Articles & books about Carbon County

The following is a list of the stories and newspaper articles that I have acquired during the past few years while working on this webpage. If you are interested in any of the information that may be contained in these articles send me an e-mail. I'd be happy to send you copies.

Articles about Carbon County

Binder H

BK Section Subject Title Author
H A Castle Gate Compiled index of Castle Gate Cemetery  
H B Castle Gate Map of Cemetery - April 1940  
H C Carbon County Microfilms at the Helper Mining and Railroad Museum Utah State Archives Regional Repository Inventory
H D Spring Canyon Timeline for Maple Creek Coal Company Michael Francis
H E Price Price City Cemetery History by RC Powell
H F Carbon County Settlement of Price River Valley  
H G Carbon County History of Carbon County talk given by Gordon Parker to Kiwanis
H H Castle Gate John Imla Stagg history by John Imla Stagg
H I Hiawatha Nell Barnett Interview by Eldon & Carole Miller
H J Price Judge Fred Keller personal history
H K pages 1-3 settlers from South Eastern France Moynier, Dusserre, Jeanselme, Leataud, Livigner, Lowery by unknown
H K pages 4-10 Carbon County Welfare Bulding Construction 1938 by unknown
H K page 11 Carbon County Sheriffs of Carbon county by J. Eldon Dorman
H K page 12-13 Soldier Summit Short History of Soldier Summit by unknown
H K pages 14-16 Price Historical Sketch of William Downard  
H K pages 17-18 Price Record of William Downard  
H K pages 19-22 Price Personal History of Isabella Birch Bryner  
H back cover Columbia Map of streets, home owners and businesses Michael Francis

Binder I

BK Section Subject Title Author
I 1-2 map Google map of O'Conner Mine near Clear Creek Wilford Peters
I 3-8 obits Obituaries of Finnish immigrants from Carbon County (obits available online) donated by Wilford Peters
I 9-11 histories Short histories of the children of John D. Wilson donated by Wilford Peters
I 12-13 Carbon County Zerox copies of two photos - horse and wagon road grater, group of men & women donated by Wilford Peters
I 14-35 Castle Gate zerox copies of panorama photographs of Castle Gate Scott Robertson
I 36-60 Emery County Timothy family research including, obits, death certificates, census info  
I 61-69 railroad An autobiography of Frederick Orson Daniel Meakin - info about Calico railroad Frederick Orson Daniel Meakin
I 70-85 Miller Creed Thoughts and Memories of George Luray Watt (included in a CCHS journal) written by George Luray Watt
Edited by Ronald G. Watt
I 86 Helper About the Strand Theatre  
I 87-95 research Newspaper articles and photographs of the Price City railroad station  
I 96-107 Sweets documents showing information about the Sweet's post office donated by Enid Seaton Ruoff
I 108 Scofield short history of Seth Worthington in Scofield written by himself. Information received from Jacky
I 109-120 Winter Quarters Family Group Sheets of some of the miners killed on May 1, 1900 Information received from Jacky
I 121-129 Price Newspaper articles concerning school opening, bus, boarding, etc 1912-1918 donated by Wilfred Peters
I 130 Price Death takes Ross Shiner: Services Scheduled Friday The Sun 24 Jun 1937
I 131-134 History Pioneer Incident - a history of Henrietta Hadlock Hill, The Sun 1927 pg 98-99 By Mrs. Henrietta Hill - Reported by LaRue Snow
I 135 Emery County short history of: Connellsville in Upper Huntington Canyon Emery County Historical Society
I 136 Emery County History of: The mammoth Reservoir in the Lower Gooseberry Valley by Emery County Historical Society
I 137 Price Chronology of the Price, Utah Sun Advocate  
I 138-139 Sunnyside Map of old Sunnyside cemetery made from google maps donated by Van Hamaker
I 140 Price List of shortcomings with old Senior Citizen building. Carbon County
I 141-143 Price Maps of the new Senior Citizen building Carbon County
I 144-146 Price Then & Now - Brief History of Carbon County Senior Center Carbon County
I 147-153 Helper Baseball - America's Pastime (speech given by Walter Borla at CCHS meeting) by Walter Borla
I 154-159 Carbon County Shanks/Strakey/Suklje research census records  
I 160-190 Castle Gate Research about Frank Barker, Barber. Collection includes Death Certificates, church records and census records  
I 191-192 Price Monumental Tribute is Rendered Builder of First House in Price - Local Explorer Scout Troop constructed monument Sun Advocate, Thursday, Dec. 3, 1936
I 193 Castle Gate Utah Fuel Company Hold-up, Castle Gate, Utah 21 Apr 1897 V.6 Kate B. Carter, Heart Throbs of the West
I 194-202 Price 1918 News Advocate - a list of all the deaths that are mentioned in the newspaper Frances Cunningham collection
I 203 poem You ask If I Remember by John Arnason
I 204 poem In that Big Black Hole by John Arnason
I 205 poem The Carbide Lamp by Vince Young
I 206 obit Castle Gate Woman Dies In Hospital - Katherine Evans Padfield Craig Sun Advocate pg 7 29 May 1941
I 207-209 history "Gabby" the go-getter, a history about Gabriella and Battista Clerico written by Margaret Turcasso - Energy Edition, Jan. 1983
I 210 map hand drawn map of the town of Castle Gate drawn by Mike Martinez

Binder J

BK Section Subject Title Author
J 1-2 Price Tony Milano Dead The Sun, 3 Aug 1917
J 3 Carbon A one Car train has a short service life, long retirement in Carbon County - The MaKeen Car, Southern Utah Railway/Castle Valley Railway The Sun Advocate September 20, 2012
J 4 Price Utah's Greek Community 1900-1995 By Helen Papanikolas
J 5 Price Looking for photo from long ago and not far away - Vincent Anella, eagle scout project By Richard Shaw October 25, 2011
J 6-17 Helper Life History of Walt Borla By Walter Borla
J 18-23 Castle Gate Castle Gate by Ora Bogdin By Ora Bogdin
J 24-32 Bryner One Man's War - the story of Boyd Bunnell and World War II By Boyd Bunnell
J 33-36 Spring Canyon Out of the Past! -Eli Gourdin reminisces his life in Hiawatha and Spring Canyon By Eli Gourdin
J 37-40 Miller A Father's Day conversation with loved ones - Memories of Eldon Miller and his children By Eldon Miller
J 41-43 Spring Canyon End of the Road - information about Mutual the town at the end of Spring Canyon By Robert P. Olsen
J 44-51 Castle Gate To see the Sky - the life of Howard & Isabelle W. Ellis in Castle Gate By Isabelle W. Ellis
J 52 East Carbon 1969 map of East Carbon - Eagle Scout project by Kevin Willbur By Kevin Willbur
J 53-54 Carbon County Games of the Coal Camp Children - names mentioned in story: Evelyn Jones Patterick, Fern Jones Boyack, Edwin Hardee, Ed Richeda, Saline Hardee Fraser. By Miriam B. Murphy

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