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    Oral Histories

    The oral histories listed below are available from the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies. The Charles Redd Center for Western Studies is an endowed organization established at Brigham Young University in January 1972. Its purpose is to promote the study of all aspects of the American West experience, with special emphases on the people who built the west.

    In 1976 they visited Carbon County and conducted oral histories of some of the former residents of Castle Gate. These oral histories were transcribed and proofread by the individuals. Copies of these oral histories are available through Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University.

    Name Call Number
    Boulter, A. C. Call Number MSS OH 435 - 34 pages
    Craig, Willard Call Number MSS OH 221 - 21 pages
    Giordano, Angelo Call Number MSS OH 166 - 9 pages
    Harrison, Thomas Call Number MSS OH 226 - 27 pages
    Harvey, Stanley C. Call Number MSS OH 115 - 25 pages
    Hilton, Tommy Call Number MSS OH 305 - 69 pages
    Holton, Thomas E. Call Number MSS OH 169 - 13 pages
    Houghton, Charles Call Number MSS OH 118 - 24 pages
    Houghton, Helen Call Number MSS OH 73 - 46 pages
    Houghton, John T. Call Number MSS OH 124 - 51 pages
    Hreinson, Vanda Call Number MSS OH 108 - 21 pages
    Huff, Charles Call Number MSS OH 176 - 41 pages
    Huff, Manson E. Call Number MSS OH 362 - 31 pages
    James, Evan Call Number MSS OH 223 - 21 pages
    Katsavrias, Nick Call Number MSS OH 160 - 20 pages
    Mills, Anne Call Number MSS OH 73 - 46 pages
    Olsen, Edith Jones Call Number MSS OH 1092 - ? pages
    Parkin, Naomi P. Call Number MSS OH 369 - ? pages
    Seely, Rx H. Call Number MSS OH 355 - 19 pages
    Stevens, Howard Call Number MSS OH 375 - 32 pages
    Stevenson, Ernest Call Number MSS OH 145 - 50 pages
    Tabone, Pete Call Number MSS OH 82 - 73 pages
    Thacker, Fay E. Call Number MSS OH 181 - 46 pages
    Vuksineck, Louis L. Call Number MSS OH 120 - 26 pages

    Oral Histories

    The University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Digital Library also has a collection of Oral Histories for residents of Carbon County. Visit their website to find histories of the following people.

    Mary Campedell & Mary Romano
    Mary Lupo, East Carbon City
    Mary Nicolovo Juliana
    Mary Topelvec
    Mr. and Mrs. Roldo Shaw
    Emile Louise Cances
    Mary Diamanti
    Nicolai Guzzo
    Pasquale and Sophia Tunno
    Pete Aiello
    Ralph Budo
    Remo Spigarelli
    Rudy and Harriet Topolvec
    Shefton & Roxella Gordon
    Tally Evans
    Tina Skerl Zemlock
    Tony Frugni
    Tony Pestotnik
    Val Turri
    Walter Morgan Donaldson
    Wilhemina Holdaway
    Albert Vogrenic
    Ann & John Spensko
    Anna Tolich, Helper
    Anna Tolich, Spring Glen
    Anne Kosec
    Art Jeanselme
    Dr. Eldon Dorman
    Edna Burton
    Elias Degn
    Emanuel May
    Fred Voll
    Gabriel Bruno
    George Poulas
    Hal Schultz
    Ivan & Edith Lambson
    James Gardner
    Joe Meyers & Walt Borla
    Joseph Dalpaiz
    Kendall & Ona Barnett
    Kosuke Okura
    Leonard Shield
    Lillie Erkkila Woolsey
    Louis Pestotnick Jr.
    Lucille Olsen, Hiawatha
    Marie Nelson

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    We are very interested in obtaining histories of the people of Carbon County. If you have a history of your family that you would like to share with others please send a copy to Kathy Hamaker.

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