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    Online Histories and obituaries

    This is an index of the histories that have been collected of Carbon County residents. Click on the name and it will take you to the obituary or history.

    If you have obituaries or histories of individuals who lived in Carbon County, Utah please donate them to be added to these webpages. You can copy and paste it to an e-mail, send a .doc, .wpd, or a .pdf file to Kathy Hamaker. Thank you!

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    A Description
    Ahlin, Martin Short history donated by Sharon Becker.
    Albo, Dominick Service Information: 5 Sep 1919 - The Sun pg 5
    Alexander, Prince Short history written by Betty Jo Hartley
    Allred, Sidney First Settlers of Wellington
    Ames, Julia Short history donated by Lou Smith.
    Anderson'in, Erick obituary in Finnish - donated by Wilfred Peters
    Anderson, Pete The Sun Advocate - 9 Oct 1941 pg 12: Member of Outlaw Posse Tells story of Walker-Cassidy capture In 1898
    Angeslevan, William obituary in Finnish - donated by Wilfred Peters
    Ariotti, Jennie Lost her case for damages against Mike Bergera: 1 Nov 1921 - The News Advocate pg 1
    Arnason, Autna A short history donated by Tony Arnason
    Arnason, Erlindur A short history donated by Tony Arnason
    Arnason, Stana A short history donated by Tony Arnason
    Asson, Joe (Fidele Vigilio Luigi) A short history donated by Gary Asson
    Auphand, T. H. New Amusement Park - 13 Jun 1912 Eastern Utah Progress
    Auphand, T. H. Informs Helper's Time that he will open up Riverside Park. EUP 13 Mar 1913
    Auphand, T. H. Will make his park more popular this summer. Carbon County News - 15 Jan 1914
    Austin, James Gilbert (Gib) A short history donated by Loren Lewis Smith
    Averett, Edna Casaday obituary
    Averett, William First Settlers of Wellington


    B Discription
    Barker, Funnon Ottis obituary
    Barker, Roy Mervin obituary
    Barnes, Ida Elizabeth Pace obituary
    Bash, William H. Obituary: News Advocate - Dec 2, 1927 page 1
    Bass, Elizabeth Jensen Obituary; Sun Advocate - Thurs. Dec. 17, 1953
    Bass, Walter Scott Bass Obituary: Sun Advocate - Thurs. Dec. 8, 1938
    Beesley, Thomas William obituary
    Beezley, Walter V. obituary
    Berg, Josephine Thomas Funeral services held: 15 Apr 1927 - News Advocate page 1
    Bergera, James J. (Chokey) Obituary: 30 Mar 1975
    Bianco, John James Sr. obituary
    Bergera, Lucy death notice: 8 Aug 1918 - News Advocate - page 4
    Bergera, Mary death notice: 24 Apr 1953
    Berkeley, George W. Two wives claiming money is puzzle to court
    Beveridge, Thomas Death notice: 20 Oct 1981 - Salt Lake Tribune page D5
    Bianco, August Death notice: 27 Mar 1941 - The Helper Journal page 1
    Bianco, John James Sr. obituary
    Bianco, Pete Funeral notice: 13 Nov 1930
    Bikakis, Nick Memories of Nicks Club owned by Nick Bikakis
    Biondich, Matt Operated Tavern for Many Years - Helper Journal, October 6, 1966 page 1
    Birch, Joseph Early settler
    Blackham, John Moroni history submitted by Frances Cunningham
    Blackwell, Harry short history donated by Steve Blackwell
    Blair, George First Settlers of Wellington
    Blair, Thomas First Settlers of Wellington
    Bliss, Sheriff S. Marion Shootings End Lives of Sheriff, Two Ranchers
    Bonvicin, David obituary
    Bonza, Vince Obituary: 5 Jan 1979
    Boothe, Leslie A history donated by Gene Halverson
    Boren, Ezra obituary
    Bosone, Reva Beck Information: The Sun, Price, UT pg 3 - February 5, 1931
    Boweter, William, Sr. Information
    Bradshaw, David A short history donated by Karen Mandel.
    Bradshaw, Elizabeth A short history donated by Karen Mandel.
    Bradshaw, John Henry A short history donated by Karen Mandel.
    Bradshaw, William A short history donated by Karen Mandel.
    Braffit, Hannah Johnson also see website - Hannah Johnson Braffit - and - Hannah Johnson
    Braffit, Mark Pomeroyn also see websites - Hannah Johnson Braffit - and - Hannah Johnson
    Braffit, Mark Pomeroyn First County Clerk of Carbon County
    Branch, William H. Early Settlers Page
    Brasher, Wilma obituary
    Brent, Leona Death notice
    Brgoch, Francis Tomsic Stavar  
    Brock, William obituary
    Brock, Frank  
    Bruno, Ernest Felix obituary
    Bruno, Salvatore "Sam" obituary
    Bryner, Albert Information: The Carbon County News, pg 16, October 29, 1914
    Bryner, Albert Funeral Services Held for Early Settler of Price - News Advocate - 25 Dec 1930 pg 1
    Bryner, Edith E. Miles Obituary
    Bryner, Harmon C. obituary
    Bryner, Margaret Kuhn ...Goes to Final reward - Eastern Utah Advocate, 22 Feb 1906 pg 3
    Bryner, Ulrich One More Passes On - 16 Feb 1905 & 23 Feb 1905 Eastern Utah Advocate page 1
    Buchanan, -- Union Pacific Mine 1892
    Buffmire, LaMar L. "Buff" obituary
    Buffmire, Dr. Judy Ann Cook obituary
    Bunnell, Samuel Bert Salt Lake Tribune - FHL film 1421806 bk 16 pg 7
    Burch, Art Killed in a cave-in: 17 Jan 1918 - The News Advocate
    Burress, Leland G. obituary
    Burress, Merle Glascock obituary
    Burrows, Catherine History written by Eugene H. Halverson
    Burton, John History by Gina Myrberg
    Butler, William History by Wayne L. Hanna
    Butt, John Newbern Information donated by Beth Allred.
    Byrge, Dirley McCloud obituary
    Byrge, Donald Sr. obituary
    Byrge, Luke obituary
    Byrge, John B. obituary
    Byrge, Mark obituary
    Byrge, Troi Su Byrge obituary


    C Discription
    Callaway, C. Edward obituary
    Callaway, Clifford L. obituary
    Callaway, James George obituary
    Callaway, Leland Maurice obituary
    Carey, Ena Maude Carlson obituary
    Carrick, Isabelle Story donated by Kip Peterson
    Carrick, Jack Short history written by Shirley Ann Marchbanks Harris
    Cassidy, Butch (a different webpage) Making their way to Castle Gate, Utah, in April 1897 the bandits robbed a coal mine pay roll of $8,000. Lady Belle Outlaw's Hideout webpage.
    Chamberlain, James Burton Obituary: The Eastern Utah Advocate - 28 Jan. 1943 page 10
    Chapman, James E. accident on 30 May 1945
    Chinaman, Tom Old Tom, the aged "Chink" . . . Carbon County News pg 5 - 27 Jun 1912
    Christensen, Rose Johanna story
    Cima, Birdie Leonard obituary
    Cima, Ernest Antonio obituary
    Cima, James obituary
    Cima, John Battista Fox Lake Drownings Verified: Searching parties Fail In Bear Lake
    Cima, Pete obituary
    Cima, Ruth Olive Carter Wife Dies from Shock of Husband's Death
    Cima, Virginia Filippini Melens Wiley obituary
    Clarke, Hartford G. Obituary: News Advocate - 3 June 1916 pg 1
    Colacito, Angelo Tony (Cinders) Obituary: 2 Jun 1969 -The Helper Journal
    Colby, Stanley G. Information
    Coombs, Samuel obit
    Coombs, Mary Elizabeth Farish obit
    Cooper, Granville Alexander Cooper, Jr. "Coop" Obituary: News Advocate
    Cooper, Granville Alexander Cooper, Sr. "Curly" Obituary: FHL film 1421808 bk 67 pg 23
    Cooper, Lillian A. Herman Obituary: FHL film 1421809 bk 88 pg 23
    Cormani, Richard obituary
    Cormani, Robert Sr. obituary
    Corsetti, Antonio First Latuda Mine Mishap in Six Years Kills one and Hurts Two - The Sun Advocate, June 10, 1937 page 1
    Cory, Thomas H obituary
    Costello, Frank Sr. obituary
    Costello (Kastelic), John Story: Coal Mining in My Family written by Jason Zaccaria
    Cowan, Byrnell obit
    Cowan, Byron obit
    Cowan, Kirtland obit
    Cowan, Lura obit
    Cowan, Ramona "Mona" Reaveley obit
    Cox, Samuel & Sarah Early Settlers
    Craig, Katherine Evans Padfield obit
    Crawford, John death
    Crawford, John W. death
    Crofts, Emily History donated by Cathie Owens
    Culp, ED Portrait of self and his home
    Curtis, James P. 1900 Scofield Councilman


    D Discription
    D'Ambrosio, Paul Price Man Killed Yesterday in Standardville Mine
    Dalton, E. Smith The Sun Advocate - 19 Mar 1942 pg 5 Brother of Former Price Mayor Dies
    Dalton, Hannah Daphne Smith The Sun Advocate - 13 May 1937 pg 4 Mother of Former Price Mayor Dies
    Daniel, Elizabeth Bradsaw family History 1913-1939
    Davini, Don D. obituary
    Davini, Hazel L. obituary
    Davini, Marty obituary
    Davini, Robert (Bob) obituary
    Day, Harmon Harry Harmon Harry day was born May 17, 1901
    Doporto, Danny J. obituary
    Doporto, Melchor Jr. obituary
    Doporto, Emma obituary
    Doss, James Irvin The Sun - 27 Oct 1932 pg 1 & 3 Nov 1932 - Price Man killed in fall from cliff
    Doss, Danella Sivley Sun Advocate - 4 Feb 1937 pg 9, Price Woman taken By Pneumonia Illness
    Douglas, William Keddie short story
    Downard, George obituary
    Dudler, Joe Joe Dudler is named Sheriff by Commission
    Dunlevy, Forrest Sloan Last Rites Held here for Former Engineer of City


    E Discription
    Edur, Mary Peterson Barker Obituary
    Edur, Theodore obituary
    Eldridge, Samuel Newman Early Settlers Page
    Elegante, Bertha Maffei obituary
    Elegante, Charles L. obituary
    Elegante, Joseph obituary
    Empey, Charles Henry Early Settlers page
    Engelbert, Adolphus obituary
    Engelbert, Veda obituary
    Evans, Margaret Castle Gate History of August Thomas (A.T.) Jones and Family
    Evans, Mary Castle Gate History of August Thomas (A.T.) Jones and Family
    Ewell, Franklin Marion The Sun page 1 - 28 Dec 1923 Oldtime resident of Carbon called by death
    Ewell, Franklin Marion obit - News Advocate - pg 1 - 27 Dec 1923


    F Discription
    Faddis, Thelma Beth Here is bits and pieces on Spring Canyon
    Faddis, Robert Here is bits and pieces on Spring Canyon
    Faddis, Thomas Here is bits and pieces on Spring Canyon
    Farimond, James no date newspaper article (death 16 Jul 1916)
    Farish, Manilla Dewey Information
    Farish, Thomas Jr. Short history donated by Gary Ungricht
    Farren, John Howard obituary
    Federico, Guy death
    Federico, Orlando death
    Felice, Louie FUNERAL RITES HELD FOR HELPER PRESIDENT - Helper, UT, Feb 3, 1944 pg 8
    Felipsich, John Miner Killed by Fall from Bridge - News Advocate - 27 Mar 1930
    Fiack, Henry The Sun Advocate - 10 Jun 1937 pg 3 Death Takes Henry Fiack, Well Known Pioneer of Price
    Fiack, Henry The Sun Advocate - 17 Jun 1937 pg 9 Services for Henry Fiack Held Friday
    Fitzgerald, Charles E. obituary
    Fitzgerald, Fern Smith obituary
    Fitzgerald, John Dennis short history
    Fitzgerald, Thomas Sr. Sun Advocate - 29 Apr 1937 pg 1 - Pioneer Resident, One Time Council Member, Succumbs.
    Fitzgerald, Thomas Sr. Sun Advocate - 6 May 1937 pg 2 - Final Rites Held for Price Pioneer
    Fitzgerald, Thomas N. obituary
    Fitzgerald, William obituary
    Forsyth, Elsie Clyde Sun Advocate - 7 Dec 1933
    Forsyth, John Andrew Sun Advocate - 24 Oct 1963
    Francis, Kula Mavrakis obit and history
    Frandsen, Erasmus Early Settlers Page
    Frangiskakis, Emmanual (Francis, Mike) Maple Creek Coal Company Official Dies in Salt Lake
    Fullmer, James Dicken obituary
    Fullmer, Kenneth Babcock obituary


    G Discription
    Gatherum, James & Mary Watson notes
    Gentry, Sanderson Demar Short history donated by Ryan Morris
    Gianini, Mary obituary
    Gianotti, Maria The Helper Journal - 24 Feb 1955 pg 1
    Gianotti, Stephen The Helper Journal pg 1 - 3 Apr 1941 - Helper early pioneer since 1902 died at age 80
    Gianotti, Stephen The Sun Advocate - 3 Apr 1941 - age 80, came to Carbon County 1894, to Helper in 1902
    Gibson, Sarah Evelyn History of Christian Ed Nielsen by Beverly Brasher Nielsen, 1973
    Gilbert, Greenland Federer Information
    Gilson, Samuel H. S.H. Gilson, fames as the discoverer of gilsonite . . .
    Gonzales, Jona Costello Coal Mining in My Family by Jason Zaccaria
    Gorley, Francis 28 Jan 1926 - Gorley Sentenced to term in Prison
    Gorley (Gourley), James Eastern Utah Advocate - 26 Aug 1909 pg 8
    Gorley, Mary Jane Grames Eureka Reporter - 13 Jul 1917 - pg 5
    Grako (Greco), Joseph obituary
    Grako (Greco), Louis F. obituary
    Grames, Albert James Early Settlers page
    Grames, Albert James Tuesday, March 26, 1991 - Sun Advocate, Price, Utah 7A
    Grames, Albert James Sun Advocate - 17 Apr 1947
    Grames, Alfred News Advocate, 6 Apr 1922; page 1
    Grames, Charles W. Early Settlers Page
    Grames, Charles W. The Sun Advocate, Price, UT Thursday, Aug. 8, 1935 pg 9
    Grames, Charles W. Eastern Utah Telegraph - 23 Oct 1891 pg 4
    Grames, Frederick Empers Early Settlers Page
    Grames, Keith Cliff Dwelling Wheat by Keith Grames
    Grames, Lillie Susan Bass Sun Advocate - 2 Jan 1947 pg 2
    Grames, Maria Lilliewhite Eastern Utah Advocate - 31 Jul 1902 pg 7
    Grames, Orson F. Cliff Dwelling Wheat by Keith Grames
    Greco, Sam Obituary
    Grundvig, Daniel Richard Wattis Miner Dies Under Avalanche - The News Advocate - 17 Feb 1927 pg 1
    Grundvig, Frank obituary
    Grundvig, Joseph Taylor obituary
    Grundvig, Josephine obituary
    Grundvig, Nina Beryl Oviatt obituary
    Gudmundson, Ena Ena Gudmundson Carrick by Shirley Ann Marchbanks Harris


    H Discription
    (Hakola) Kakola, Oscar K. obituary
    Hall, Minnie & Maud online history
    Hamblin, Pearl Arnel S. & Pearl Hamblin Milner by Beth Milner Raynes
    Hammond, Robert A letter home to his parents during WWII
    Hampson, Henry Joseph Information donated by Gerald Farren
    Haney, Eliza Jane Sanderson Demar (Dock) Gentry & Eliza Jane Haney & family donated by Ryan Morris
    Hanna, John Book Lower Miller Creek - The Center of My Ancestor's Lives By Wayne L. Hanna
    Harkness, Martha obituary
    Harvey, Eleanor Richards obituary
    Harvey, Stanley Charles obituary
    Harvey, William Burroughs obituary
    Haycock, Mary A. obituary
    Haycock, Richard Thomas obituary
    Haycock, Ruth M. obituary
    Haycock, Thomas William obituary
    Heinlein, Veronica Sarah obituary
    Helper Journal Helper Journal in New Ownership - The News Advocate - 14 Jan 1932
    Helsten, Gusta Fabia Kumpulainen Hiawatha Miner Killed, 2 injured by powder blast
    Henderson, Frank Walton obit- killed in Standardville mine accident
    Hill, William James Obituary - Eastern Utah Advocate - 29 Dec 1910 pg 5
    Hill, William James Wellington Settlers Page
    Houghton, Charles CHARLES HOUGHTON & CATHERINE BURROWS by Eugene H. Halverson
    Howard, Kenneth Fred obituary
    Hreinson, Chris Coal Mining in My Family by Jason Zaccaria
    Hreinson, Fern short history
    Hreinson, Jon (John) short history
    Hreinson, John Sigurmunder short history
    Hreinson, John Sigurmunder obituary
    Hunter, Christina Wanless obituary
    Hunter, Dave Information
    Hunter, Hugh & family death information
    Hunter, Margaret Allen obituary
    Hunter, Margaret Sneddon obituary


    I Discription
    Immosen, Herman Emil obituary in Finnish - donated by Wilfred Peters


    J Description
    Jacob, Bertrum St. Elmo obituary - Sun Advocate - 20 Oct 1955
    Jarven, Jaakob obituary in Finnish - donated by Wilfred Peters
    Jarvi, Susanna obituary in Finnish - donated by Wilfred Peters
    Jenkins, Margaret Jane Greenland Federer Gilbert and Margaret Jane Jenkins donated by John Gilbert
    Jensen, Samuel News Advocate - 31 Feb 1931 - ONE KILLED: TWO HURT IN COLUMBIA MINE ACCIDENT
    Jewkes, Bill Coal Mining in My Family written by Jason Zaccaria
    Jewkes, Calvin Junior obituary
    Jewkes, Jackson O. obituary
    Johnson, Bessie Louise Harmon Harry Day & Bessie Louise Johnson donated by Joan Banner
    Johnson, Bryan information
    Johnson, Jennie Gibson Memories of my Father and my two Mothers By John James Nielson
    Johnson, Sarah Ann Reese obit - Sun Advocate - December 1969
    Johnstun, Alma Eastern Utah Advocate - 26 Nov 1903 pg 5 - Alma Johnstun Passes Away very Suddenly
    Johnstun, Beulah May Eastern Utah Advocate - 19 Jun 1902 pg 7 - death from Bright's disease
    Johnstun, Blanch The Sun Advocate - 2 Oct 1941 pg 7 sec 3 - wrote story that appeared in Anniversary issue
    Johnstun, Carol Kaye The Sun Advocate - 11 Feb 1943 page 12 - Illness takes life
    Johnstun, Don & family The Sun Advocate - 2 Oct 1941 page 7 sec. 3 - lived in log house on the corner where the Royal Frandsen home now stands
    Johnstun, Ethel The Sun - 9 Apr 1926 - wedding announcement
    Johnstun, George Carlos (Don) Short history written by Blanch Anderson Johnstun, wife of Jesse W. Johnstun
    Jones, August Thomas (A.T.) CASTLE GATE HISTORY OF AUGUST THOMAS (A.T.) JONES AND FAMILY donated by Mary Ahlin Jones and Sharon Becker
    Jones, Bess Riggs obituary
    Jones, Edwin Thomas newspaper article about his death
    Judi, John E. obituary
    Juliano, Domenic J. obituary
    Juliano, Guy obituary
    Juliano, James obituary
    Juliano, Joseph obituary
    Juliano, Mary Nick obituary
    Juliano, Vincent M. obituary


    K Description
    Karcich, Martha Viola obituary
    Kastelic, Frank & Rosie Coal Mining in My Family by Jason Zaccaria
    Kataja, Wilhelm Oscar obituary in Finnish - donated by Wilfred Peters
    Kauross, Louis (Kavros) obituary - News Advocate - 21 Aug 1930 pg 1
    Kilfoyle, Fred Booth Obituary: Sun Advocate - Thursday, March 2, 1961
    Kilfoyle, Fred M. Obituary: Sun Advocate - Thursday, Jan. 14, 1960
    Kilfoyle, Rachel Booth obituary
    Kirkham, Jack Growing Up in Hiawatha, Utah During the 1920's by Jack Kirkham
    Kizerian, Franceca D'Ambrosio obituary: Sun Advocate, Dec 1953
    Knobbs, Charles A. (Red) obituary
    Koistenen, Annie Herman Matson & Annie Koistinen by Clark Hunt
    Koski, Ida Selina Aho Koski obituary
    Koski, Iver Joel obituary
    Koski, Oskar A. obituary
    Koski, Phyllis S. obituary
    Kranwinkle, William Smith obituary
    Krissman, Anna Obituary: Sun Advocate abt 13 Dec 1976
    Krissman, Anne K. obituary
    Krissman, Annie Obituary: The Helper Journal - 5 May 1955 pg 1
    Krissman, John obituary
    Krissman, John Sun Advocate page 1, 10 Jun 1937 - injured in Latuda mine mishap
    Krissman, John S. obituary
    Krissman, John S. & Anne Krasevac 50th anniversary - The Helper Journal pg 1 - 7 Apr 1960
    Krissman, Lorna Nyman obituary
    Krissman, Paul Obituary
    Krissman, Rudy Paul obituary

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