Wednesday 7-9 p.m. and Thursday prior to service.

Robert "Slim Bob" Shade

Sun Advocate - Tuesday April 18, 2006 page 3A

Homeless no more. . .

Memorial service for Robert "Slim Bob" Shade.
Unknown date of birth - "He said he was older than the hills."
Passed away: October 19, 2004
Memorial Service: Saturday, April 22, 2006
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Place: The Golden Rule Mission, 178 South Main Street, Helper, Utah 84526

Friends and family are encouraged to attend the memorial service at the Mission on Main Street. An April Brunch in "Slim Bob's" honor will be served directly following the service.

Since his passing, "Slim Bob's" last remains have been in the loving care of his friend Mike. "Slim Bob" claimed to have no family except for Billy, Mike, the boys at the Mission and the people on Helper Main Street, who became "Slim Bob's" caregivers and companions for the last decade of his life.

"Slim Bob" was a cowboy, a sometimes carpenter, a gardener and friend to all the homeless. He was found one morning in his small apartment stretched out on the floor in his "bed roll" by a friend that came to check on him. He died in a modest space where he could plant a couple of tomato plants and cook for himself. He was a simple man with a simple life style.

His friends at E Vitas Clampus of Helper, Utah will arrange a final resting place for "Slim Bob."

Charles A. (Red) Knobbs

HELPER, Carbon County - Charles A. (Red) Knobbs, 81, Helper died July 19 in a Price hospital after a long illness. Born Aug. 4, 1885, Culbertson, Neb., to Charles and Mary Laury Knobbs. Married Mary Allison, Dec. 22, 1931, Price. Former Helper chief of pollice. Past exalted ruler, Price Elks Lodge 550. Member Utah Peace Officers Assn. Survivors: widow; daughters, both Salt Lake City; stepsons, stepdaughter, 9 grandchildren, 23 great grandchildren; sisters, both Wichita, Kan. Requiem mass Saturday 10 a.m. St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Helper Holy Rosary Friday 7:30 p.m., Mitchell Funeral Chapel, Price, where friends call Thursday, Friday, Saturday prior to services. Burial Mountain View Cemetery.

Sarah Ann "Sadie" Ogden

PROVO/RICHFIELD, Utah - Sarah Ann "Sadie" Ogden, 86, of Provo, Utah died March 13, 1993 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

She was born September 9, 1906 in Richfield, Utah to Franklin Marsh and Eleanor Ward Ogden. She was an active member of the LDS Church. She served an LDS mission to Sweden in 1938, where she labored in Malmo, Goteborg and Stockholm, Sweden. But because of World War II, she finished in the Eastern States Mission. She has also held positions in the Sunday School, MIA, and Primary. She was a member of the Genealogical Society of Utah. She has accomplished extensive genealogy research. She traveled to England in 1957 to visit genealogy sites.

She was a graduate of Richfield High; received her Associate in Education from Dixie College; and graduated from BYU with a Bachelor of Science in 1942. During her 43-year teaching career, she taught in Monroe, Richfield, Castle Gate, Orem, and American Fork. She enjoyed gardening and growing flowers, especially begonias and African violets. She collected dolls from all over the world.

She is survived by a sister, and a brother. Preceded in death by her parents; two brothers, D.W. Ogden and Ward Ogden.

Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, March 16, 1993, 11 a.m. in the Neal S. Magleby & Sons Mortuary Chapel, 50 South 100 West, Richfield, Utah, where friends may call Monday evening, 7-9 p.m. and again Tuesday after 10 a.m. Burial Richfield City Cemetery.

Miss Sadie Ogden taught school in Castle Gate during the 1935-1936 school year. The photo at the left is a picture of her class. Most of the names of the students are listed here.

Joseph "Joe" Elegante

Documentation source: FHL film 1421808 book 61 page 26

Helper, Carbon County - Joseph "Joe" Elegante, 74, died Dec 2, 1976, at home of a heart attack.

Born Oct. 13, 1902, Castle Gate, Carbon County, to Antone and Marrietta Boetto Elegante. Married Bertha Maffie, July 26, 1924, Price. Member Catholic Church. Retired businessman and coal miner. Member Price Elks Lodge 1550 and UMWA Local 1681.

Survivors: wife; two sons,...9 grandchildren; 7 great-grandchildren; brother.

Funeral Mass Monday, 10 a.m., St. Anthony's Church, Helper, Holy Rosary Sunday, 7 p.., Mitchell Funeral Chapel, Price, where friends may call Saturday and Sunday. Burial, Mt. View Cemetery, Helper.

Family representative: Laura Frederick.

Charles L. Elegante

Documentation source: FHL film 1421808 book 71 page 41

SPRING CANYON - Carbon County - Charles (Chuck) L. Elegante, Sr., 71, died near his home in Spring Canyon, Utah, October 28, 1979.

Born May 4, 1908, Martin, Utah, to Anthony and Marie Marietta Boetto Elegante. Married Adeline Maffei, May 3, 1930, in Girard, Kansas. Member Catholic Church, Price Elks Lodge, 1550. retired Member of UMWA Spring Canyon local 1681.

Survived by his wife, three sons; ... 6 granddaughters, six grandsons, one great-granddaughter, nieces, nephews, and one uncle in Kennelworth, (Kenilworth) Utah.

Mass of the Christian burial Wednesday, 10:00 a.m. St. Anthony's Catholic Church, helper. Holy Rosary will be receited Tuesday at Mitchell Chapel, Price. Where friends may call Tuesday, Wednesday, prior to services. Burial Mt. View Cemetery, Helper.

Family representative: Laura Frederick.

Phyllis Maffei Losik

Documentation source: FHL film 1598468 book A-16

HELPER - Phyllis Maffei Losik, 88, died Jan. 27, 1990 in the Parkdale Care Center in Price.

Born July 16, 1901 in Chicopee, Kansas, daughter of John and Adeline Senechal Maffei. Married Steve Losik June 22, 1918 in Franklin, Kansas. He died Jan 13, 1969. Member Catholic church, resident of Carbon County since 1928. Her love of life was being a mother and a special homemaker for her family.

Survived by four daughters, three sisters and brother, a special nephew, eight grandchildren; 18 great grandchildren; 17 great great grandchildren. Preceded in death by grandson, Joey Skriner

Funeral Mass Tuesday, 10 a.m., St. Anthony Catholic Church, Helper. Vigil service was held Monday at Mitchell Chapel, where friends may call Tuesday prior to mass. Commital service, Mt. View Cemetery, Helper. In lieu of flowers, family suggests contibutions to St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Helper.

Family representative: Laura Frederick.

John MacLean

death 1 Jan 1884

Wife Agnes Fleming. She died 1900 Salt Lake City. John was a mining engineer, graduate school of mine, Edinburgh, Scotland. Father and a son suffocated as a result of a fire between them and the portal. Bodies not recovered for 30 days. Buried in Provo. Funeral sermon preached by Carl G. Maeser, classmate in Scotland. To U.S. 1876, Ohio then in 1881 to Utah.

From of short history of John Jones, Union Pacific Mine, 1884

Weigh boss at that time and as the cars were coming rather slowly from the inside of the mine, he left the office and went out to haul some dirt from the mine. While thus employed the office took fire from a hot stove that he had left, and the fire was communicated to the timbers in the mine, and from them to the coal, as the air was drawing into the mine. Quite a number of men were at work on the inside of the mine at the time, but all escaped, except John McLain and his son. Many were the hari-breadth escapes related by the men who were fortunate enough to reach the outside, many of whom are now dead from this explosion in number four.

Information received by Lorraine Parkinson.

Greenland Federer Gilbert and Margaret Jane Jenkins

Greenland & Margaret Gilbert

Greenland Federer Gilbert and Margaret Jane Jenkins were married in Scofield, Carbon, Utah on October 16, 1900. He was 20 years old and she was 17. Margaret was born in Old Concert, Durham, England and came to the United States through Ellis Island on February 16, 1893. Greenland was born in Gillespie, Fayette, Pennsylvania. He was killed in an accident in Red Lodge, Montana only seven years after marrying Margaret and only three weeks after the birth of his son Greenland Hollie Gilbert. The accompanying photograph is of Greenland Federer and Margaret taken in Scofield (the photographers name and "Scofield" are imprinted in the frame). Greenland's body was returned to Scofield for burial in the Scofield cemetery. Greenland's father, John Gilbert died in Scofield in 1937 and is also buried there.

Family representative: John Gilbert.

Frank Montoro

Holy rosary was recited Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the chapel of the Mitchell Funeral Home and requiem Mass was celebrated this morning at 10 o'clock in the Helper St. Anthony Catholic Church for Francesco (Frank) Montoro, 89, who died Saturday evening in the Carbon Hospital following an illness.

He was born October 10, 1872, at Serea D'Aiello Provincia Cosens, Italy. He married Maria Theresa Albo in 1898. She preceeded him in death. He had been a resident of Helper for 50 years and was a retired employee of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad.

Surviving are a son, daughters, 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Burial was in the Helper Mountain View Cemetery.

If you are related to or would like to learn more about this family please contact Donna Westwood.

Mala Montoro

Helper, Carbon County- Mala (Slabs) Montoro, 45, died in a Price Hospital Friday after a short illness.

He was born at Leadville, CO, Oct 13, 1907, the son of Frank and Mary Albo Montoro. Surviving are two sons, Frank and Ronald Ralph Montoro, Helper, his father, Helper two brothers and two sisters, Joe P. Montoro and Mrs Margaret Ganser, Helper, Mrs. Alvers Pingatore, Hibbing, Minn. Ralph Montoro, Leadville, Colo.

If you are related to or would like to learn more about this family please contact Donna Westwood.

Mary Teresa Albo Montoro

Helper Journal - 18 Jun 1942

Mrs. Mary Teresa Albo Montoro, 62, died at her home in Helper last Thursday at 5 p.m.

Born in Germaldi, Italy, December 25, 1879, she was a daughter of Joseph and Feleneno Bombina Albo. She came to the United States 40 years ago and had resided in Helper for the past 35 years.

Surviving are her husband, Frank Montoro of Helper, three sons, two daughters, a brother and six grandchildren.

Requiem mass was celebrated in St. Anthony's cathedral Saturday by the Reverend Thomas F. Butler. Rosary was said at the family home Friday evening, and burial was in Mont (Mountain) View cemetery in Helper under direction of the Mitchell funeral home.

If you are related to or would like to learn more about this family please contact Donna Westwood.

Frank Mala Montoro

WILSONVILLE - 1935-2004

Frank Mala Montoro, 69, of Wilsonville, died at 10:30 p.m. Monday, Sept 13, 2004 at his residence.

Born June 20, 1935 in Helper, Utah he was a son of Mala and Mary (Cooper) Montoro. He married Delores (Houchard) Montoro on April 16, 1955 in Los Angeles, Calif. and she survives.

Mr. Montoro retired in 1996 as a Scarfer in Bar Mill at Laclede Steel Co., in Alton. He was a member of the Gillespie Country Club.

In addition to his wife, Mr. Montoro is survived by one son, two daughters, five grandchildren, one great-grandson, one brother and one sister.

Preceding him in death were his parents; one grandson, William Greear; and one sister, Clara Collard.

Funeral services will be held at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 16, at Kravanya Funeral Home in Gillespie, with Monsignor Larry Auda officiating. Organist is Rosemary Messner. Vistitation is from 5 p.m. until time of service. burial will be at Gillespie City Cemetery.

Memorials are suggested to Partnership For Educational Excellence District 7.

If you are related to or would like to learn more about this family please contact Donna Westwood.

Joe Philip Montoro

Joe Montoro Dies on Fishing Trip Last Sunday Night

Funeral services for Joe Philip Montoro, 58, locomotive engineer on the Denver & Rio Grande RR, who died Sunday night while fishing near Strawberry Reservoir, were held this morning at 10 a.m. at the Mitchell Funeral Chapel in Price.

Mr. Montoro left his wife Sunday about 12:30 p.m. in their car, while he went fishing. When he hadn't returned at 9:30 p.m., she became alarmed and notified the sheriff's office.

Sheriff Ralph Chapple of Utah County organized a search party which worked the area until about 2 a.m. then called off the search until daybreak. Mr. Montoro's body was found shortly after 8 a.m. about a mile from the main road through the canyon, slumped over at the side of the river, but not in the water.

He was born May 22, 1901 in Grimaldi, Italy to Frank and Mary Albo Montoro. He came to the U.S. as an infant, with his parents. His first wife preceded him in death, and he married Mary Anest December 8, 1951 in Price. He had been an employee of the Rio Grande for over 35 years.

Survivors are his widow; his father, Helper; two daughters, Dorothy and Marie Montoro, Salt Lake City; two step-daughters, Mrs. Editha Mower, Helper; Mrs. Pauline Pappas, Salt Lake; six grandchildren, one brother, Ralp, Leadville, Colo.; two sisters, Mrs. Martin (Margaret) Ganser, Helper, and Mrs. Lou (Alvira) Pingatore, of Hibbing, Minnesota. Burial will be in the Mr. View Cemetery, Helper, under the direction of Mitchell Funeral Home.

If you are related to or would like to learn more about this family please contact Donna Westwood.

Fannie Lee Warren

Documentation source FHL film 1421806 book 14 page 149

25 Oct 1965

HELPER - Fannie Lee Warren, __, Helper died of natural causes Monday morning in Price hospital. Born Sept 2, 1879, Purvis, Texas to John Pinkney and Alice Emily Martin Floyd. Married to William L. Warren 1899, Texas. He died. Member Baptist Church. Survivors: sons, Dragerton and Butte, Mont.; sister; three grandchildren. Funeral Thursday 10 a.m. Mitchell Funeral Thursday 10 a.m. Mitchell funeral Chapel, Price, where friends call Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday prior to services. Burial Price City Cemetery.

Family representative: Richard H. Stephens.

Marty Davini Sr.

Documentation source FHL film 1421808 book 53 pg 37

Funeral for Marty Davini Sr., 61, Anaheim Calif., killed by lightning Aug. 1, 1975, at Showlow, Ariz., will be Wednesday, 10 a.m., 36 East 7th South.

Friends call Tuesday 6-8 p.m. and Wednesday an hour before service. Burial, Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Born Nov. 11, 1913, Castle Gate, Carbon County, to Robert and Ann Maria Tangitta Devini. Married Dorothy Elizabeth Richardson, March 14, 1938, Salt Lake City; truck driver; member Catholic Church, veteran, WWII.

Survivors: wife, three sons, daughter: 10 grandchildren; brothers, sisters.

If you are related to this family please contact Enrico Davini.

Hazel L. Davini

Documentation source FHL film 1421807 book 48 pg 48

Hazel May Lewis Robbins Davini, 63, 474 N. 300 West, died June 6, 1974, at home.

Born Feb. 21, 1911, Baltimore, to George E. and Mary E. Ervin Lewis. Married Earl W. Robbins May 5, 1930; divorced. Married Robert Davini Dec. 27, 1939, Salt Lake City; he died Aug. 8, 1969. Member, LDS Church, Senior Citizens.

Survivors: sons, daughters, 14 grandchildren; brother, sister.

Funeral Monday 1 p.m., 36 E. 7th South, where friends call Sunday 6 - 8 p.m., Monday hour prior to service. Burial, Mount Calvary Cemetery.

If you are related to this family please contact Enrico Davini.

Don D. Davini

Documentation source FHL film 1421807 book 35 pg 36

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. - Requiem Mass was Thursday in Bakersfield for Don D. Davini, ___, Bakersfield, former Utah resident who died Feb 21 in a Bakersfield hospital of natural causes. Born Castle Gate, Utah. California resident 17 years. Owned, managed Davini Janitorial Supply Co. Member Progressive Club; Exchange Club; Italian Haritage; Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce. Survivors: widow; sons, daughters, brother, sister.

If you are related to this family please contact Enrico Davini.

Robert Davini

Documentation source FHL film 1421807 book 29 pg 39

Robert (Bob) Davini, 59, 474 N. 2nd West, died Aug. 8, 1969, 12:15 p.m. in a Salt Lake hospital of natural causes.

Born March 25, 1910 in South Wilmington, Ill., a son of Bartelo and Maria Tangetti Davini. Married Hazel Lewis Dec. 17, 1930 in Salt Lake City. Member, Catholic Church. Bartender. Driver. Ute Cab Co.

Survivors: widow; sons, daughters, sisters, brothers.

Requiem Mass Tuesday, 10 a.m., St. Patrick's Church, 1072 W. 4th South. Rosary recited Monday, 8 p.m., 36 E. 7th South, where friends call Monday, 6-8 p.m. Burial, Mounty Calvary Cemetery.

Additional information and documentation about Robert Davini

Bartolo (in USA as Robert) Davini (son of John), born in Edolo, Brescia, Italy on 19 Jul 1877. Died in Salt Lake City on 11 February 1920. (information on Utah death certificate) Arrived at Ellis Island, 9 November 1901 and listed as single, miner. He arrived with his cousin Piantoni Giuseppe and was directed to Denver, Colorado. His spouse (1901, source census 1910) Maria (reported as Mary) Giovanna Tanghetti from Sonico, Brescia was born 13 Nov 1884. Maria arrived at Ellis Island on 5 gen 1904 , directed to Gunnison , Mount Carbon, Colorado. She reported as resident in Belluno, Italy. He was recorded as BERTA in Greenfield, Illinois, as miner in 1910 census and as DaviNni ROBT in the 1920 census on Utah, Carbon county, Castle Gate precinct, Castle Gate town. (Roll T625_1862, page 8A,Enumeration District 38, page 18, line 41.) In 1910 he lived in Greenfield Township, S Wilmington village, Illinois in a rent house, with the wife Mary, (26 years), and Angeline (9), John (4), JOSEPH (3, born March 1908), Mary (1), Robert (reported as BERTA) was 1/12 years old. Another son/daughter died before 1910, probably at birth in Italy. (Frances ?? named) . There is another son Andrew that died 1915 and is buried Castle Gate cemetery. He registered for World War 1, and reported as employed by the Utah Fuel Corporation. He lived the 1st Jan 1920 in a rental house, with the wife Mary (35), and Angeline (17), John (13), Joe (12 born March 1908), Mary (11), Robert (9), Lucy (8), Martin (6), Dominic (3), Andrew (1y and 8 m), Paul C. (3 m).

If you are related to this family please contact Enrico Davini.

Hannah Johnson Braffit

Thursday, December 8, 1938
Mrs. Braffet Dies At Home on Tuesday After Long Illness

Mrs. Hannah Johnson Braffet, 65, died at her home here Tuesday evening after a lingering illness. She was the widow of Mark P. Braffet, pioneer lawyer and political leader who died here several years ago.

Funeral services were conducted this morning at 10:00 o'clock in the Wallace morntuary chapel, burial to take place in Mounta Olivet cemetery, Salt Lake City.

Mrs. Braffet was born at Westman Land, Iceland, July 2, 1873, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Einar Johnson. Through her long residence here she was well known.

Surviving are two sons, a daughter, a brother, two sisters, and a grandson.

If you are related to this family please contact Don Braffitt. Here are two webpages you can visit to learn more about this family. Hannah Johnson Braffit - and - Hannah Johnson

Mark Pomeroy Braffet

The Sun - 7 Jan 1927

Mark P. Braffet Answers Call---Pneumonia Proves Fatal

Mark P. Braffet, aged 56 years, a resident of Carbon county and Utah for the past thirty-four years, most of which time was spent in Salt Lake City, and a member of the Salt Lake bar, died at his home in the Tavern Hotel in Price last Sunday morning from pneumonia, having been ill since Christmas day. He had been in poor health since last August with lumbage and stomach trouble and on Christmas day pneumonia set in and his condition gradually grew worse. His wife and grandson, Robert Braffet, Jr., arrived at his bedside last Wednesday from Oakland, Cala. A son, Robert I. Braffet, lives in Price and is manager of the Tavern.

The body was prepared for burial by Wallace & Harmon. A short funeral service was held Monday afternoon, conducted by members of the bar and bench of Price. The remains were shipped to the Salt Lake City Tuesday morning, the pallbearers, representing the bar and bench escorting the body to the train. Arriving at Salt Lake City it was taken to the Evans & Early undertaking parlors, where services were held at 2 o'clock of Tuesday afternoon in charge of the Rev. Elmer I. Goshen. Burial in the Braffet family plot in Mt. Olivet cemetery.

Mr. Braffet had been admitted to practice before state and federal courts, including the United States supreme court, and had practiced before all of them. He will be remembered throughout the country for his connection with the case of the United States vs. the Utah Fuel company, a land fraud case involving millions of dollars worth of coal lands which the company was alleged to have secured through misrepresentation. During his services as attorney for the Utah Fuel several of the concern's highest officials were indicted. He effected a settlement, entirely favorable to his company, in conference with Attorney Genral Wickersham.

In the little town of Pawpaw, Ills., Braffet was born on April 12, 1870, the son of Dr. J. H. and Ellen Billings Braffet. It was there that he received his common school education. The early years of his life were spent as telegrapher and mine superintendent in Illinois. In his early twenties he started West as telegrapher on railroads until he reached Washington, where he remained a short time before coming to Utah, in 1892. Following his usual vocation Braffet worked at various points along the Denver and Rio Grande, finally locating at Scofield as agent. In 1893 he married Hannah Johnson of Spanish Fork.

Deceased was the first county clerk ever elected in Carbon county, being chosen from Scofield to succeed Harry A. Nelson, who first held the position under appointment. While serving as county clerk he studied law. He was later admitted to the bar in Utah, and practiced at Price until 1900, when he was employed as attorney for the Utah Fuel company at Salt Lake City. His first big task with this company was the settlement of the Scofield mine disaster claims arising out of the death of two hundred men. Scores of other big cases featured by the land fraud suit marked his seventeen years of service as the fuel company's attorney.

When he resigned this position Braffet went into a partnership with S. A. King, and the two later combined with R. G. Schulder. This firm lasted for three years. Upon its disolution, he went to New York and Chicago, praticing his profession there and in other eastern cities for three years. He returned to Utah three or four years ago and located at Price. Since then he had been active in law work, being in partnership with Knox Patterson of Moab for about a year.

For many years Braffet was one of the political powers in Carbon county. About 1915 he was president of the Salt Lake mining exchange. The actual extent of his holdings is unknown although his interests in real estate, mining, oil and coal lands are said to run into the hundreds of thousands. He had a quarter interest in the Willow Creek coal mine, property known as Utah Fuel Mine No. 2, and had large oil holdings around Vernal, Moab and the Colorado river. He had one of the finest private law libraries in the state.

Surviving, his widow, are a daughter, Mrs. R. F. White, of Oakland and his two sons, R. I. Braffet of Price and J. H. Braffet of Oakland; a brother, W. C. Braffet, of Salt Lake City, and a sister, Mrs. S. D. Stevens of Aurora, Ills.

If you are related to this family please contact Don Braffitt. Here are two webpages you can visit to learn more about this family. Hannah Johnson Braffit - and - Hannah Johnson

Franceca D'Ambrosio Kizerian

Sun Advocate - Dec 1953

PRICE - Mrs. Franceca D'Ambrosio Kizerian, 68, died Thursday night in a Price hospital after a short illness.

Born Feb. 22, 1885, Rome, Italy, to Nicola and Loretta Campagna.

Surviving: Husband, Andrew Kizerian, son by a former marriage, five daughters, 16 grand-children; three brothers and two sister.

Holy Rosary will be recited Sunday, 8 p.m., Mitchell Funeral Home. Requiem Mass Monday at 10 a.m., Notre Dame DeLourdes Chapel by Rev. Thomas F. Butler. Friends may call at Mitchell Funeral Home until time of service. Burial Price Cemetery.

Family representative: Kerri Shelton.

Paul D'Ambrosio

Sun Advocate - 8 July 1953

Price Man Killed Yesterday in Standardville Mine

Paul D'Ambrosio, 41, Price, was killed under a fall of top rock while working yesterday at about 3:00 p.m. in the Standardville mine of the Standardville Coal Company.

Mr. D'Ambrosio was struck on the head by a rock slab four feet wide, six feet long and six inches thick. He suffered a crushed skull. His brother, Pete, was working in the same place but had stepped out for a drink of water just before the mishap.

He is survived by his wife and four children. The body is at the Mitchell funeral home where funeral arrangements are being made.

This death brings to six the number of fatalities recorded thus far in 1953 in Carbon county's coal mines as compared to only four throughout all of 1952.

Sun Advocate - 12 July 1953

PRICE - Holy rosary for Paul D'Ambrosio, 41, Price coal miner who was killed in a mine accident Wednesday, will be recited Sunday at 8 p.m. at the mitchell Funeral Home Chapel by Rev. Thomas F. Butler. Requiem mass will be celebrated Monday at 10 a.m. at the Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church in Price. Friends may call at the funeral home until time of services.

He married Grace Etitti, Feb. 18, 1939, in Price.

She survives with two sons and two daughters; one brother and five sisters, a half sister, his mother and step father.

Family representative: Kerri Shelton.

William Brock

FERRON, Emery County - William Brock, 81, Ferron, died Oct. 9, 1975, in a Price hospital after a long illness.

Born Oct. 19, 1893, Salt Lake City to William C. and Sally Brinkerhoff Brock. Married Inez Rasmussen Dec. 1, 1927, Price. She died Sept 1, 1970. Farmer, coal miner. Member LDS Church.

Survivors: daughter, Mrs. Reid (Dorothy Jean) Bailey, Ferron; two grandchildren, three great grandchildren, sister, brother, Mrs. Steve (Edith) Huddock, Las Vegas, Nev.; Frank Brock, Myton, Duchesne County.

Funeral Saturday 2 p.m., Ferron LDS Ward Chapel. Friends call Fausett Mortuary, Castle Dale, Friday 7-9 p.m., hour before service at ward chapel. Burial Ferron City Cemetery.

Family representative: Kathleen B. Thomas.

Frank Brock

TALMADGE, Duchesne County - Frank Brock, 72, former Green River resident, died May 13, 1980 in Salt Lake City hospital.

Born June 4, 1907, Green River, to William C. and Sally Brinkerhoff Brock. Married Mildred N. Hastings June 30, 1928, Green River. Spent his life ranching in Utah and Colorado.

Survivors: wife, Talmadge; children and sister.

Funeral service Saturday 3 p.m. Green River LDS Chapel where friends may call prior to services. Burial Elgin Cemetery, Green River. Funeral directors, Mitchell Funeral Home, Price.

Family representative: Kathleen B. Thomas.

Walter V. Beezley

documentation FHL film 1421807 book 47 page 14

San Louis Obispo, Calif. - Walter V. Beezley, 64, San Louis Obispo, died after a short illness Jan. 19, 1974, in a San Louis Obispo hospital.

Born Nov. 3, 1909, Eureka, Juab County, to Frank and Mayme Sullivan Beezley. Mmarried Veda May Housekeeper. Former employe, Salt Lake Telegram, Salt Lake Tribune. Former manager, Star theater, Payson.

Survivors: wife; son, San Diego; 5 grandchildren.

Burial was in San Louis Obispo.

If you are related to this family or would like to know more please e-mail Robin Casey.

Thomas W. Beesley

documentation FHL film 1421806 book 19 page 10

Ogden, Thomas William Beesley, 73, 3272 Stephens St., died Feb. 24 in an Ogden hospital after a short illness. Born Dec. 11, 1893, Craydon, Morgan County, to Robert H. and Mary Ann Walker Beesley. Married Hannah Cook Feb. 4, 1914, Salt Lake LDS Temple. Divorced. Married Verna Covington April 16, 1935. She died Nov. 12, 1962. Truck driver, Ogden City, Utah General Depot. Member First LDS Ward, Ogden. Survivors: son, stepsons, brother, sisters. Funeral Tuesday 1 p.m., Lindquist and Sons Colonial Chapel, where friends call Monday 7-9 p.m. Tuesday prior to service. Burial Ogden Cemetery.

If you are related to this family or would like to know more please e-mail Robin Casey.

Isabella Cowley Plautz

Documentation FHL film 1421805 book 7 page 67

PROVO - Mrs. Isabella Cowley Plautz, 57, 83 West 300 North, died Thursday in a Provo hospital of a heart ailment. Born June 4, 1897, in Castle Gate, Carbon County. Daughter of William H. and Sarah Young Cowley. Graduate of Carbon High School, Price. Employed by Wasatch Store at Castle Gate. Married to Matthew Plautz April ?, 1922, in Farmington. Moved to Provo, in 1924. Active in Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in YWMIA and as ward organist. Survivors, husband: one daughter. Funeral Monday noon in Berg Drawing Room Chapel. Friends call at the mortuary Sunday 6 to 8 p.m. and Monday prior to services. Burial Provo Cemetery.

If you are related to this family please e-mail Kathy Hamaker.

Kenneth Howard

Documentation FHL film 1421805 book 5 page 108

date: January 22, 1954

CARBONVILLE, Carbon County - Funeral arrangements for Kenneth Howard, 38, who was electrocuted Saturday when the metalic string of the kite he was flying came in contact with a power line, will be announced from Mitchell Funeral Home, Price.

He was flying the kite for a son, Kenneth Lynn and a neighbors daughter, Katherine Allred, both 5.

Born Jan. 29, 1916 in Royal, Carbon County, son of George and Olga Hendrickson Howard. Member Carbonville Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Survivors: widow, Mrs. Evelyn --- Gardner Howard; his son and a daughter, Kennalynn, Carbonville, four sisters and two brothers, Mrs. Lariene Hanson, Clarksville, Ark: Mrs. Ethyl Rosenburg and Mrs. Margi Brinkerhoff, Salt Lake City; Mrs. Ruth Farrimond, Spring Canyon; George Howard, Helper, and Clinton Howard, Latuda; one half sister and two half brothers, Mrs. Georgia Lang, Lynn and Wallace Howard, Salt Lake City.

Russell, Roy B.

Documentation FHL film 1421807 bk 43 pg 157

date: 1973

CASTLE GATE, Carbon County - Roy B. Russell, 60, Castle Gate, died Feb. 12 at home of a heart ailment. Born Nov. 24, 1912, Marion, Va., to Jackson B. and Rhoda Hayes Russell. Married Margaret Kephart Oct. 26, 1935, Marion. Retired coal miner. Member UMWA, 1681. Survivors: widow; son, daughter, 6 grandchildren; brothers, sisters. Funeral Thursday 11 a.m., Mitchell Funeral Chapel, Price, where friends call Wednesday 7-8 p.m., Thursday prior to services. Burial Price Cemetery.

Family representative: Patricia Crawford.

Iver Joel Koski

Documentation: FHL film 1421809 bk 89 pg 41

CARBONVILLE - PRICE - Iver Joel Koski, 71, died May 13, 1984.

Born July 13, 1912 in Scofield, Utah to Oscar Abraham and Ida Salina Aho Koski. Married Phyllis Sutton, March 31, 1937 in Provo, Utah. Member, LDS Church. Resident of Carbon County since birth. Lived in Clear Creek and Scofield area, prior to moving to Carbonville in 1968. Retired employee, American Coal in Castle Dale. Retired member, U.M.W.A. local 1859.

Survived by wife, Carbonville; two sons, one daughter, nine grandchildren; and two sisters.

Funeral services Thursday 1:00 p.m. Mitchell Chapel in Price, where friends may call Wednesday and Thursday prior to services. Family will be at Mortuary Chapel, Wednesday evening 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. and Thursday prior to services. Burial: Scofield Cemetery, Scofield, Utah.

If you are related to this family please contact JacLynn Rose Luke.

Ida Selina Aho Koski

Documentation: FHL film 1421806 bk 19 pg 81

Scofield, Carbon County - Mrs. Ida Selina Aho Koski, 82, Scofield, died Feb 3, 1967 in a Price hospital after a long illness. Born May 20, 1884, Reisjarven, Finland, to Matt and Marian Aho. Married to John Alfred Koski, May 25, 1899. He died May 1, 1900. Married to Oscar A. Koski, 1902, Price, he died April 13, 1932. Member Lutheran Church. Survivors: sons, daughters, 7 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren; brother, sister. Funeral Monday 1 p.m., Scofield LDS Ward Chapel. Friends call Mitchell Funeral Home. Price, Sunday, Monday one hour prior to services at ward chapel. Burial Scofield Cemetery.

If you are related to this family please contact JacLynn Rose Luke.

Phyllis S. Koski

Phyllis S. Koski, 74, died Jan. 7, 1991 at her home in Carbonville.

She was born April 11, 1916 at Pleasant Green to Henry William and Geneva Romani Graham Sutton. She married Iver Joel Koski on March 31, 1937 at Provo. He preceeded her in death May 13, 1984.

She was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She is survived by two sons, one daughter, nine grandchildren, eight great grandchildren; three brothers, and one sister. She was preceded in death by a sister.

Funeral will be Friday, 11 a.m. at the Carbonville 2nd Ward LDS Chapel, 175 N. 1280 West. The family will be at Mitchell's Chapel Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and at the church Friday one hour prior to the services. Burial will be in the Scofield Cemetery.

If you are related to this family please contact JacLynn Rose Luke.

Oscar A. Koski

Clear Creek Miner Killer - The Sun, April 14, 1932

Word was received in Price just before The Sun goes to Press that Oscar Koski, about 50 years of age, was killed in Clear Creek some time yesterday. The manner of his death is not known except that he was killed while working on the tipple there. Wallace Mortuary was called there to conduct the funeral.

If you are related to this family please contact JacLynn Rose Luke.

Leland G. Burress

Documentation: FHL film 1421807 bk 47 pg 11

L. Burress, Publisher, Dead at 63
Leland G. Burress, 63, Payson, a retired Utah and Idaho newspaper publisher and recipient of numerous newspaper awards died of cancer Saturday in a Salt Lake hospital.

Mr. Burress has been the publisher of the Helper Journal in Helper Carbon County the Bingham Bulletin, Bingham Canyon, Salt Lake County and the Gooding County Leader, Gooding, Idaho. He was president of the Utah State Press Assn. in 1939-1940, and the Idaho State Press Assn. in 1953-1964.

Many Awards
Among the awards he has received are: the National Service to Agriculture Award from the American Dairy Assn., 1965; agriculture award from the Gooding County Soil Conservation District, 1965; Junior Chamber of Commerce award for distinguished service from both Bingham Canyon and Gooding.

He served on the regional board of the Small Business Administration in Washington D.C., in 1954-1964 and as the state vice president of the Utah Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1942.

He was born Sept. 28, 1910 in Harrisburg, Ill., to Hodge and Merle Glascock Burress. He moved to Utah, graduated from Carbon High School and attended the University of Utah.

He married Ruth Eggertsen.

Survivors Listed
He is survived by his wife of Payson; one daughter, five grandchildren, and two sisters.

Funeral will be Tuesday at 11 a.m. Berg Mortuary, Provo with Story Lodge N. 4 F&AM conducting Masonic services. Burial will be in the Provo City Cemetery.

Family representative: Roy Burress.

Merle Glascock Burress

Documentation: FHL film 1421806 bk 22 pg 21

PRICE - Merle Glascock Burress, 76, Price died of natural causes Dec. 15 ( 1967) in a Price hospital. Born Nov. 17, 1891, Raleigh, Ill. to Lawrence and Mollie Bixler Glascock. Married Hodge G. Burress, Oct. 18, 1908, Harrisburg,, Ill. He died Aug. 28, 1963. Member Baptist Church. Survivors: son, daughters, 7 grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren; brothers and sisters. Funeral Monday 2 p.m., Mitchell Funeral Chapel where friends call Sunday 7-8 p.m. Monday prior to service. Burial Price City Cemetery.

Family representative: Roy Burress.

Richard L. Rogers, Sr.

The Sun Advocate - Thurs. July 20, 1950

Funeral services for Richard L. Rogers, Sr., 89, Helper, were conducted yesterday (Wednesday) at 2:00 p.m. in the chapel of the Mitchell funeral home with Mayor D. K. Downey of Helper officiating. Mr. Rogers died at his home Sunday morning.

He was born on November 26, 1860, at Enterprise, Kansas, the son of Michael David and Celestia Dozier Rogers. He was a retired gunsmith and had lived at Helper 34 years.

He is survived by two sons and six grandchildren.

Burial was in the Mountain View cemetery at Helper.

The Helper Journal - July 20, 1950
Funeral Services Held Wednesday

Death ended the colorful life of Helper's oldest resident, Richard L. Rogers, 89, Sunday morning, July 16, after a three-year illness. He was born November 26, 1860, at the close of the Civil War, the son of Michael David and Celestia Dozier Rogers, at Enterprise, Mississippi.

Shortly after his birth, his family moved to St. Louis, Mo., and at the age of 16 he moved to Colorado. He had his eyes to the west and shortly after moving to Colorado, hired out as a cowboy and helped in driving a large herd of beef to the Crandal ranch at Springville. After that he came to eastern Utah and settled down to ranching in the Greenriver area at Willow Bend. Tiring of ranching he sold out and entered into the slaughter house and butchering business for a few years and forsook this for peace officer work first as a marshall and later as deputy sheriff. He was very well acquainted with the "Robbers Roost" country and many of the riders who inhabited the area including the famous "Butch" Cassidy, western outlaw.

He returned to the butchering business at Price for a number of years and then moved to Helper where he had resided for over 35 years.

He was married to Minnie Thompson who preceeded him in death and they were the parents of three sons and two daughters, only two sons now surviving him.

In Helper he operated one of the first gasoline and vulcanizing stations and later opened up the first auto body shop in North Carbon County.

Funeral services were held at the Mitchell Funeral home Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. with Mayor D. K. Downey of Helper officiating. Musical selections were rendered by the Helper Ward LDS Relief Society. Invocation was by Charles Smith, Helper, and benediction and dedication of the grave was by George Kelly, Helper.

Pall bearers were: J. Burdall Sillitoe, Clarence Sillitoe, Ernest Sillitoe, Lyle Sillitoe, Pete Foleraro and Thomas Williams.

Survivors are two sons and seven grandchildren.

Burial was in the Mt. View cemetery, Helper under the direction of Mitchell Funeral Home.

If you are related to or would like more information about this family please contact Julia W. Roberts.

Richard (Dick) Rogers

Documentation: FHL film 1421809 bk 89 pg 77

HELPER - Richard L. Rogers, Jr., of Helper, died June 23, (1984) in a Price hospital.

Born Dec. 23, 1909, Green River, Utah a son of Richard L. and Minnie Thompson Rogers, Sr. Married Ruth Sillitoe April 8, 1936, Helper, Utah. He worked in various coal mines in Carbon County, body and fender repair shops, and with the Helper Furniture Co. Stores in both Price and helper as a serviceman. A talented artist and ardent sportsman. He was active in Carbon Emery Fish and Game.

Survived by wife, two daughters, two nieces and two nephews, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Funeral services Tuesday, 2:00 p.m. Mitchell Chapel, where friends may call Monday and Tuesday prior to service. Family will be at mortuary chapel Tuesday one hour prior to service. Burial Mountain View Cemetery, Helper.

If you are related to or would like more information about this family please contact Julia W. Roberts.

Ruth Sillitoe Rogers

PRICE - Our loving mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and sister, Ruth Sillitoe Rogers, returned to her Heavenly Father on Sept. 3, 1998 at the age of 81.

She was born Jan. 16, 1917 in Clear Creek to John and Victoria White Sillitoe. Married Richard L. Rogers on April 8, 1936 in Helper. He passed away on June 23, 1984.

Ruth was an active member of the senior citizens. She loved crocheting and sharing her talents with everyone. She enjoyed camping and fishing with her family.

She enjoyed bowling, reading books, and will be greatly missed by all.

Survived by two daughters and spouses, grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren; and brother. Also survived by numerous nieces, nephews and a community of friends. Preceded in death by parents; great-granddaughter, one sister and eight brothers.

Funeral service Tuesday, Sept. 8, 11 a.m., Mitchell Chapel. Family will be at Mitchell's one hour prior to services. Interment, Mountain View Cemetery, Helper.

If you are related to or would like more information about this family please contact Julia W. Roberts.

Roscoe P. Whitmore

Carbon County News, Friday April 12, 1912 pg 1

Roscoe P. Whitmore Dies of Pneumonia At Sunnyside Ranch

Roscoe Phillip Whitmore, twenty-eight years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Whitmore of Nephi, and nephew of J. M. Whitmore of Price, died Monday afternoon at three o'clock at his home in Sunnyside, after an illness of ten days. Pneumonia was the cause of death.

The father and mother of deceased, and his sister, Della, arrived in Price Monday afternoon, and at midnight they left in a wagon for Sunnyside. Undertaker C. W. Tingley accompanied them and embalmed the body and prepared it for shipment to Nephi. The body was first brought to Price and from here the shipment was made.

Ross Whitmore is survived by his parents, his sister, and by his wife, who was formerly Miss Ruth Lidell of Wellington. There were no children. Mr. and Mrs. Whitmore were married about two years ago, and since that time have resided on the Whitmore ranch, near Sunnyside.

June Whitmore, who is making his headquarters at the Wells, came to the city, having been summonsed by telephone, but J. M. Whitmore, President of the First National Bank, and uncle of Ross Whitmore, is in Denver as a witness, and Lee Whitmore is in Salt Lake, where he is being treated for appendicitis.

Mrs. Ross Whitmore went with the body to Nephi, where interment will take place.

Family representative: Robin Lawlor.

Arthur L. Whitmore

Sun Advocate - 26 Apr 1951

Funeral services are being conducted today at 2:00 p.m. in the chapel of the Mitchell funeral home under the direction of Elton L. Taylor, president of the Carbon stake, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for Arthur Lawrence (Lol) Whitmore, 61, who died at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Belmont Richards, Price, Sunday evening following a lingering illness.

Mr. Whitmore was born in Price on March 19, 1890, a son of James Montgomery and Hanna Nixon Whitmore. He had lived in this area all his life and was a member of the LDS church. He served as a city councilman under Mayor Frank Olson and as chief of police under Mayor Bart Dalton. He had also been engaged as a farm and stockman.

The Whitmore family, parents of the deceased, were among the early pioneers of Price and his father reportedly brought the first cattle in southern Utah settling first in Utah's Dixie then coming to Castle Valley. His father was prominent in the history of this community being one of the founders of the First National bank and the Price Trading company. He is pictured on the murals in the Price municpal building having to do with the history af Price and a canyon east of Sunnyside bears the family name, Whitmore canyon.

Mr. Whitmore is survived by his widow, Mary Ada Shiner Whitmore, Price; two daughters, two brothers, six grandchildren and his stepmother.

Burial will be in the Whitmore cemetery in Price.

Family representative: Robin Lawlor.

George Lasell Whitmore

Sun Advocate - March 25, 1965

Funeral services were conducted today at 2 p.m. in the Mitchell Funeral Home chapel for George Lasel Whitmore, 67, former Price resident, who died Saturday in the Livermoe, California, hospital.

He was born July 7, 1897, in Price, to James M. and Hannah M. Nixon Whitmore. He had never married. He was a member of the LDS Church and a retired newspaperman.

Surviving is a brother, Janius L. Whitmore, Price.

Burial was in the Whitmore family cemetery in Price with graveside services conducted by Price Post No. 3, American Legion.

Family representative: Robin Lawlor.

Junius "June" L. Whitmore

Documentation: FHL film 1421807 bk 35 pg 164

PRICE - Junius "June" L. Whitmore, 82, died Jan. 17 in a Price nursing home of a long illness. Born May 13, 1888, Price, to James M. "Tobe" and Hannah Nixon Whitmore. Married Effie June 24, ???, San Jose Calif.; solemnized in the Los Angeles LDS Temple; she died June 24, ???. Married Mary E. Skinner, 1966; divorced. Member LDS Church; high priest. Landscape contractor, California, 35 years. Member BPO Elks Lodge No. 1550. Veteran WW 1. No known survivors. Funeral Wednesday 1 p.m. Fausett Mortuary, Price, where friends call Tuesday, Wednesday prior to service. Burial Price City Cemetery.

Family representative: Robin Lawlor.

Mary Ada Shiner Whitmore

Documentation: FHL film 1421808 bk 54 pg 105

PROVO - Mary Ada Shiner Whitmore, 83, Provo, died in a Provo hospital Oct. 2, 1975, of causes incident to age.

Born May 27, 1892, Fremont, Wayne County, to Elmore David and Mary Elizabeth Palmer Shiner. Married A. L. (Lol) Whitmore March 4, 1909, Price; solemnized, Salt Lake LDS Temple. He died in 1951. Former employe, Price Trading Co. Saleslady, Firmages, Provo. Played piano for silent movies in Price. Active in LDS Church, Red Cross.

Survivors: daughters, 6 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren and sister.

Funeral Monday 11 a.m., Berg Funeral Home, Provo, where friends call before services. Burial, Whitmore Cemetery, Price.

Family representative: Robin Lawlor.

Danny J. Doporto

Documentation: FHL film 1421807 bk 43 pg47

SUNNYSIDE, Carbon County - Mass of the Resurrection for Danny J. Doporto, 19, Sunnyside, who died Jan. 28, 1973 in a Salt Lake hospital of injuries suffered Jan. 25 in an auto accident near Dragerton, Carbon County, will be Wednesday 10 a.m., Good Shepherd Catholic church, Dragerton. Rosary Tuesday 7 p.m., at the church. Friends call Mitchell Funeral Chapel, Price, Monday, Tuesday prior to services. Burial Price Cemetery. Born Oct 6, 1953, Price, to Melchar and Emma Mercodo Doporto. Employe, Kaiser Steel Corp. Served in U.S. Army. Survivors: parents, Price: brothers, sisters, grandparents.

Family representative: Corrina Doporto.

Melchor Doporto Jr.

SUNNYSIDE/PRICE - Melchor Doporto Jr., age 53, died May 8, 1997 at the Veterans Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Born Dec. 14, 1943 in Oak Creek, Colo., to Melchor and Emma Mercado Doporto. Married Rose H. Montoya Nov. 25, 1967 in East Carbon.

Member of the Catholic Church. Graduate East Carbon High School. Served U.S. Army during the Vietnam Conflict. Former employee UMWA Kaiser Local 9958 and he also worked as an electrician for many years. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, gardening and especially spending time with his family.

Survived by wife, three daughters and one son, parents, brothers and sisters, five grandchildren. Preceeded in death by son, Tony Ray; and a brother, Daniel.

Funeral Mass Tuesday, May 13, 10 a.m., Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic church. Vigil Service Monday evening, Mitchell Funeral Home. Committal service, Price City Cemetery.

Family representative: Corrina Doporto.

Emma Doporto

PRICE - Loving wife, mother, grandmother and sister, Emma Mercado Doporto, age 71, passed away Oct. 12, 1997 in Price.

Born March 25, 1926 in Wallsenburg, Colo., to Manuel and Annie Valdez Mercado. Married Melchor Doporto Sr. July 4, 1942 in Fort Collins, Colo.

Member of the Catholic Church. She enjoyed playing cards, fishing and her garden.

She loved her family and will be dearly missed by all.

Survived by her husband, five sons, two daughters and their spouses, daughter-in-law, six sisters and two brothers. Also survived by 27 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Preceeded in death by sons Daniel Melchor Jr.; sisters, Rosie, Gloria and a brother, Roy.

Funeral Mass Wednesday, Oct. 15, 10 a.m., Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church. Vigil service Tuesday evening, 6 p.m., at the church. Family will be at the church one hour prior to services. Committal service, price City Cemetery under the direction of Mitchell Funeral Home.

Family representative: Corrina Doporto.

Robert Dodd Wilstead

Robert Dodd Wilstead came to the States with his family about 1885. He and his family were coal miners from South Wales (Ebbw vale). He came here because he was told that the mines here were worked while standing up rather than being bent over as they are/were in South Wales. He was about to retire on a piece of land in Lawrence when the mine disaster happen. His son William (James William) was not in the mine, but died running into the mine to find his father. Most all the family are buried in Lawrence. I am sure that Robert and William are both buried there. After his death, his wife, Susannah Evans Wilstead and her daughters worked the boarding house to make the money necessary to support the family.

If you are related to this family or would like to know more please e-mail Richard Wilstead.

Susanah Wilstead

documentation: Carbon County News - Dec. 18, 1913
Another Pioneer Called

Susanah Wilstead, postmistress at Castle Gate, and one of Carbon county's pioneers, was called to her reward Wednesday, Dec. 10 the immediate cause of death being liver trouble. She is survived by six grown children - three sons and three daughters - her husband and oldest son having perished in the Scofield mine disaster, which occurred May 1, 1900.

The decedent had been in poor health for some time and several months ago undertook a trip to England, to visit a son who is in that country on a mission, in the hope of regaining her health. Not feeling any better, she returned to her home in Castle Gate about six weeks ago, where she lingered until the final summons came as above stated.

Funeral services were held in Castle Gate Thursday, the speakers being Bishop Morgan Evans, Andrew Young, Henry Hampson and Wm. Evans.

The remains were brought to this city and interred in Price cemetery on Friday afternoon, the deceased having expressed a wish that she be buried here.

If you are related to this family or would like to know more please e-mail Richard Wilstead.

Alfred Ray Wilstead

Documentation: FHL film 1421809 bk 90 pg 96

HELPER - Alfred Ray Wilstead, age 79 died November 13, 1984 in a Salt Lake hospital.

Born October 4, 1905 in Castle Gate, Utah to Alfred Henry and Clara Elizabeth Staker Wilstead. Married Pearl Jensen, March 7, 1933 in Lawrence, Utah. Member of the LDS Church. resident of the Carbon Emery County since birth. Worked in various coal mines in Carbon County since 1921. Former employee of Independent Coal and Coke at Castle Gate prior to retirement in 1967. A very active member of the United Mine Workers of America, Castle Gate Local #1681.

Survived by wife, one son and one daughter, eight grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, three brothers, two sisters. Preceded in death by an infant daughter.

Funeral services will be held Saturday 11 a.m. Mitchel Chapel, where friends may call Thursday, Friday and Saturday prior to service. Family will be at Mitchell Chapel, Friday evening 7-8 p.m. and Saturday one hour prior to service. Additional graveside services, Saturday 1 p.m. Lawrence Cemetery, Lawrence Emery County.

If you are related to this family or would like to know more please e-mail Richard Wilstead.

Stephen Gianotti

Helper Journal - 3 Apr 1941

Early Pioneer of Helper, age 80, Passes away Mon.

Stephen Gianotti, one of the Helper's earliest pioneers and long one of the city's most prominent leaders, succumbed to a heart ailment at the age of 80 in the Price city hospital at 8:15 a.m. Monday.

Mr. Gianotti was born in Faedo, Tyrol Austria, on September 15, 1860, the son of Bert and Dominica Brugnara Gianotti. He first came to the United States in 1893, and one year later, in 1894 first set on Carbon county soil, arriving at Castle Gate. He has been a resident of Helper since 1902.

He was a member of the first board of trustees of the Helper city school board, and when this was made part of the Carbon district board, he was one of the trustees there, also. A man who was staunchly patriotic to his country, he was also a loyal citizen of the community and one of its best workers. He always despised charity, and was stoically proud of his family. He served for several years on the city council, one of Helper's first.

He is survived by his wife, Maria Broilo Gianotti, whom he had married 57 years ago at Marseilles in France. Also surviving is a son, Dr. E. F. Gianotti, former Helper mayor. Now a resident of Walkermine, Calif; Mrs. Paula Walters of Hollywood, California, and five grandchildren.

The funeral was held Wednesday in the Helper Civic Auditorium under the direction of the Rev. T. H. Evans. Bishop Byron Carter of Helper was one of the main speakers. Interment was in the Helper cemetery.

Aged Helper Resident Succumbs In Hospital After Short Illness

Documentation: Sun Advocate - 3 Apr 1941

Stephen Gianotti, 80, of Helper, died in the Price City hospital Monday morning following a short illness.

Mr. Gianotti was one of Helper's earliest pioneers and had long been active in city affairs.

He was born in Faedo, Tyrol, Austria, on September 15, 1860, a son of Bert and Dominica Brugnare Gianotti. He married Maria Broilo in Marseilles, France, in 1884 and came to the United States in 1893, then the following year came to Carbon county and settled in Castle Gate. He had been a resident of Helper since 1902.

Mr. Gianotti was a member of the first board of trustees of the Helper...

If you are related to this individual or would like more information please contact Stephen Gianotti.

Maria Gianotti

Documentation: The Helper Journal - 24 Feb 1955 pg 1

Funeral Services Today at St. Anthony's For Pioneer Resident

Funeral services for Mrs. Maria Gianotti, 90, longtime resident of Helper, were held this morning in the St. Anthony Catholic church.

Mrs. Gianotti died Saturday, Feb. 19, at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Paula Walters, in Los Angeles, of causes incident to age.

She was born in Borgo, Trento, Italy, Oct. 8, 1864, and came to the United States with her husband, Stefano Gianotti in 1893.

She and her family resided in Castle Gate until 1903, when they moved to Helper. She was a permanent resident here until the late 40's when she moved to California to be with her children.

Well known in Carbon county, she was an active and charter member of the Sorelle Stella D America Lodge no. 31, and was very interested in the civic affairs of the city.

Survivors are a daughter and a son, six grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

Holy Rosary was celebrated Wednesday evening at the Mitchell Funeral Home at Price.

Burial will be in the Mt. View Cemetery, Helper, under the direction of Mitchell Funeral Home.

If you are related to this individual or would like more information please contact Stephen Gianotti.

Sarah Ann Reese Johnson

Documentation: FHL film 1421806 bk 30 pg 76

SPRING GLEN, Carbon County - Sarah Ann Johnson, 75, died Dec. 24 in a Price hospital after an illness. Born Sept. 19, 1894, Scofield, Carbon County, to John and Sarah Jane Sturgis Reese. Married Joe Holman, 1909, he died. Married to Samuel Bridge Johnson, April 1922, Grand Junction, Colo.; he died 1966. Member LDS church Relief Society teacher for 20 years. Survivors: sons, daughter, Joe Holman, Salt Lake City; John W. Holman, Walnut Creek, Calif.; Paul S. Johnson, Annie Lorrain Johnson, both Spring Glen; 3 grandchildren; great grandchild; brothers, sisters, J.H., Helper, Carbon County; Mildred Massa, Mrs. Josephine Westenshow, Mrs. Jim (Vivian) Wallace, all Price; William, Salt Lake City; Mrs. Sadie Gentry, Carbonville, Carbon County. Funeral Saturday 1 p.m., Spring Glen LDS Ward Chapel. Friends call Fausett mortuary, Price, Friday and Saturday, at the ward, hour before services. Burial Price City Cemetery.

William Lee Putman

20 Mar 1930 - News Advocate

William Lee Putman, veteran railroad employee of the Denver and Rio Grande railroad, died at his home in Helper late Friday evening. Funeral services were held in the railroad chapel at Helper with Rev. H. M. Merkel officiating and remains were brought to Price for interment under direction of the Deseret Mortuary.

Deceased was born in Denver, Colorado July 14, 1863 the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Putman. He is survived by his wife Luella Shaw Putman and the following children, Rollo and Sterling, Soldier Summit, Clarence E. Mohrland; Albert Q. and Wilford George, Salt Lake; Juanita, Elmer and H.L. Putman, Helper.

If you are related to this individual or would like more information please contact Sterling E. Putman.

Luke Byrge

KENILWORTH - Our loving husband, father, grandfather and dear friend, Luke (Luther) Byrge, age 64, passed away Dec. 13, 2002 in Price.

He was born May 25, 1938 in Huntsville, Tenn., to mark and Dirley McCloud Byrge. Married Sarah "Deanie" Reese Oct. 15, 1977 in Ely, Nev.

Member of the Trinity Christian Center in Price.

Luke was a retired employee of the Utah Department of Transportation Price office.

Luke was co-founder of the local Helping Hands.

Whenever tragedy struck or a holdiay season was near, Luke was there to help those in need.

Luke will be dearly missed by his family and always remembered for his true spirit of helping others.

Survived by loving wife, children, 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by parents; brother, Donald; and sister, Clara Duncan.

Funeral service Tuesday, Dec. 17, 11 a.m., Mitchell Funeral Home. Family will be at Mitchell's Tuesday one hour prior to service. Interment, Cliffview Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers the family suggests contributions to the Trinity Christian Center, 925 East Main Street, Price, UT 84501.

Family representative: Lori Biggs.

Dirley McCloud Byrge

KENILWORTH - Dirley McCloud Byrge, 85, died May 13, 1988 in a Price nursing home.

Born May 13, 1903 Monterey, Tennessee, daughter of George Washington and Sarah mcCloud. married mark Byrge, May 21, 1924, Wattburg, Tennessee; he died July 22, 1979. Member of Trinity Christian Church of Price. Resident of Carbon County since 1945.

Survived by two sons, one daughter, 21 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren; seven great-great-grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by two daughters, Faye Marie and Bertha Lee; 10 brothers, nine sisters, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were Saturday, Mitchell Chapel, Burial, Price City Cemetery.

Family representative: Lori Biggs.

Donald Byrge Sr.

Donald Eugene Byrge Sr., age 57, of Helper, died at his home Feb. 2, 1993.

Born April 3, 1935 to Mark and Dirley McCloud Byrge in Huntsville, Tenn. He married Lora Lee Lyman Nov. 4, 1958 in Price.

Donald was a member of the Trinity Christian Center, a loving husband, father and a grandpa. He was a Disabled American Veteran from the navy and Army Reserve. He loved camping, hunting and fishing.

Survived by wife, children and spouses, brother, sister. Preceded in death by a son, William Lyman; and parents.

Funeral services will be held Friday, Feb. 5, at 11 a.m. at the Trinity Christian Center in Price. Friends may call Thursday evening from 7 to 9 p.m. at Fausett Mortuary and one hour prior to services at the church. Burial, Price City Cemetery.

Family representative: Lori Biggs.

Troi Su Byrge

MESQUITE, Nev. - Troi Su Byrge, 30, died March 17, 1995 of injuries due to an auto accident.

She was born Nov. 8, 1964 in Jacksonville, Fla., to Bobby Dean and Dorothy Muriel Womack Scott. She married, Donald E. Byrge Jr., on March 18, 1993 in Wendover, Nev.

She loved her children and spending time outdoors. She'll be dearly missed by her family and her many special friends she leaves behind.

She is survived by her husband, children, her parents, a half-brother, a half-sister and grandparents.

Funeral services will be held Friday, March 24, at noon in the Trinity Christian Center in Price. Friends may call Friday one hour before services at the church. burial, Wellington City Cemetery, under the direction of Fausett Mortuary.

Family representative: Lori Biggs.

John B. Byrge

KEARNS - John B. Byrge died Sept 26, 1988 at a local hospital. Born July 15, 1922 in Huntsville, Tenn. to William R. and Florida McCloud Byrge. Married Olga "Cookie" Jones on Oct. 15, 1945 in Maidenhead, England. Served in the 101st Airborne Division during World War II. retired truck shop foreman, Kennecott Copper Corp. Avid fisherman. Former semi-pro baseball player. Loved by all who knew him. Survived by his wife and children. Also six grandchildren; sister and brothers,. Preceded in death by a sister, Edith. Funeral services were held Sept. 26, Trinity United Methodist Church, Kearns. burial, Valley View Memorial Park.

Family representative: Lori Biggs.

Mark Byrge

PRICE - Utah - Mark Byrge, 76, died Monday July 22, 1979 at Carbon Hospital. Born August 13, 1902, in Nick's Creek Tennessee, to George Washington and Clara Renda Ward Byrge. Married Dirley McCloud in Jacksboro, Tennesse, May 21, 1924. He was a member of the Church of God, Mountain Assembly. Member of UMWA Local no. 5861. Survivors: wife, daughters, sister, 20 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be Wednesday, July 25, at 2:00 p.m. at the Assembly of God Church in Price. Friends may call one hour prior to service at the church. Interment; Price City Cemetery. Funeral Directors: Fausett Mortuary, Price.

Family representative: Lori Biggs.

Stanley C. Harvey

Documentation: FHL film 1598468 page B-32

BOUNTIFUL - Stanley Charles Harvey, beloved father, brother, grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather, passed away December 9, 1987, in a Bountiful hospital of natural causes.

Born February 13, 1897, in Carbondale, Penn., a son of Thomas C. and Elizabeth McKerchar Harvey. Married Eleanor Richards, February 23, 1915, in Provo, Utah. Marriage later solemnized in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. She passed away March 31, 1964.

Member of the LDS Church. He was a high priest and served as a home teacher, seventies quorum member and held other numerous church positions.

He had a distinguished life long career in the coal mining industry in Carbon County, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Positions included superintendent, general manager, chief mine inspector and served on the state board of examiners for coal mine certification. He was one of the first to be recruited by the U.S. Bureau of Mines and continued to serve the industry as a mining consultant because of his vast knowledge.

Surviving: one son, three daughters, Joseph A. Harvey, Ferron; Mrs. George (Beth) Ferguson, Sunnyside; Mrs. Frank (Nelda) Delost and Mrs. Reid (Delores) Burnham, both Bountiful; 26 grandchildren; 53 great-grandparents; one great-great-grandchild; sister, Winifred Kellough, Alaska; preceded in death by his wife and four sons, James, Tom, Boyd and William Harvey.

Graveside dedication was held Saturday, December 13 in the Price City Cemetery.

Family representative: Bob Harvey.

Eleanor Richards Harvey

documentation: FHL film 1421809 bk 88 pg 59

PRICE - Eleanor Richards Harvey, age 86, passed way March 31, 1984 in Bountiful, Utah.

Born Nov. 30, 1897 in Cleveland, Utah, a daughter of Joseph and Mary Catherine Evans Richards. Married Stanley C. Harvey Feb. 23, 1915 in Provo, Utah; later solemnized in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Active LDS Church member; visiting teacher.

Survivors: husband, Price; one son, three daughters, 26 grandchildren; 50 great grandchildren; one great great grandchild. Preceded in death by four sons, James, Thomas, Boyd and William.

Graveside services will be Monday, 2:00 p.m., Price City Cemetery. Friends may call Monday morning at the Lindquist's Bountiful Mortuary, 727 No. 400 East, 9-10 a.m. Interment Price City Cemetery.

Family representative: Bob Harvey.

William Burroughs Harvey

HELPER - Carbon County - Funeral services for William B. Harvey, 41, Helper, who was killed Nov 8 in the Clear Creek Coal Mine, will be Friday at 2 p.m., Mitchell Funeral Chapel, Price, where friends call, Thursday, Friday prior to services. Burial Price Cemetery. Born Dec. 21, 1924, Rains, Carbon County, to Stanley and Elenor Richards Harvey. Married LaRue Hreinson Snyder, June, 1966. Heiner, World War II veteran. member, LDS church, Price Elks Lodge, veterans of Foreign Wars. Survivors; widow; step-daughters, parents, brothers, sister.

Family representative: Bob Harvey.

Louie Felice

Funeral services for Louie Felice, 31, who died at a Helper hotel last Saturday morning, were conducted this morning Thursday, at 10 a.m. at the St. Anthony Catholic church in Helper, with the Rev. Thomas Butler officiating. Burial was in the Helper Mt. View cemetery, under direction of the Mitchell Funeral home.

An autopsy made Sunday revealed that the cause of death was cerebral edema and fatty degeneration of the heart.

He was born in Helper, April 8, 1912, a son of Tony and Corine Guigo Felice.

Survivors include his mother and six brothers and sisters.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact Tony Felice.

John Moroni Blackham

A history as told to his daughter, Anna Blackham Nielson

John Moroni Blackham was born in Moroni, Sanpete, Utah, in a dugout house 24 Apr 1864, the son of John and Elizabeth Nielsen or Christensen Blackham. They were converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His father had been converted in England, his birthplace. His mother had been converted in Denmark, the country of her birth. Both had come to this country, crossing the ocean in sailing vessels, a journey requiring about six weeks. Both crossed the plains with ox teams and wagons. They settled in Moroni after their marriage.

The early life of John Moroni was one of hardships. From very early childhood he helped his mother in earning a livelihood by gathering greens along the ditch banks, and helping her spin yarn after she had sheared the sheep. Many days were spent gleaning wheat in the fields, which went to make their flour for the winter. When about 12 years of age, he went to live with a well-to-do rancher by the name of Captain Whitlock. There he lived for the next 10 years, doing most every kind of work on the ranch, but mostly tending the well-bred race horses which were raised by Mr. Whitlock. When about 22 years of age, he went to Colorado and worked in a sawmill driving a four-horse team. This work he did for about five months, then returned to Moroni in 1887.

On 19 May 1888 he married Mary Ann Rostron in Moroni. There he farmed, ran sheep, and worked in a sawmill. Eight children were born to them there.

In the fall of 1902, John went to Clear Creek, Carbon County, Utah, to work in the timber. The family followed in March 1903. He worked in the timber for a few months and then was called on guard duty during a general strike at the mine. In this capacity he served six months, later going back to his original work of timbering for the Utah Fuel Company. In Clear Creek three more children were added to the family.

In the spring of 1911 the family moved to Kenilworth, Carbon County, Utah. The family has lived here for the past 28 years. He has been the caretaker of the company horses for practically the entire 28 years. While at Kenilworth, another child was born to them, making a total of 12 children.

Verona's note: This story was told to Anna, daughter of John Moroni Blackham, by him on the day of a party given to John by the Kenilworth towns people when he retired. This would have been about in 1939, when grandfather would have been 75 years old. He died three years later, on 10 Dec 1942. I would have been only about 12 years old at the time, but I still remember his red hair which had little gray in it. He is buried in the Price City Cemetery, next to grandmother Mary Ann.)

History submitted by Frances Cunningham.

James Juliano

Helper Journal - 18 Sep 1947

Funeral services were held yesterday morning, September 17, at 10:30 for James Juliano, 59, Helper resident for the past 12 years, and a native of Italy, who was found dead early Friday morning on the bank of a canal near the skating pond in Riverside park. Services were held in the St. Anthony Catholic church under the direction of the Reverend Francis R. Lamothe, pastor.

Holy Rosary was recited Tuesday night at the Mitchell funeral home, and burial was in the Helper Mt. View cemetery.

Officers said the victim apparently had fallen into the canal and made his way to the bank. Exposure probably contributed to his death, investigating officers reported.

Mr. Juliano was born March 27, 1888 in Italy, and came to the United States 45 years ago.

Surviving are seven sons and daughters and a brother.

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Vincent M. Juliano

Documentation: FHL film 1598468 book A pg 11

Vincent Michael Juliano, 39, died Aug. 14, 1989 in Sant Francisco, California.

Born Sept. 28, 1949 in Price, son of John and Mary Nick Juliano. Member, Catholic church. Graduated from Notre Dame High in Price, graduated from University of Utah.

Survived by mother, three brothers and one sister. Preceded in death by his father.

Memorial Mass was celebrated Aug. 19, Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church in Price.

Mary Nick Juliano

Documentation: FHL film 1598468 book A pg 75

PRICE - Mary Nick Juliano, age 89, died Dec. 9, 1993 in a Price hospital.

She was born Sept. 2, 1904 in San Giovanni En Flore, Italy, the daughter of John and Maria Teresa Cortese Nick. She married John Juliano Feb. 27, 1927 in Price. He died Aug. 5, 1984.

She was a member of the Catholic Church. She was a long-time resident of Carbon County and graduated from Carbon High School in 1924. Mary will long be remembered for her folksy poetry and her keen sense of humor.

She is survived by three sons and one daughter, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. She is also survived by four sisters and three brothers. She is preceded in death by her parents; a son, and two brothers.

Funeral Mass was held Monday, Dec. 13, at the Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church. Vigil service was held Sunday evening at Mitchell Chapel. Committal service, Price City Cemetery.

Domenic J. Juliano

Documentation: FHL film 1421809 book 76 pg 37

HELPER, Carbon County - Domenic J. Juliano, 56, died Nov. 17, 1980, in a Price Hospital.

Born Aug. 1, 1924, Castle Gate, Carbon County, Utah, to James and Agnes Satrinaco (Capranico) Juliano. Married Jane Diaminti, June 18, 1955, Elko, Nev. Member Catholic Church. Graduated from Carbon High School. Served U.S. Marines WW II. Employed Denver and Rio Grande Western Railraod as a cashier, Helper Office, 36 years prior to retirement, 1979. Member Brotherhood of Railroad Clerks.

Survivors, wife, son and daughter and three sisters.

Mass of the Christian Burial Thursday 10 a.m. St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Helper. Holy Rosary will be recited Wednesday 7 p.m., Mitchell Chapel, where friends may call Tuesday and Wednesday prior to service. Burial Price City Cemetery.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact Joy Aspenall

Guy Juliano

Documentation: FHL film 1421807 book 46 pg 106

KENILWORTH, Carbon County - Guy Juliano, 59, former Kenilworth resdent, died Nov. 10 of a heart ailment in a Glenwood Springs, Colo., hospital.

Born June 1, 1914, West Virginia, to James and Agnes Capranico Juliano. Married Alberta Fenn, helper. Coal miner. Member, Catholic Church.

Survivors: widow; son, daughter four grandchildren; brothers, and sisters,.

Funeral Mass Wednesday noon, St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Helper. Rosary Tuesday 6 p.m., Mitchell Funeral Chapel, Price, where frineds call Tuesday. Burial, Mountain View Cemetery.

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Joseph Juliano

Documentation: FHL film 1421808 book 53 pg 69

HELPER, Carbon County - Joseph Juliano, 59, formerly of Helper, died Sept. 14, 1975, of a heart attack in Grand Juction Colo.

Born Jan. 11, 1916, Dawson, N.M. to James and Agnes Capranico Juliano. Married Helen McAlister June 28, 1969, Helper. Trainman, Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. Member, Catholic Church. Veteran WW II. Member Moose Lodge, VFW.

Survivors: wife, brothers, sisters.

Funeral Mass Thursday 10 a.m., St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Helper. Holy Rosary Wednesday 7:30 p.m., Mitchell Funeral Home, Price, where friends call Wednesday. Burial, Mountain View Cemetery, Helper.

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Ethel Johnstun

Carbon County News - April 9, 1928

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse W. Johnstun of this city announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Ethel, to Roy A. Schonian of Duchesne, the ceremony being at their home on North Eighth street on Wednesday afternoon last. Judge J.W. Hammond officiated and was afterwards one of the guests at a sumptuous wedding dinner. Sixteen relatives and friends were served. Little nut baskets harmonized with the pink and white decorations of the wedding cake, which made a most attractive centerpiece. Pink and white sweetpeas completed the decorations. The twenty-fourth anniversary of the groom also was celebrated. After dinner a large collection of beautiful gifts was displayed by the bride, some of which were presented to her at a shower recently by a group of her girl friends. The newlyweds departed on the evening train, keeping their destination a secret. They had a shower of rice at the depot.

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Carol Kaye Johnstun

Sun Advocate - 11 Feb 1943 pg 12

Funeral services for Carol Kaye Johnstun, three-month-old daughter of Loren Ralph and Margaret Shelton Johnstun, were held Sunday.

The baby was born in Price November 6, 1942, and died Wednesday morning at the city hospital after a brief illness.

Surviving are her parents and two grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Shelton of Salt Lake City.

Bishop Orson Nelson officated at the services which were held in the L.D.S. welfare building, and the Thomas mortuary directed burial in the local cemetery.

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by Blanch Johnstun - Anniversary Letter

Sun Advocate - 2 Oct 1941 section 3 page 7

In the summer of 1890 my family - Mr. and Mrs. Erastus Anderson and five children, purchased the ground on the corner of first north and first west, just north of the Sumner apartments. My father built and operated the first blacksmith shop in Price on the west corner of that lot.

In the early '90's, Indians hauled government freight from Price to the Uintah Basin, which then belonged to them. While in this town they camped on the ground reaching from Main street to first north and well past second west, which was all vacant except for a one-room rock jail, which stood where the Sumner's apartments are now located.

Father worked late shoeing horses and mending wagons for the freighters. Sometimes the Indians would become unruly after liquor, and Agent William Burgess, whose family were close neighbors and dear frineds, would have to be notified. Mother baked hundreds of loaves of bread for the Indians, so we had first class opportunities of learning their characteristics.

On our first trip through Price, mother and her five children stopped overnight with Mr. and Mrs. Don Johnstun and family, who lived in a log house on the corner where the Royal Frandsen home now stands. Being a little tot, I got the idea that the Johnstun boys, who were several in number, composed the Johnson Army of which I heard my parents speaking.

The most obnoxious things to us children were the prickly pear beds which were everywhere.

In September, 1890, a brother was born, and on May 13, 1891, he died during the terrible epidemic of diphtheria. Many families were left childless during that trying time. The late Jack Booth proved a helpful friend as he nursed the sick.

Price could not then boast of a band as it does today, but we were just as enthusiastic while following our leader, a dear little old man we all called Daddy Cox. He played the drum, the sole consistency of the band, and led the marching during celebrations. He also led the church choir. He played the violin, Henry Empey played the piccolo and the organ and Herman Horsley played the flute for our dances.

Another outstanding memory was in 1898 when the United States called for volunteers to fight in the Spanish American war. Soldiers, white and colored, came from Fort Duchesne and camped on the vacant ground. I have in my possession a little glass ship representing the Battleship Maine. When it was sunk America entered war with Spain. My sister later married one of the volunteers.

In the early '90's a one-room log house served for school, church, dancers and public activities. Our town hall was built in the period of the Leg-o-mutton sleeves, and bustles, and the time of horses and buggies.

The first real excitement I remember was when the posse arrived with the bodies of Joe Walker and one or two other members of the Robbers' Roost gang. If my memory is correct, my uncle, Pete Anderson was a member of the posse and my father was constable. The men were killed while hiding in Book Cliffs, after raiding the George Whitmore ranch near Sunnyside. Billy McGuire, foreman, was taken captive, while he tried to protect the stables, and it seems to me he had been beaten with his own gun and left by the roadside to die, while the outlaws made their get-away. But Whitmore went in pursuit of Billy and the robbers and, finding McGuire, he returned to the ranch with him.

In my late father's eventful years he served in several outstanding offices, and helped to improve our city of Price. He was the first plumber here, and established fixtures for running water in the Frank Olsen, James, and Domane homes, which were among the first to have these modern conveniences. The first automobile I ever saw was in 1900 coming over the Nine Mile road.

I was married in June, 1903, to one of those Johnstun boys I thought was a member of Johnson's army.
By Mrs. Blanche Johnstun, Price, Utah

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Buelah Mae Johnstun

Eastern Utah Progress - 19 Jun 1902 page 7

Beulah May, the 5-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Johnstun, died at the family home at Sunnyside last Sunday of Bright's disease. The remains were brought here for interment and the funeral held Tuesday, under the direction of Bishop E.S. Horsely.

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Alma Johnstun

Eastern Utah Progress - 26 Nov 1903 pg 5

J.A. Johnstun died in this city last Friday about noon of diptheria, aged about 23 years. The burial took place Saturday noon, but on account of the nature of the disease from which the young man passed away, no funeral services were held. The deceased was married only about three months since to Miss Hanna Anderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Erastus Anderson of Price, and leaves a widow to mourn the untimely taking off of a devoted husband and an exemplary young man. Deceased was the son of Don C. Johnstun of the Nine Mile section and had been practically reared in Carbon county. Hundreds of friends throughout Eastern Utah extend their deepest sympathy to the afflicted ones.

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John Andrew Forsyth

Sun Advocate - 24 Oct 1963

Funeral services were conducted today at noon in the Price Fourth ward chapel, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, for John Andrew Forsyth, 82, Price, who died Monday at 5:30 a.m. at his home following a stroke.

He was born March 2, 1881, in Tooele County to Andrew B. and Emily Elizabeth Moss Forsyth. He married Elsie Clyde in November of 1905 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. She died December 6, 1933. He married Lulu Saurers Petersen August 7, 1940, also in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. He was a retired plumber and for many years was employed in this line of work with the Carbon County School District. He served a mission for the LDS Church to the Central States during 1902-04.

Surviving are his widow; sons and daughters, 28 grand-children, 30 great-grandchildren; and brothers.

Burial was in the Price City cemetery under the direction of the Mitchell Funeral Home.

Family representative: Gary Forsyth.

Elsie Clyde Forsyth

Sun Advocate - 7 Dec 1933

Mrs. Elsie Clyde Forsyth, wife of John A. Forsyth, died at the Price hospital Wednesday morning. Funeral services will be held Friday at 2:00 p.m. in the LDS tabernacle, with interment in the Price cemetery under the direction of the Deseret mortuary.

Mrs. Forsyth was born in Springville October 5, 1882, a daughter of William M. and Cynthia Davis Clyde. She has been a resident of Price for approximately 12 years, her husband being engaged in the plumbing business.

Surviving are her husband: five sons, three daughters, six grandchildren; and five sisters.

Family representative: Gary Forsyth.

Agnes Crosby Memmott

CASTLE GATE, Carbon County - Agnes Memmott, 81, 1820 S. Main, Salt Lake City died of natural causes Nov. 5 in a Salt Lake hospital. Born Sept. 6, 1837, Leamington, Millard County, to Robert and Ellen Spowart Crosby. Married to William G. Memmott Nov. 20, 1906, Price; he died June 22, 1957. Utah resident since birth. Former Castle Gate resident. Survivors: son, daughter, 3 grandchildren. Funeral Saturday, 1 p.m. Castle Gate LDS Ward Chapel. Friends call Friday, Mitchell Funeral Chapel, Price, Saturday at LDS Ward chapel one hour prior to services. Burial Price City Cemetery.

Family representative: Marjorie Crosby Sanchez.

Robert James Memmott

The News Advocate - April 15, 1926

High School Student Dies at Castle Gate

Robert James Memmott, 16, of Castle Gate, member of the freshman class of the Carbon County high school, died at one o'clock Tuesday morning at the family home following an illness of about six weeks. An operation was to have been performed Tuesday morning.

The deceased was born March 28, 1910, at Sunnyside, the son of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Memmott.

Family representative: Marjorie Crosby Sanchez.

Hannah Daphne Smith Dalton

Sun Advocate - Thursday, May 13, 1937
Mother of Former Price Mayor Dies

Mrs. Hannah Daphne Smith Dalton, 80, mother of former Mayor B. W. Dalton of Price, died Monday at her home in Salt Lake City. Mrs. Dalton was a native Utahn and active worker in the L.D.S. church.

Funeral services were conducted Wednesday at noon in the seventeenth L.D.S. ward chapel. The body was taken to Manassa, Colorado for burial.

Born in Parowan March 22, 1857, she was a daughter of Jesse Nathaniel and Seraphine West Smith, early pioneers. Her father was a cousin of Joseph Smith, founder of the L.D.S. church.

Besides B.W. Dalton, who is now practicing law in Westwood Village, California, she is survived by three sons and a daughter; Don Mack Dalton, Salt Lake City; E. Smith Dalton, Pleasant Grove; Dr. Mark Ardath Dalton, Santa Ana, California, and Mrs. W. F. Olson, former resident of Price and now residing in Salt Lake City.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact Jim Dlask.

E. Smith Dalton

Sun Advocate - 19 March 1942
Brother of Former Price Mayor Dies

E. Smith Dalton, 62, of American Fork died in the Price City hospital yesterday at 5:00 p.m. after an illness of two months. The body was taken to Salt Lake City last night from the Wallace funeral home and funeral arrangements will be announced from there.

He was born September 17, 1879, in Parowan, a son of John C. and Hannah Raphne Smith Dalton. He was a member of the L.D.S. church and the high priests' quorum.

Surviving are his widow; three brothers and a sister.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact Jim Dlask.

Charles Swink

The News Advovcate
March 21, 1928
Carbon, Utah
Source: The News-Advocate
Page/Column: Page 1

Charles Swink dies in County Home

Charles Swink, sixteen year old died ar his room Sunday morning from dropsey. Young Swink had been ill since his confinment in the home, but had recently taken a turn for the better. A recurrance of the disease found the resistant weakened and he passed away early Sunday.

Young Swink was born in Wyoming December 2, 1911, the son of John J. and Maude M. Swink. He came to Utah at an early age and has resided in Carbon and Emery county since.

Funeral services will be deferred until his relatives can be communicated with. The body is at the Flynn Funeral Hoe at this City, pending arrangements.

The News Advovcate
May 19, 1928
Price, Carbon, Utah
Source: The News-Advocate
Page/Column: Page 1

Swink Inquest is set for Monday

County Attorney Oliver K. Clay will conduct an inquest in Justice Court in Price Monday over the body of Charles Swink, Price youth who died six weeks ago at the Carbon County Infirmary. The attending physician was suspicious of the circumstances attending the death of Swink and the vital organs of the youth were shipped to Salt Lake City for analysis by the state chemist. The report was received by the county commissioners at their May seventh meeting and reviewed. They recommended to Mr. Clay that an inquest be held.

Mr. Clay has deferred the holding of the inquest pending the resumption of duties by the county attorney who was injured in an automobile accident at American Fork two weeks ago. Mr. Clay has recovered completely and has resumed his office duties at the court house.

The News Advovcate
May 25, 1928
Price, Carbon, Utah
Source: The News-Advocate
Page/Column: Page 3

Coroner's Inquest held for C. Swink

Deceased met death from causes unknown, finding of jury Monday.

In a coroners inquest Monday, called to determine the cause of death of Charles Swink, 16 who died March 18, at the county infirmary, the verdict reached was that "deceased came to death by causes unknown, with a possibility of arsenate of lead poisoning". The decision was reached by evidence introduced by the report of the state chemist and the testimony of Dr. Charles Ruggen. A slight trace of arsenate of lead was found in the boys stomach, but no effort was made to fix the blame.

Young Swink was born in Wyoming December 2, 1911, the son of John J. and Maude M. Swink. He came to Carbon county when very young and had resided here ever since. Before his death he had suffered for some time with Dropsy, and what appeared to be renewed attack of the disease was at the time believed to be cause of death.

County Attorney O. K. Clay called and conducted the inquest before the justice court of H. B. Robinett. Members of the coroner's jury were Dr. I. S. Eveans, C. G. Capiola and George Fausett.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact Teressa Lenkey.

John T. Rowley

News Advocate - 5 Feb 1925 pg 1

Early Settler Spent Most of Life in Stock Raising Industry In Spring Glen

John T. Rowley, 77 years of age, pioneer farmer and stock raiser of Spring Glen, died at his home in that place Saturday morning.

Mr. Rowley was born in Scotland and came to this country with his father in 1848. After living for some time in Fillmore, Utah, he moved to Carbon county in 1891 and helped to settle Spring Glen. The operation of several charcoal kilns just south of the "Blue Cut," a mile or so this side of Spring Glen, was the first business engaged in by Mr. Rowley upon his arrival here. There he burned the brick for the first school house at Spring Glen and took charge of its erection. He then took up the business of farming and stock raising, the occupation he followed until his death. Mr. Rowley was the first farmer in the county to take up dry farming. On his ranch a few miles below the lower Storrs ranch, he successfully raised various crops year after year by the dry farming method.

Funeral services were held at Spring Glen Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock with A. W. Horsley of Price, president of Carbon Stake, in charge. Speakers at the funeral which was largely attended by friends and relatives of the deceased from all parts of the county and several from the Uintah Basin, were Carl B. Mareusen, W. F. Olson and A. W. Horsley. The LDS choir of Price, led by Ashley Bartlett, furnished music for the ceremony. Interment was in Spring Glen cemetery.

Mr. Rowley's acquaintance in the county was very wide and he was beloved by all who know him. He is survived by eight sons and four daughters of whom the following live in this county: David S. Silas, John H., Irvin, Geoarge A, and Mrs. William Jones. Several relatives from the Uintah Basin were present at the services.

If you are related to or would like more information about this family please contact Samuel Flood.

Josephine Grundvig

Source: Eastern Advocate 11 Nov 1897 Page 1

F.C. Grundvig has almost continual sickness in his family for the past 4 months. Various members in his family have been seriously sick. Josephine , who has suffered continuously for three months, passed away Saturday at aged 17 years. The sympathy of the entire community is with the bereaved family.

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Frank Grundvig

Source: Eastern Advocate, 13 Jan 1910

Cedar Creeks first mine accident occurred last Tuesday when a man named Grundvig and living near Ferron was crushed by falling sand and Rock or both, both legs were broken and he was also internally injured he died on the way to Price for medical treatment he was related to the Grundvigs at Wellington.

Source: Carbon County News Page 8, 1-14-1910
Killed by Falling Rock

Frank Grundvig of Clawson, Emery County was killed Tuesday in a deep cut of Castle Valley Railroad.

They were blasting near Cedar Creek in the cut and supposed that the rocks that had been jarred loose had fallen to the bottom of the cut the men returned to their work of cleaning up the loose rock and dirt when without warning a large rock came down which caught Grundvig breaking both legs and badly crushing his body.

He was put on a sled and hurried to the junction at Miller Creek. An engine was ordered to bring him to Price for treatment, but he died before they got a mile from the place of the accident . Friends and relatives took the remains to Clawson Tuesday night. He was a young man about 20 years of age and was employed by the Ely Construction Company, the contractors for the Castle Valley Railroad Company.

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Joseph Taylor Grundvig

Source: Carbon County News - 1-8-1914 Page 10

Death Summoned on of Wellington's highly respected and prominent young men, Sunday evening, January 4, 1914 at about 7 o'clock, in the person of Joseph Taylor Grundvig.

The Funeral services of Joseph Taylor Grundvig held in the LDS church Thursday January 8th were attended by the many Wellington friends of the deceased. Principal Le Roy Cowles of Carbon County high and Bishop John W Hill now of Spring Glen were the principal speakers who had many tributes of respect to pay Taylor. His death was caused dilation of the heart, from which the deceased suffered for some time. Joseph Taylor Grundvig was born March 29. 1893, in Wellington, his parents Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Grundvig, being among the first settlers here. Taylor, as he was always called, was loved by his many warm friends for his industry, high ideals and kind disposition. He had a a longing for a good education, being amoung the few remaining in High School last year from Wellington. He was also attending the Carbon County High School this year, riding back and forth from Wellington, but about six weeks prior to his death he was advised by the Principle, Le Roy Cowles, to discontinue school on account of his physical condition, which he did. He was bedfast about two weeks previous to his death and attended by Dr. A.C. Soreson. During the course of his illness several Physicians attended him, including Dr. Dowd of Sunnyside and Dr. Fisk of Price. The death of Taylor Grundvig has caused gloom to come to the citizens of Wellington. He being born and raised, it seems as if departing from a brother. It is said that Taylor being so devoted to his parents, brothers and sisters, that he has never been away from home longer then than a month at a time. As a kind, dutiful and loving son and brother, Taylor will be greatly missed at his home, and as a virtuous, devoted, cheerful companion, his death will be lamented by the citizens of Wellington. All was done by Mr. Grundvig and his family that can be done on this earth to preserve life. The funeral services will be held in the LDS Church Thursday January 8th.

Source: Carbon County News - 1-15-1910 Page 8

The Funeral services of Joseph Taylor Grundvig held in the LDS church Thursday January 8th were attended by the many Wellington friends of the deceased. Principal Le Roy Cowles of Carbon County high and Bishop John W Hill now of Spring Glen were the principal speakers who had many tributes of respect to pay Taylor.

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Daniel Richard Grundvig

Source: News Advocate - 2-17-1927 Page 1
Wattis Miner Dies under Avalanche

Spectacular Ride on Snowslide Culminates in Death of Dan Grundvig.

Dan Drundvig, 27 is dead and Tony Leger, 35 years of age, is ill as a result of a monster snowslide at Wattis Wednesday, which carried the two down the mountain side on it's crest and tossed them over the hundred foot cliff, burying them deep under the avalanche.

The two men, miners for the Lion Coal Company, were walking the canyon to the powerhouse about 1:30 o' clock, and were close to the mouth of Wattis Mine, when they were warned of the oncoming slide by workers on the other side of the canyon. Unable to get out of the way, they then rode the top of the avalanche down the steep incline for half a hundred feet and were thrown over the brink of the high ledge.

Leger was found by rescuers fifteen feet under the snow at the foot of the ledge, and the body of Grundvig was even deeper. Grundvig was dead. It took an hour and a half to reach the men and Leger was thought to be fately hurt. After working with him several hours, his conditon was somewhat improved and hopes were held out for his recovery. He sufferd an extreme case of chills upon coming in contact with the air.

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Nina Beryl Oviatt Grundvig

source: News Advocate 10-21-1927 Page 1
Nina Grundvig, 25 Dies in Automobile Plunges over Cliff

70 foot fall Fatal to young Price widow; failure of Brake Precipitates Automobile into Abyss

Crushed beneath her automobile when it plunged from the brink of of the bluff at Spring Glen Wednesday afternoon abt 4 O'clock, Mrs Nina Grundvig, 25, of Price was fatally injured. Slipping brakes coupled with strong gale, as she was backing her car, preparatory to returning to her home, started the car, on it's fatal precipitation.

The car crashed through the low fence, which had been erected as a safety guide and fell more then 70 feet to the rocks below. Mrs. Grundvig was terriblely crushed and bruised in the fall. She was rescued from beneath the car and rushed to Spring Glen hospital, where she was given medical aid. It was disclosed that she had sufferd fracture of the skull, fractured arms and legs and many other minor injuries. She passed away at 10 PM, never having regained consiousness.

Mrs. Grundvig had been visiting friends during the day in Spring Canyon, and is in the evening made ready to return to Price. The car was parked in such a position as to make it necassary for it to be reversed before it could be moved on the main highway again. When the brakes failed to hold, the car was catapulted over the edge of the cliff. The automobile was almost totally wrecked.

Nina Oviatt Grundvig was born at Cleveland, Utah October 24, 1902, she was the daughter of Beamon and Sylvia Oviatt of Elmo, who survive her. She was married to Dan Grundvig, a miner, eight years ago and three children survive, Slyvia 7, Dan 4 and Levon 1.

Funeral Services will be held in Wellington Sunday at 1:30 for Mrs. Grundvig. Bishop Eugene Branch will be in charge of services. Interment will be in the family plot at Wellington.

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Aldelbert Andrew Van Wagoner

Source: The News-Advocate Page 1 - 16 Sep 1926

Miner hurt in fall of rock dies in Salt Lake Hospital from injuries.

Funeral Services were held as Sunnyside Tuesday for Aldelbert Andrew Van Wagoner, 53 who died in a Salt Lake Hospital Saturday from injuries received in a fall of coal in no 1 mine of the Utah Fuel Company at Sunnyside on Sept. 7.

Van Wagoner died from bronchuel Pneumonia which was brought on by the injuries to his back. The services were under the direction of J.P Flynn.

Mr Van Wagoner was born Santaquin, September 8, 1873, the son of Ephraim and Cassie Hamilton Van Wagoner and had worked as a miner in this district for some time. His widow Jennie Van Wagoner, survives.

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James Gourley

Source: Eastern Utah Advocate - Page 8
James Gourley Passes at Salem

James Gourley one of the pioneer residents of Price River Valley and having for a number of years a homestead half was between Price and Helper, died at Salem on Sunday of last week. For several years he had been a sufferer from cancer of the face, which was the immdeiate cause of death. He was an Illnoisian by birth and was related by marriage to the Grames family, also pioneers here. Deceased was buried at Salem. he is survived by a wife and eight children. Deceased was about 57 years of age. The remains were buried at Salem on Monday of last week.

If you are related to this family or would like more please e-mail Teressa Lenkey.

Mary Jane Grames Gorley

Source: Eureka Reporter - Page 5

Mrs. M. J. Gorley died in the home of her daughter Mrs. Victor Hendrickson in this city at an early hour this morning after an illness covering a period of several years.

Awaiting the arrival of another daughter, arrangments for the funeral has not been completed, however it is thought that a short service will be held at the Hendrickson home on Sunday and that body will be taken to Salem for buriel. Mrs Gorley would have been 59 today.

If you are related to this family or would like more please e-mail Teressa Lenkey.

Eliza Ann Clawson Olsen Lapori

Documentation: FHL film 1421809 bk 84 page 62

FERRON - Eliza Ann Olsen Lapori, 83, Price, died here Dec. 7, 1982.

She was born April 1, 1899 in Castle Dale, Utah, to Charles C. and Eliza Ann Davis Clawson.

She married Bertle Olsen in 1916. He died in 1954.

She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Survivors include one son, one daughter and many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at Mitchel Funeral Home where friends may call Wednesday and Thursday prior to ervices. Burial will be in the Price City Cemetery.

Family representative: Michelle Harden.

Nick Lapori

Documentation: FHL film 1421806 bk 27 pg 97

HELPER, Carbon County - Nick Lapori, 85, died Mach 31 (1969) in Price hospital after a long illness. Born Jan. 15, 1884, Consenza, Italy, to Nick and Nicola Malitta Lapori. Married Maria Malitta; she died 1954. Married Eliza Ann Olsen Nov. 16, 1956, Helper. Retired Helper City employee. Survivors: widow; daughters, 14 grandchildren; nine great-great-grandchildren; stepsons, step daughter. Funeral Thursday 11 a.m., Mitchell Funeral Chapel, Price, where friends call Wednesday 7-9 p.m., Thursday prior to services. Burial Mountain View Cemetery.

Family representative: Michelle Harden.

Maria Lapor

Documentation: FHL film 1421805 bk 5 page 240

HELPER - Mrs. Maria Lapor, 66, died in a Price hospital Monday night after a short illness. Born in Providence, Italy, May 8, 1888, daughter of Martin and Clara Milito. Surviving: daughters, five grandchildren, one great-grandchild, a brother and a sister in Italy. Holy Rosary in Mitchell Funeral Home Friday, 7 p.m. Requiem mass at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Helper Saturday at 10 a.m. Burial Mount View Cemetery, Helper.

Family representative: Michelle Harden.

James Smith

Eastern Utah Advocate - 3 November 1904 page 1

SCOFIELD, Utah, Nov. 1 - Jim Smith mysteriously disappeared last Friday at midnight and has not been seen nor heard of since, though every effort has been made to locate him. It is feared by his friends that he has met foul play at the hands of some dastardly enemy as he was returning home that night. Officers are working upon the case and have discovered that he had no motive to leave, but had every reason to stay here. Mr. Smith had many warm friends, and also a certain number of deadly enemies in this community. He was a candidate for the office of justice of the peace in this precinct. He was chairman of the republican committee and was the campaign manager in this end of the county. A thorough search of every nook and corner of this vicinity will be made tomorrow by a posse of citizens.

Since the strike was declared off by the officers of District 15, all business affairs in this vicinity are rapidly changing to a more prosperous condition and confidence has been restored already to a normal extent. The last remnant of the deluded followers of Charles Demolli are packing their trunks and leaving this country.

Mrs. Sarah Pugh Smith

Eastern Utah Advocate - 17 Nov 1904 page 1

Deserted Wife Passes to the Great Beyond

SCOFIELD, Utah, Nov. 16, - Mrs. James Smith of Scofield whose sickness was some weeks since chronicled through the columns of The Advocate, passed away last Monday evening at the home of her mother, Mrs. Margaret Pugh. The cause of death was a complication which set in after childbirth. The case is a very sad one. About two weeks ago the Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias lodges, realizing the woman was in straightened circumstances, donated thirty dollars from each lodge, and as the husband was a member of both orders, the funds were turned over to him. Instead of taking the money home, Smith gambled it off. Later Smith disappeared, leaving the wife in a dying condition and no one to assist her except a widowed mother and a brother. The remains of Mrs. Smith will be interred in Scofield cemetery tomorrow, the funeral expenses being borne by Knights of Pythias Lodge (Rathbone) No. 9 and Odd Fellows' Lodge no. 32 of Scofield. Considering the sentiment of the general public, it would not be healthy for Smith to return here under any circumstances.

James L. Smith

This James L. Smith was born in 1838 in MD. He was a Civil War Vet. He was involved in law enforcement or security work all his life. Along the way he picked up the nick-name "Whispering Smith." There is extensive documentation of his presence at the Pleasant Valley Mine from March through June, 1897. He was investigating the robbery along with Cyrus Shores a Det. with the Denver & Rio Grande R/R. I'm trying to develop a chronology of his life and I can't fill in the period between 1888 when he was at Harrison, NE, and 1897 when he is documented at Castle Gate...and then 1903 when he surfaces at Sidney, NE. He is also found as J. L. Smith, James Smith and James Louis Smith. James L. Smith was a guard at the Pleasant Valley Coal Mine in 1897.

Family representative: Allen Bristow.

Fred M. Kilfoyle

Sun Advocate - Thursday, Jan. 14, 1960

Fred M. Kilfoyle, 72, prominent Price businessman, died Wednesday at his residence in American Fork following a brief illness.

Survivors include his widow, two sons, step-children, thirteen grandchildren and two sisters.

Mr. Kilfoyle received his education from the BYU where he majored in architecture. He married Rachael Booth of Provo on January 3, 1910. She preceeded him in death in 1953.

In his early career, Mr. Kilfoyle taught school at the Murdock academy in Beaver, Utah. He first came to Carbon County in 1912 to enter business at Scofield. He later moved to Spring Canyon where he spent many years as a foreman for the Spring Canyon Coal Company. In 1941 he moved to Price where he founded a mining supply and building business.

Active in civic affairs, Mr. Kilfoyle was a member of the Price Rotary Club and served as president of that organization. He was also a member of the Price Elks Club. He served as a member of the Carbon County Welfare Board and as a councilman for Price City. He was a member of the LDS church.

He married Hattie B. Larsen in 1954.

Funeral services will be conducted in the Price Fourth-Fifth ward chapel Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Friends may call at the Wallace Mortuary prior to the services. Burial will be in the Price City Cemetery.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact Markay Perrero.

Rachel Booth Kilfoyle

FHL film 1421805 bk 2 page 164

PRICE - Mrs. Rachel Booth Kilfoyle, 66, prominent civic and club woman of Price, died Thursday at a Price hospital after short illness. Born March 8, 1887, Provo, daughter of John and Elizabeth Booth. Married Fred M. Kilfoyle Jan. 3, 1910 at Heber, later solemnized in Manti LDS Temple. Had lived in Price 11 years and at Spring Canyon, Carbon County 35 years. She was active in civic and club work in Price.

Surviving are husband, two sons, five grandchildren, two sister.

Funeral Sunday, 2 p.m. Price LDS Fourth Ward. Firends may call at Wallace Mortuary Sunday. Burial Price Cemetery.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact Markay Perrero.

Fred Booth Kilfoyle

Sun Advocate - Thursday, March 2, 1961

Funeral services were conducted Monday at 1 p.m. in the Price Third-Sixth ward chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for Fred Booth Kilfoyle, 48, Price businessman, who died Friday at 9 a.m. at his office, Kilfoyle Krafts, of a heart attack.

He was born August 23, 1912, at Provo the son of Fred M. and Rachel Booth Kilfoyle. He married Helen Wallace August 24, 1941, in Price. He was co-owner of Kilfoyle Krafts and Price Building Company, member of the Price Rotary Club and Price Elks Lodge. He had previously resided at Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Survivors include his widow, son and daughters all of Price; a youth reared by the family and a brother.

Burial was in the Price City cemetery under the direction of the Wallace Mortuary.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact Markay Perrero.

(Salifino) Sally Mauro

Helper Journal - 17 May 1973

Educator retires after 44 years

"I believe in being kind but firm."

Sally Mauro

This is how Miss Sally Mauro, principal of Sally Mauro Elementary School, described her relationship with children which began 44 years ago in Helper with her first teaching assignment.

The long time Helper resident and educator will retire this year from her post at the elementary school from where she supervises some 424 students and 15 class room instructors.

"I think I had more luck than nerve," Miss Mauro said after asked how she began in the teaching profession. She said her mother and father, both immigrants influenced her towards her goal the most, even though times were financially difficult for them.

Born in Segundo, Colo., a Las Animas County mining camp, Miss Mauro was one of eight children, four girls and four boys born to Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Mauro, both of whom are deceased.

She graduated from Primero High School in 1926 and from the University of Southern California in 1939, from where she earned her bachelor's degree.

In 1928, after only two years of college, she began teaching at the old Central Elementary School which was located in South Helper. She finished her college education by going to school during the summers.

The first principal she worked under was Mr. Horsley, who she described as "real large with rosey cheeks who maintained good discipline."

"When I first got there I weighted only 88 pounds. He (Mr. Horsley) told me "my gosh you're small." The boys I taught were twice as large and the same age as I, because they were retained for so many years," Miss Mauro recalled.

She said Mr. Horsley advised her to "maintain your discipline" and she wouldn't have any problems with them. This piece of advice stayed with her through the years, she added.

In 1949, Miss Mauro earned her master's degree from Colorado State Teachers College at Greeley in administrative and elementary education.

The Helper educator remembered the time her mother secured a teaching job for her in Colorado during the 1935-36 school year. Miss Mauro said after her mother saw how unhappy she was she told her she better "go back to Utah where they do things right."

Other principals under which she worked while teaching at the old Helper Central Elementary School were Mr. Wardell and Fred Bosone. Miss Mauro said when she first started she taught seventh and eight grades. Since then she taught all elementary grades except first.

When the Helper Junior High was built she was offered a position there but declined because she liked Helper Central.

In 1948, Miss Mauro was selected Principal of Helper Central, where she remained until fire destroyed the school.

When I first saw the fire I didn't care about the building as much as I did the material inside," she said.

First to tell her of the historic fire was a neighbor, Ida Bruno, Miss Mauro recalled. "Ida said 'Sally, there is a fire at the Central school', " she added. As soon as the school principal walked out onto Main Street from her downtown apartment, she said she saw the school "all just ablaze.".

"I felt so helpless," Miss Mauro recalled. Constuction began on a new elementary school, which was named after Miss Mauro, some seven years ago. Sally Mauro elementary school is located in West Helper.

Miss Mauro was first vice presidnet and member of the Board of Trustees of the Carbon County Educational Association and a member of the local, state and national associations of Elementary School Principals and the Association for Childhood Education.

She has also been a member of Delta kappa Gamma since 1967 and is presently second vice president of Lambda Chapter.

About the children of today, Miss Mauro said, "They're very alert now but they don't take school serious nor assume responsibility as they used to."

The Helper educator said the hardest thing about being a principal is the amount of time it takes to perform the job.

She praised the faculty, parents and students for cooperating with her during her teaching tenure.

Miss Mauro's plans after retirement will include traveling. She said her time will be devided between Helper and Colorado.

Bertrum St. Elmo Jacob

Sun Advocate - 20 Oct 1955

Funeral services were conducted Monday at 11 a.m. in the chapel of the Mitchell funeral home for Bertrum St. Elmo Jacob, 69, who died at the family home thursday following an illness.

He was born November 20, 1885, at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, to David Daniel and Sophia Frazer Jaco. He was a retired clothing salesman. he married Julia Jensen, January 20, 1909, at Castle Dale.

Surviving are his widow, two daughters and two sons and 16 grandchildren.

Burial was in the Price City cemetery.

James Farimond

James Farimond met death at the Cameron mine Sunday while at his regular work of rope rider. He was injured in the afternoon but lingered between life and death until 10 o'clock at night when he succumbed.

The remains were brought to Price and the family at once notified. The body was later taken to Clawson where the decedent made his home for several years. he was 42 years of age and leaves a wife and four children besides many relatives in this and adjoining counties. He was a hard worker and always attended strictly to business. His associates speak of him in the highest terms.

Uncle Bert Martin

Moving Pictures
Carbon County News - 9 Jan 1909

Bert Martin, well known to every man, woman and child in this part of Utah as the Moving Picture Expert, will be with us for two nights, Monday and Tuesday, January 11th and 12th. Mr. Martin will bring a new program of pictures - the same program will run both nights. It is Mr. Martin's intention to come about every two weeks. Prices: Adults 25 cents, children ten cents.

Bert Martin the Popular Moving Picture Man
Carbon County News - 24 Feb 1911 page 7

Will make Carbon County towns on the following days in February and March. Give the right of track and a full house, and he will do the rest.

Price 17 of each month
Helper 18 and 19 of each month
Castlegate 20 of each month
Sunnyside 22 and 23 of each month
Kenilworth 25 of each month
Clear Creek 27 and 28 of each month
Winter Quarters 29 of each month
Scofield 30 of each month

Uncle Bert Martin
copied from Oral History of Howard T. Jones, December 1974
- Kellogg Community Improvement through Local History Project, Department of History, Utah State University

"Uncle Bert traveled from here (Sunnyside) to Castle Gate and up to Winter Quarters, and I don't know where from there, but I know he traveled around three places, and he brought his picture along with him. They used to have cowboys and Indians."

"Well, Burt Martin used to, in the old church up there, Sunnyside church, that's where he used to have these pictures. On the two nights out of the week he'd have his shows here, and he used to have a big crowd, too, before that old amusement hall was opened up. After the amusement hall opened up, Bert took it for a while. Then they took it and turned it over to Mr. Joe Naylor. Before then we'd call Bert Martin's show. We used to get megaphones and go around the town hollering, "Bert Martin's show tonight, cowboys and Indians!" Then there'd be some that go uptown and some go lower town, and as we'd go down, we'd go clear to the lower town, and then come back.... We'd always go in to call on them, then we'd go out hollering, "Bert Martin's show." It was pretty interesting. He had quite a crowd every time he come here. Old Uncle Bert, he was quite a character.

(We'd say) "Burt Martin's show tonight. There's cowboys and Indians." Then the other guy would holler the same. Then each one of us took our turn going down through town. Then we came back on the next row of houses."

See photos of Bert Martin here

Robert Martin

Widely Known Castlegate Resident Dies
Tribune Special

CASTLEGATE, Carbon County - Funeral services for Bert Martin, 87, who died at a Price hospital Sunday (16 Mar 1947) at 3 a.m. where he was taken after receiving a broken hip in a fall at his home Saturday morning, will be conducted Tuesday (18 Mar 1947) at 5 p.m. in the Castlegate chapel, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Fay Thacker, bishop, will be in charge.

He was born Aug. 14, 1859, and had resided in Carbon county for many years being widely known as Uncle Bert. He had managed and operated moving picture machines, taking them to the various mining camps in the community. During his younger years he was a trouper in vaudeville acts.

He is survived by a sister, Mrs. Lillie Soares, Altadena, Cal.

Burial in the Mountain View cemetery at Helper will be under the direction of Mitchell funeral home, Price.

Dora Mae Martin

Helper Journal, September 27, 1945 page 1


Death claimed (Aunty) Dora Mae Martin, 81, long-time resident of Castle Gate, at 9:20 a.m. Sunday at the LDS hospital in Salt Lake City, who died following an operation. Reports from the hospital Saturday revealed that she was recovering from the operation but attending physicians reported a blood clot struck her brain Sunday which caused her death.

(Aunty) Martin, as she was familiarly known among all her friends was the wife of Robert (Uncle Bert) Martin, and was born in Rolph, Iowa, January 28, 1864. She married Uncle Bert in Omaha, Neb., in December 1899. For several years they lived in the vicinity of Omaha where Uncle Bert was under contract with several vaudeville companies as a ballad singer. In 1907 they moved to Logan, Utah where Uncle Bert began his career in the motion picture business. In 1908 the Martins came to Carbon county, first settling at Sunnyside, where they conducted the motion picture entertainment for that community until he retired. He also played at Castle Gate and Winter Quarters.

Uncle Bert and Aunty Martin maintained their home in Castle Gate for the last decade, where Aunty was active in the LDS church Relief Society and other ward activities. She was known as one of the "singing mothers" of Castle Gate. Mother of Moose Auxiliaries.

Although she was not a charter member of the Helper Chapter of the Women of the Moose, Aunty Martin was known as the Mother of the Helper and Price lodges. She has been treasurer of the local lodge for many years. Because of her activiity in the Moose Auxiliary Aunty Martin had the honor of having had the second degree-academy of Friendship award conferred upon her by her lodge.

Funeral at Moose Hall

Funeral services are being conducted today at 5:30 p.m. in the Helper Moose hall with Bishop Fay Thacker of Castle Gate LDS ward conducting the services. He is listed as one of the speakers. Aunty Martin's fellow chorus members from Castle Gate ward will sing several of her favorite songs. The Women of the Moose will perform their ritual, and burial will be in the Helper Mt. View cemetery under the direction of the Mitchell Funeral home of Price. The body may be viewed at the Moose Hall from noon until 5 p.m. today.

Bessie Noakes Putman

The Springville Herald, 4 Mar 1971, Tuesday

Former resident services today

Funeral services for Bessie Noakes Putman, 74, of Salt Lake City, who died February 22, 1971 in a Salt Lake hospital were held Saturday in Salt Lake. Burial was in the Springville Evergreen Cemetery.

Mrs. Putman was a native of Springville, being born December 1, 1896, a daughter of David Patten and Lillie Ann Oakley Noakes. She married Henry Lee Putman on January 14, 1922, Salt Lake City; the marriage was later solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple.

Mrs. Putman was a graduate of the University of Utah and was a teacher in the Granite, Jordan, Wasatch and Carbon School Districts.

Survivors include her husband; two sons and three daughters, Raymond L. and Ellen R. Putman, both of Salt Lake City; David W. and Norma D. Putman, both of Kaysville, Mrs. Clinton (Marjorie) Mathews, Hayward, California; 10 grandchildren; two sisters and one brother, Mrs. Hilda Daniels, Long Beach, California; Mrs. Emma Long, Springville; David Oakley, Salt Lake City; two stepsisters, Mrs. Mattie Mehr, California; Mrs. Myrtle Price, Ogden.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact David Putman

Henry Lee Putman

Henry Lee Putman, 84 died Jan. 6, 1980, in a local hospital.

Born May 10, 1895, Ogden, to William Lee and Annie Gange Putman. Married Bessie Noakes Jan. 14, 1922, Salt Lake City. Marriage later solemnized in the Manti LDS Temple in 1964. She died Feb. 23, 1971. Longtime resident of Helper, working for D&RGW Railroad as a machinist. He retired in 1955, Veteran, WWI, serving in 145th Field Artillery. Member, American Legion Post no. 21, Carbon County Last Squad Club. Active in LDS Poplar Grove Ward.

Survivors: two sons, Raymond L., Salt Lake City; David W. Kaysville; daughter, Mrs. Clinton C. (Marjorie) Matthews, California; nine grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; two brothers, Albert E. Clements, Arizona; Sterling Putman, California; sister, Mrs. Frank (Eleanor) Aquino, California.

Funeral services Thursday noon at Poplar Grove LDS Ward, 1401 W. 700 South. Friends may call at Deseret Mortuary, 36 E. 700 South, Wednesday 6-8 p.m. and Thursday at the ward one hour prior to services. Interment, Evergreen Cemetery.

Click here for a copy of his personal history in PDF format.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact David Putman

Ellen Mae Ramsay Putman

Published in Salt Lake Tribune on September 21, 2011

Putman, Ellen MaeEllen Mae Ramsay Putman passed away September 16, 2011. After enduring many illnesses she succumbed to liver cancer. She was born November 16, 1919 in Storrs, Utah to Peter Ramsay and Jeannie Boam Ramsay. She was the last surviving sibling of 12. She grew up during the depression with many hardships. Her father died when she was 13. She was proud of her Scottish heritage. She was of the LDS faith. She married young and divorced.

She started dancing with Raymond Lee Putman. They actually fell in love on the dance floor. They were married November 23, 1946 and were married two months short of 65 years. They continued to dance throughout their entire marriage. They were inseparable and always put each other first. Their unconditional love and caring has set an example for us all.

She worked hard her entire life; she waitressed in Helper, Price and Salt Lake City at Brattens. During World War II she worked at the Defense Depot in Ogden. She always had her home opened to all their children's friends. Besides raising their own family, she and her husband were foster parents for over 28 years, having 83 foster children in their home.

She had a sense of humor that would surprise you. She had a big heart and always gave of herself to those in need. She was always there for her family through happy times and tragedies. She made every occasion special. Her life was truly dedication and love for her family. And her family made her happy. You would see her light up with her beautiful smile when she saw her loved ones. She was very proud of each of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was a remarkable and caring woman. She knew joy and pain, love and loss, life and death. She lived a great life.

Survived by: husband, Raymond Lee Putman; daughters, Diana Mae (Larry) Richins, Linda Lee Redmond (Brent) Jepson; grandchildren, Tomilyn Pahl, Raymond (Mandy) Redmond; great grandchildren, Chelsie Jeffs, Anthony, Emily, Joey and Bentley Redmond; sisters-in-law, Marjorie Mathews, Norma Putman, Betty Ramsay; many close and Loved nieces and nephews; also foster child, Chris (Dawnell) Marchant and many other foster children. Preceded in death by: children, Michael Lee, Mark Raymond, Jack David, and Jeannie; grandsons, Steven Clark Jones, infant, Thomas Redmond Jr.; son-in-law Thomas Redmond; siblings, Thomas, Jeannie, William, Marion, Elizabeth, Peter Jr., Henry, John, James, Elzada, and Robert.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 2:00 p.m., Redwood Memorial Mortuary and Cemetery, 6500 South Redwood Road. Friends and family are invited to attend a viewing Friday, September 23, 2011 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. and again one hour prior to service on Saturday at the mortuary. Interment Redwood Memorial Cemetery. Online condolences

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact David Putman

David William Putman

Salt Lake Tribune, 10 Dec 1987

Putman, David WilliamKaysville, David William Putman, 56, died Monday, December 7, 1987 at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful of pancreatitis.

Born July 20, 1931 at the Cold Springs Picnic area, Spanish Fork Canyon, son of Henry Lee and Bessie Noakes Putman. He married Norma Downs, January 28, 1954 in Ogden. He was reared an educated in Helper, lived in Ogden after being discharged from the Army until he moved to Kaysville. In 1960, where he resided until his death. He was a member of the Kaysville LDS 18th Ward. Had worked at Hill AFB for 37 years as a production control technician. He was a brilliant and talented person with special interests in history and art. He was a Veteran of the Korean War.

Surviving: Wife, Kaysville; two sons, one daughter, David Byron and his wife, Marjorie Putman, Kaysville; Christopher Raymond and his wife, Judy Putman, Provo; Valerie Lee Putman, Idaho Falls, Idaho; three grandchildren; Sabrina, Bambi Michelle and Ryan David, one brother, Raymond and his wife, Ellen Putman, Salt Lake City and one sister, Mrs. Clinton (Marjorie) Mathews, Whittier, California.

Services will be held Saturday 11:00 a.m. at Lindquiest and Sons Kaysville Mortuary, 400 North Main, with Bishop Harold Smuin of the Kaysville 18th Ward officating. Friends may call Friday from 6-8 p.m. at the Mortuary and Saturday one hour prior to the services. Interment, Kaysville City Cemetery.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact David Putman

Raymond Lee Putman

Putman, Raymond LeeRaymond Lee Putman passed away September 27, 2018 at the age of 94. We will miss his stories, sense of humor, service to others, and love. He was born to Henry Lee Putman and Bessie Noakes Putman on February 26, 1924. He was raised in Carbon County towns of Soldier Summit, Spring Glen, and finally Helper, Utah with his sister Marjorie and brother David. He had a good loving family.

He graduated from Price High School and later The College of Eastern Utah. He enlisted in the Army during World War II before he was drafted. He had just turned 19. He served in India in the 173rd Ordance Company. He served for 3 years until the war ended, circling the world on his return ship. He was a true patriot and felt so fortunate that he returned home safely. Many of his best friends did not return and that left a permanent feeling of loss.

After returning he met Ellen Mae Ramsay on the dance floor. They fell in love and were married November 23, 1946. They continued to dance throughout their entire marriage. They were beautiful Ballroom Dancers. People used the word mesmerizing. They were inseparable and showed unconditional love, setting an example for us all. They raised four children and were always there for them and later their grandchildren and great grandchildren whom he loved so much and was very proud of. Ellen passed away 2 months short of their 65th Anniversary.

He worked for the Rio Grande Railroad in Helper and then Salt Lake. For awhile he worked for both the Rio Grande and Union Pacific. He continued to work for the Union Pacific in Salt Lake for 40 years until his retirement.

He was a hard worker his entire life either being a carpenter, electrician, bricklayer or plumber. He was always helping others when they needed help. He was raised learning honesty, fairness, and service to others. He was a peacemaker and people loved him. Besides raising their 4 children they became foster parents for over 28 years helping 83 different boys in their home. He was a member of the LDS church. He was a Fraternal Order of Eagles member where he and Ellen had many friends.

He was full of knowledge, a true Renaissance Man; loving books and history. He had a remarkable memory. His sense of humor and wit was well known with many a story to tell. He knew joy and pain, love and loss, life and death. Through it all he was grateful and appreciative of his life.

Survived by daughter Linda Lee Redmond (Brent) Jepson, grandchildren: Tomilyn (Randall) Pahl, Raymond (Mandy) Redmond, great-grandchildren Chelsie Galvez, Anthony (Carly) Redmond, Emily Ray, Joseph, and Bentley Redmond, great-great grandchild Marlee Ray Galvez, 2 great-great grandchildren on the way, and step grandchildren, son-in-law Larry Richins, sister Marjorie Matthews, many close and loved nieces and nephews, and many foster children.

He was preceded in death by his wife Ellen May Ramsay Putman, children: Diana Mae Richins, Michael Lee Putman, Mark Raymond Putman, grandsons: Steven Clark Jones, infant Thomas Redmond Jr., son-in-law Thomas Redmond, brother, David Putman and numerous brother and sister in laws.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday October 6, 2018 at 2:00 PM at Memorial Redwood Mortuary, 6500 South Redwood Road in West Jordan, Utah. A viewing for family and friends will be held on Friday October 5, 2018 from 6 to 8 PM at the mortuary and again on Saturday two hours prior to the funeral. Interment will follow at Memorial Redwood Cemetery.

If you are related to this individual or would like to know more please contact David Putman

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