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During the past ten years I have collected quite a few cemetery and headstone photographs. I have added them to this webpage so if you need them they are available to you. The photos are not in alphabetical order. When I add new photos they will be added at the end so use your edit/find to search for a surname.

These photographs have been reduced in size to about 1 1/2 inch x 1 inch to save space on the server and thus making it possible to add even more photographs for each area. If you see a photograph here that you would like a larger picture of e-mail Kathy Hamaker. I'd be happy to e-mail you the photo file so you can print it out on your computer. If you have any photographs in your possession that you would like to donate I'd be happy to add them also. Thank you for your help.

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Price Cemetery

Alene M. Asay

Jesse Juan & Caroline F. Asay

Lyle Glen Asay

Leo Warren Downard & Mary
Yvonne Frances Moorby Downard

Cora Agnes Empey

Carl W. Empey
Pollie Anne J. Empey

John Henry Empey

Claude J. & Mabel T. Empey
Charles Henry & Keziah Empey

Max Lee Empey

Jakop Kremenshek

Brigham Oscar, Barbara
Anna M., Lena M. Nelson,
Leon Mathis, Evelyn McIntire

Lena McIntire

Mary Ann Evans Shurtleff

Sam Pavlovich

Wendy Lynn Ryan

Elizabeth M. Stewart

Edwart T. & Alta E. Stewart

Margaret Ann Valentine

Clifford & Maude J. Warren

Olive Frances Warren

Daniel Hvala

Ursula Hvala

Tony & Elviera Monfredi

Boyd & Rosalee Monfredi

Joseph & Mary Falsone Colosimo

Adone Paternoster

Mia Moglie

Keith W. Barker

Betty Tyke Barker

cemetery 1

Pete & Sarah M. Bosone

William & Delores Austin

cemetery 2

Walter Brooks

Annie Rebol

Ervin D. Holfeltz

cemetery 3

Berten Owen Powell

Ellis Deloss & Ellen Annie Peacock

Ellen Ann, Mary Ellen,
George P. Latturner

Francis J. & Annie L. Dimick

Melissa Ann Sanderson

Lawrence & Madeline Moynier

Richard L. & Dorothy I. Wilcox

Harris B. & Della M. Simonsen

August Fredrick & Emma
Dale Priebe

Jose T. & Tillie M. Flores

Spencer Leslie Haycock

Robert J. Jones

Orson & Ada J. Nelson

Cemetery 4

Armenag Kirkor & Param
Ardot Sherinian

Mary May Sherinian

Florance Sherinian

Matt P. & Ann A. Peczuh

Cemetery 5

Harry H. Richelman

F. Victor & Helen Tanner Dimick

Oscar F. Jr. & Rosa M. Carlson

Charles Hamburg

Joseph LeRoy Dimick

Samuel Lambert

Clouid Hillery Wright

Baby Bartlett

Ruth Williams

Myrtle Stewart

William Burroughs Harvey

William B. Harvey - WWII

Virgil Clyde Snider - WWII

James R. Tweddell

May Tweddell

"Bill" William Southworth

Ida Ellen Tweddell Hamaker

Joseph A. Mower &
Mary Ruth Mower

John Webster Littlejohn

Bethia Aird MacGregor Littlejohn

Clarence M. Littlejohn

William Littlejohn

Mary Lindsay Littlejohn


Stanley Charles & Eleanor Richards Harvey

Bertha Farrish James

William W. & Betty L. Harvey

John Henry James

Beulah James

John Henry James Jr.

Wm "Bill" H. & Pauline S. Flynn

Back of Flynn: our children, Billy H., Donald W., Robert E., Brenda K.

Melvin A. & Nina L. Heath

Scofield Cemetery

All the photos of the Scofield cemetery hae been donated by James Bleess except the Luoma photos. He has photographs of each one of the headstones for the men killed in the mine explosion on May 1, 1900. Please contact him if you would like a copy of a specific headstone.

Andrew Jackson Franklin
& J. Johnson

H. Bernard

A.T. Luoma

W.A. Luoma

Peter Coclet



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Sunnyside Cemetery

William A. & Gladys E. Hunter

Overview of cemetery

James A. & A. Laura Crow

Deedie B. Rhett

Raymond L. & Nadine R. Graham

Leo & Ester Valdez

Graham, Valdez, Rhett

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