Articles & books about Carbon County

The following is a list of the stories and newspaper articles that I have acquired during the past few years while working on this webpage. If you are interested in any of the information that may be contained in these articles send me an e-mail. I'd be happy to send you copies.

Articles about Carbon County
BK Page Subject Title Author
A 1-3 Standardville No. 1 Mine Explosion - 9 May 1945  
A 4-7 Helper Big John Statue Helper Hub
A 8 Castle Gate Castle Gate Society Notes - 23 Feb 1939 - names mentioned: Mrs. Homer Healy, Susan Phillips, Annabell Long, Dave Griffiths, Larry Dee, Luan Stevens, Howard Stevens, Weldon & Marelyn Thacker, Robert Winn, Arnolene Snow, Joanne Houghton, Sonya Hyatt, Los Sabin, Joyce & Sherron Houghton, Coleen and Fern Harrison,Merlene Battiste and Louis Houghton, Mrs. James Zobell, Mrs. Charles Mills, Mrs. Jack Zobell, Mrs. Dave Griffiths, Jackie Zobell, Rudolph Zobell, Leslie Rice, Vernon Mills, Verl Huff, Saxon Zobell, Patsy Olson, Charles Mills, Sarah J. Gibson, Edward Gibson, George B. Gibson, Earl Jensen, Leo Nielson, Ed Nielson, Grant Gibson, Roy & Cornella Gibson, Elvain Gibson, Alex Gibson, Bert Martin, William Reed, Catherine Houghton, William Houghton and Jennie O. Nielson, H. B. Linderman, J.P. Johnstone, C. E. Clements, W. N. Weizel, L. S. Finley, G. F. Hall, James Cossano, R. M. Kelly, Cleo Gordon, D. Malaiche, Lee Kirk, Frank Olsen, John Andreen, Elaine Andreen, James Cassano, Frank Olsen, W. Bouch, T. Simmons, A. Opperman, McLeese, J. Parmley, J. Reese, W. Burn, H. Linderman, Mary Littlejohn, Sanders, D. Garber, Spencer Day, William Baldwin, Verge Olsen Sun Advocate
A 9-26 doctors The Company Doctor - Promoting Stability in Eastern Utah Mining Towns by Troy Madsen - Utah Historical Quarterly
A 27-38 freight road The Carbon County Freight Road to the Uintah Basin Edward A. Geary
A 39-42 Lions Club Lions Club 50th by Leslie Tallerico in the Helper Hub
A 43-44 Grames, Albert Pioneer cabins reflect early history of Price settlement by James Young - Sun Advocate 26 Mar 1991
A 45-46 Frandsen Preserving the past - 90 year old cabin Sun Advocate
A 47-50 cabins Historical Society seeking a home for pioneer cabin Sun Advocate - 30 Aug 1990
A 51 VanTromp VanTromp, Charles Meets Death newspaper
A 52 Berkeley, George W. Two wives claiming compensation newspaper
A 53-55 Desert Lake Mormon Ghost Towns by Kate B. Carter - DUP
A 56 Helper Historic Sign Restoration Helper Hub
A 57-59 Helper Pest House - Community Health Care Helper Hub
A 60-62 Price Painting of Lynn Fausett Chamber of Commerce
A 63-66 Helper Balanced Rock: Backdrop of Helper Main Street 1948 Salt Lake Tribune - Helper Hub
A 67 Grames, Alfred Old Timer Gets Black Hawk Veteran's Reward The Sun - 11 Mar 1921
A 68-73 Grames, Alfred Biography of Albert James Grames Compiled by Mae Grames Brown
A 74 Brasher, Wilma obituary of Brasher, Wilma newspaper
A 75-85 Sunnyside Dreams in the Dust: Immigrants in Sunnyside, Utah 1900-1920 Genealogical Journal Vol 27 1999 number 2
A 86-87 Dragerton Whiskers the Hermit - Ted Fenton/Fenten by Floyd A. Jensen - webpage
A 88 Carbon County Blue John the Milk Man by Floyd A. Jensen - webpage
A 89-90 Carbon County The Greek - Shorty Nick by Floyd A. Jensen - webpage
A 91 Carbon County Map of Carbon County  
A 92-100 school The Power of One Person - A History of Ann Self School by C.A. Hamaker
A 101-104 Metelko Short history about Metelko, Mary Krebs Helper Hub
A 101-104 Donaldson Short history about Donaldson, Walt Helper Hub
A 101-104 Woolsy Short history about Woolsy, Lily Helper Hub
A 105-108 LDS church A History of North Carbon Stake  
A 109-113 LDS church Bishops in Carbon Stake - Frandsen, Horsley, Bryner, Wootton, Jorgensen, Guyman, Taylor, Hammond  
A 114-115 LDS church Organization of the church in Cameron/Rolapp/Royal  
A 116-117 LDS church Organization of the church in Helper  
A 118-119 LDS church Organization of the church in Kiz  
A 120-121 LDS church Organization of the Price Third Ward  
A 122-125 LDS church Organization of the church in Spring Glen by Frances Cunningham
A 126-127 LDS church Organization of the Spring Glen Ward  
A 128-130 LDS church Organization of the Sunnyside ward  
A 131-133 LDS church Organization of the Wellington Ward  
A 134 Zobell In Loving Remembrance of Zobell, Henry R.  
A 135-144 Burns, J.M. Castle Gate officer, slain by an infuriated Negro - Taken by Crowd and Swung Up The Sun - 19 Jun 1925
A 145A-H Marshall, Robert Several of Carbon's Best Citizens are Held for Lynching: Joseph Parmley, Henry East, Morgan King, "barber" Atwood, George O'Neill, J. R. Golding, Warren S. Peacock, E. E. Jones, John Daskalakis, Levi P. Davis, Joseph Caldwell The Sun - 26 Jun 1925
A 146-161 Castle Gate A Struggle for Survival and Identity: Families in the Aftermath of the Castle Gate Mine Disaster by Janeen Arnold Costa - Utah Historical Quarterly summer 1988 vol 56 number 3
A 162-167 World War I War - Carbon Co. Greeks in WWI Utah Historical Quarterly - Spring 1970, vol 38, no. 2
A 168 Zobell Legionnaires at Castle Gate Busy - Rudolph Zobell 9 Mar 1922 - newspaper
A 169-178 Carbon County Historical Sketch of Carbon County by Drucilla J. Powell
A 179-180 Powell, Robert A. obituary of Robert A. Powell The Sun - 27 Feb 1921 pg 1
A 181 Powell The First Home in Carbon County by Florence Christensen
A 182-193 Pioneers History of the Pioneers Carbon High Yearbook
A 194-199 Winter Quarters The Scofield Mine Disaster - chapter 1 by Robert N. Reid
A 200 school Fire erupts at first Central School destroys building in January 1915 by Richard Shaw - Sun Advocate 24 Apr 2001
A 201-215 Winter Quarters The Winter Quarters Mine Disaster by Edward A. Geary
A 216 trains Charles Smiley Presents - VHS moveis about trains Charles Smiley
A 217-238 Carbon County Index to 1896-1925 Probate records FHL film 484628
A 239-260 obituaries Index to 2000 obituaries Sun Advocate 2000 obits
A 261 cemeteries Clarks Valley Cemetery Index FHL film
A 262-265 Italian Italian Miners at Helper, Utah in 1898 FHL film 1321230 - source is Stella d'America Lodge #77
A 266-268 Grames Cliff Dwelling Wheat by Keith Grames
A 269-293 church records Luthern Church records of Scofield  
A 294-303 cemeteries Castle Gate cemetery index  
A 304 outlaws Wild West enthusiasts revisit outlaw trail by Kevin Ashby - Sun Advocate
A 305-312 cemeteries Castle Gate Cemetery FHL film 2055357
A 313-318 cemeteries Japanese buried in Price Cemetery FHL film
A 319 cemeteries Old Sunnyside Cemetery Records FHL film 2117 item 2
A 320-347 cemeteries Castle Gate Cemetery Records - Miners killed March 8, 1924 by Frances Cunningham
A 348-351 Castle Gate Mine is Noted for its wonderful Deposit of Coal and Easy Working The Sun - 14 Mar 1924
A 352 Castle Gate Rescue Workers for Castle Gate Explosion The Sun - 14 Mar 1924
A 353 Castle Gate Work of Local Red Cross following Castle Gate Explosion The Sun - 14 Mar 1924
A 354-355 Castle Gate The Victims of the Castle Gate Disaster The Sun - 14 Mar 1924
A 356-357 Castle Gate Awards Made to Several Castle Gate Widows The Sun - 14 Mar 1924
A 358-359 Rhoads The Mining Legends - Caleb Baldwin Rhoads  
A 360-363 Asphalt The Asphalt Sunnyside Memories by Paul Turner
A 364-367 Asphalt Huge Rock Asphalt Deposits over at Sunnyside in Limelight The Sun - 24 Feb 1928
A 368-369 Ghost Towns Peerless/Maple Creek/Little Standard book
A 370 mines Maple Creek Mine Driving Tour of Carbon County by Frances Cunningham
A 371 Murphy obit of George A. Murphy The News Advocate - 10 Apr 1919 pg 3
A 372-374 Asphalt Utah Rock Asphalt by G. Farlaino
A 375-378 courthouse Carbon county Court House newspaper articles
A 379 Castle Gate Littlejohn, William candidate News Advocate - 30 Nov 1916
A 380 Latuda 1932 Latuda Jr. High photograph with names  
A 381-382 Latuda 1933-1934 Latuda Band photo with names  
A 383 obituary Littlejohn Funeral Conducted At Price Sun Advocate - 24 Aug 1939
A 384 Littlejohn Littlejohn Breaks Leg The Sun - 12 Sep 1924
A 385 cemeteries Map of Price City cemetery Price city cemetery
A 386-389 Leyshon Biography of William Leyshon by Mary Leyshon Coleman & M.M. Thomas
A 390 Sunnyside Mine Blast Kills Twenty-two in Sunnyside News Advocate - 10 May 1945
A 391 Sunnyside Funerals are Held for Mine Accident Victims this Week The Sun Advocate - 17 May 1945
A 392 Gorley Gorley sentenced to Term in Prison newspaper - 28 Jan 1926
A 393-403 Gorley The Gorley Boys in Early Days among the outlaws on Price River by Charles Gorley
A 404 Bryner Ulrich Bryner - Removing a Landmark Carbon County News - 26 Mar 1914 pg 11
A 405-406 Rowley short history of John Thompson Rowley - Blue Cut Charcoal Company  
A 407 Sweet Arthur A. Sweet is charged with Fraud - Henry Wade Accuses Him of Failing to Account for Certain Stock newspaper
A 408-410 Blackwell short history of William Blackwell Steve Blackwell
A 411 Bryner Hans Ulrich Bryner & Albert Bryner Prominent Men of Utah
A 412-416 Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Mine Accident newspaper - Jan 1958
A 417 Castle Gate Castle Gate Cemetery brochure
A 418 Castle Gate Photo of Castle Gate Cemetery Rocky Mountain News - 26 May 1974
A 419-420 Castle Gate Castle Gate Photo with description of Places  
A 421 Carbon County Recapping chapters in County's history - 1903-1904 Sun Advocate - Jan 25, 2000
B   Winter Quarters Nightmare in a Utah Mining Town Time-Life Magazine
B   Pleasant Valley Postmasters of Scofield - births in Scofield, Winter Quarters, Clear Creek, Utah Mine & short history of Clear Creek The Pleasant Valley Journal - vol 1, summer 1992, number 1
B   Carbon County A Brief History of Carbon County written in 1930 by teachers, pupils and patrons of Carbon District
B   Winter Quarters 1900 Winter Quarters census U.S. government
B   Scofield 1900 Scofield census U.S. government
B   Castle Gate 1920 Castle Gate Census U.S. government
B   Winter Quarters & Castle Gate Information and lists of the dead  
B 46-67 Winter Quarters The Scofield Mine Disaster - The Terrible Calamity of May 1st, 1900 in Number Four Mine at Winter Quarters by J.W. Dilley
B 379-389 Castle Gate One Long Day that Went on Forever - by Saline Hardee Fraser, compiled by Marianne Fraser
B 1-57 Carbon County CCHS journal "New Beginnings" CCHS
B   Castle Gate Newspaper articles about the demise of Castle Gate newspapers
C 1-4 Castle Gate Castle Gate on the Move by Eileen S. Tarcay - Salt Lake Tribue 25 Aug 1974
C 5 Winter Quarters Memorial to miners dedicated Saturday Sun Advocate - Sun Advocate 29 Oct 1987 pg 1
C 6 Price The Carbon Stake Tabernacle to be erected at Price 24 Aug 1941(?) Eastern Utah Advocate
C 7-12 Zaccaria Coal Mining in my Family by Jason Zaccaria
C 13-14 Royal Royal - story about Chuck Zehnder 1984
C 15-16 Castle Gate Demise of Castle Gate Affects Many Eagle Advertiser - Jan 23, 1975
C 17-18 Castle Gate Castle Gate's death draws near Deseret News Dec. 19, 1974
C 19 Price History and Accomplishments of Price CCC camps Centennial Echos from Carbon County
C 20-22 Castle Gate 1925 School Census Carbon School District
C 23 mining A letter to Ellen Darling - Tennessee Mine  
C 24-25 outlaws Butch Cassidy's Burial by Arden Stewart
C 26-28 outlaws Heavy Holstered Men Lamont Johnson
C 29-30 Castle Gate The Castle Gate Mine disaster recounted Nancy Taniguchi
C 31-32 Castle Gate Castle Gate Chuck Zehnder 1984
C 33-38 Castle Gate Tragedy and Hate Utah State Historical Quarterly
C 39-43 Winter Quarters The Scofield Mine Disaster chapter 4 J.W. Dilley
C 44   The Saturday Night Bath By Owen Sanders
C 45 Castle Gate Poem about Castle Gate town closing by Susan Phillips Christensen
C 46-48 LDS church History of the Castle Gate ward  
C 49-53 Castle Gate Flood damage of 1917 dam break recounted Sun Advocate 16 Jul 1979
C 54-58 Castle Gate Homes arrive at addition but workers hit troubles Helper Journal 15 Aug 1974

C 59 Castle Gate Marshall Lynching articles - TV Crew films segment for PBS project newspapers
C 60-63 Wattis Necessary Fraud - Wattis Nancy J. Taniguchi
C 64-66 Rolapp Necessary Fraud - Rolapp Nancy J. Taniguchi
C 67-70 Carbon County Early elementary Schools DUP - lesson for March 1982
C 71-72 Clear Creek short history of Clear Creek by Florence Wallace
C 73-78 railroad Utah Railway: The short Line built by a photo by C.A. Hamaker
C 79-82 maps maps of the railroad in Carbon County by C.A. Hamaker
C 83-84 Spring Glen & Martin Castle Country: A History of Carbon County by Richard G. Robinson
C 85 Latuda Former teacher, principal at Latuda shares coal canyon memories Sun Advocate - 16 Jul 1998
C 86-89 Castle Gate Burial plots for Price Cemetery of men killed in Castle Gate Mine explosion Price City cemetery
C 90-92 Rolapp Rolapp, Henry Hermann Biographical Encyclopedia Vol III by Andrew Jenson
C 93 Hiawatha blank business license for Town of Hiawatha Town of Hiawatha
C 94-104 LDS church History of Price Third Ward volunteers
C 105-107 outlaws Immortal Outlaw - Butch Cassidy By Carma Wadley - Deseret News 16 Apr 1998
C 108 Standardville map of Standardville Francis Lamph
C 109-111 Standardville description of places on Standardville map Francis Lamph
C 112 Price A Tour of some of the cemeteries in Carbon County Sun Advocate - 7 May 1998 1B
C 113-114 Latuda History of Latuda Chuck Zehnder 1984
C 115-117 Spring Canyon White Lady stories  
C 118 Spring Canyon Abandoned building dynamited; Main objective: To kill a ghost Sun Advocate 10 Jul 1969
C 119 Castle Gate Poem about the Castle Gate by Joanne Hyatt
C 120 Castle Gate Prince Alexander by Betty Jo Hartley
C 121-122 Price Carbon County - talks about canals & water Heart Throbs of the West by Kate B. Carter Vol 9 pg 179
C 123-128 Carbon County Register of Births 1898-1918 LDS church records-FHL film
C 129-130 Helper Helper to Celebrate Italian Ancestry Salt Lake Tribune - 18 Jan 1998
C 131 Price Brochure about the Price Mural by Lynn Fausett
C 132 outlaws Bandit Leaders Killed The Sun - 14 May 1898
C 133 Wattis Leland R. Wattis Utah Since Statehood - pg 44-45
C 134 Price copy of letter from J.A. Watson to Vesta Watson received from Jane Helvering
C 135-136 Clear Creek history of Clear Creek Chuck Zehnder 1984
C 137-141 Winter Quarters Mine Disaster in Carbon County Won't be Forgotten Salt Lake Tribune - 31 May 1999
C 142 Spring Canyon - Latuda photographs of school children in front of school Sun Advocate - June 8, 1999
C 143 Standardville Historic Gazebo joins Helper Sun Advocate - 29 Apr 1999
C 144 Castle Gate Castle Gate Cemetery brochure  
C 145-146 Clear Creek Skiers Begin Work on Clear Creek Trail Sun Advocate - 5 Dec 1946
C 147-148 Clear Creek Waiting to go up Sun Advocate - 6 Feb 1947
C 149 Clear Creek Carbon Centennial Ski Meet Set for Saturday and Sunday Sun Advocate - 6 Mar 1947
C 150 Clear Creek Carbon's First Ski Meet Called Complete Success Sun Advocate - 13 Mar 1947
C 151 Clear Creek Ski Club Plans Lighting Run At Clear Creek Sun Advocate - 20 Feb 1947
C 152 Price Past, present brought together by forgotten time capsule - cornerstone of Price City building Sun Advocate - 1 Apr 1999
C 153 Price photographs of Price buildings Sun Advocate - 4 Mar 1999
C 154-155 Price Ceremony For Laying of City Auditorium Cornerstone Today The Sun - 7 Apr 1938 & 14 Apr 1938
C 156-159 Sunnyside Sunnyside Mine Explosion newspaper - 10 May 1945
C 160 Standardville Standardville Mine Explosion Emery Co. Progress - 14 Feb 1930
C 161-162 Hiawatha Growing up in Hiawatha Jack Kirkham
C 163 Hiawatha Map of Hiawatha Jack Kirkham
C 164 Kenilworth Three Miners Die from Burns After Kenilworth Mine Blast Sun Advocate - 15 Mar 1945
C 165 Kenilworth From: Memories of Kenilworth various people - 25 Aug 1990
C 166-168 Helper 9 Die as Violent Explosion rakes Helper Mine - Hardscrabble Mine Salt Lake Tribue - 17 Dec 1963
C 169-178 Castle Gate Letter written at time of Castle Gate Mine explosion  
C 179 cowboys brand of Clifford Smith  
C 180-191 LDS church Register of Deaths 1898-1905 FHL film
C 192-193 Kenilworth Kenilworth mine Explosion Kills Three, Nine Other Miners Are Seriously Burned The Helper Journal Mar 1945
C 194-200 Price Mrs. Alberta Powell Will Stand Trial on Charge of Manslaughter - Acquitted News Advocate - 6 Aug 1925
C 201 Helper Ray Angus obituary Sun Advocate - 19 Jan 1961
C 202 Carbon County World War II victims  
C 203-214 Price Thomas Fitzgerald Utah Since Statehood, pg 27 and other references
C 215 Price CCHS community members honor Dorman Sun Advocate - 21 Dec 1999
C 216 Winter Quarters Revisiting Winter Quarters 100 years later Sun Advocate - 21 Dec 1999
C 217 Price Sarah J. Warren - obit News Advocate - 19 Sep 1918 pg 1
C 218 Price history of Sarah Blain Warren Sun Advocate - 6 Feb 1947 pg 14 and "Centennial Stories" os Six Oldest Women in Price as told to Irene Cloward O'Discoll
C 219-222 Pleasant Valley David Williams - first bishop of Pleasant Valley LDS Biographical Encyclopedia 533-534
C 222-224 Pleasant Valley Sarah Tomas Williams LDS Biographical Encyclopedia 534-536
C 224-225 Pleasant Valley David Joseph Williams LDS Biographical Encyclopedia 536-537
C 226 Winter Quarters Blaze, Misfortune Claim Mahogany memorial Markers John Serfustini - Salt Lake Tribune 26 Oct 1999
C 227-230 Standardville Carbon County Pays Final Honors to Standard Mine Blast Victims Debbie Haining & News-Advocate 13 Feb 1930
C 231-233 Odd Fellows Odd Fellows in Utah Utah Since Statehood, vol 1 by Noble Warrum
C 234-235 Knights Knights of Pythias in Utah Utah Since Statehood, vol by Noble Warrum
C 236-240 Gilson Gilson, Samuel in Next Time We Strike by Allan Kent Powell
C 241 Mathis Mathis House - Old Landmark Food of Flame News Advocate - 11 Feb 1916 pg 8
C 242 Gilson Samuel Gilson Dead Carbon County News - 4 Dec 1913
C 243 Gilson Gilson - ad Eastern Utah Advocate - 27 Nov 1902
C 244 Helper Martinelli's Motel Helper Hub
C 245 Price Deseret Warren Roberts Sun Advocate - 6 Feb 1947 pg 14 and "Centennial Stories" os Six Oldest Women in Price as told to Irene Cloward O'Discoll
C 246-248 Winter Quarters Scofield Mine explosion in Finnish Klippiga Bergen pg 172-174
C 249-250 Castle Gate Castle Gate Mine Disaster Helper Hub
C 249 Castle Gate Enrico Bianchini and Louis Bolognesi Put Death on Hold Helper Hub
C 250 Castle Gate The Castle Gate Mine - poem by John R. Jensen in Helper Hub
C 251 Helper Sister Michele Curtin & St. Anthonys Helper Hub
C 253 Price J. Eldon Dorman M.D. - obit Sun Advocate - 28 Mar 2000
C 254 Winter Quarters Life of Noah Potter, Sr. by Mary R. Potter
C 255-256 Winter Quarters Life Sketch of Mary Ellen England Potter by Mary R. Potter
C 257 Price Walking Tour of National Register Historic Sites: Moynier House, Mahleres-Siampenos Building, Hellenic Orthodox Church, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Price Tavern, Star Theater Price City - brochure
C 258 Helper Western Mining and Railroad Museum brochure Helper
C 259 Helper Piggly Wiggly - A Proud Part of History Helper Hub
C 260 Helper Interview with Anna Kraync Picco Helper Hub
C 261 Price George A. Fausett obit News Advocate - 29 Oct 1915 pg 3
C 262 Brown Thomas Brown Utah Since Statehood, Vol IV pg 141
C 263 Helper Helper Baseball Helper Hub - May 2000
C 264 Storrs Lieutenant Storrs Wins Second Oak Leaf Cluster The Sun Advocate - 22 Mar 1945
C 265 Price Collingham, George News Advocate - 2 Nov 1918
C 265 Price Collingham, George Republican Candidate for Sheriff News Advocate - 17 Oct 1918 pg 4
C 266-267 Carbonville Index to Carbonville cemetery  
C 268 Nutter Ranch Katherine Nutter, 94, last of West's Cattle Queens, Dies newspaper 17 Jul 1965
C 269 Castle Gate Willow Creek Explosion Kills two Sun Advocate - 3 Aug 2000
C 270-274 Carbon County Index to Sun Advocate 1999 obits online  
C 275-277 Carbon County Index to Sun Advocate 2000 - May 2000 obits online  
C 278 Sunnyside Slovenian Lodge Dues / Membership  
C 279 Price Bagless Week Sponsored by Price Stores Sun Advocate - 1 Feb 1945
C 280 Winter Quarters Scofield Mine Accident of 1900 Revisited Salt Lake Tribune - 30 Apr 2000
C 281-286 Winter Quarters Life In a Company Town Gene Halverson
C 287-288 Price Jack Watson Killed - Bloody Page Added to the History of Price Salt Lake Tribune - 24 Jul 1898
C 289 Helper Rio Theater Helper Hub - April 2000
C 290 Winter Quarters 100 Year Anniversary of Winter Quarters Disaster Helper Hub - April 2000
C 292-296 Storrs George A. Storrs Utah Since Statehood, Vol III
C 297 Price Pioneer Resident of Price Passes - Mrs. Johan Davis Powell newspaper
C 298-299 Price Little Mr. Doc Eldon Dorman Dead at 90 Salt Lake Tribune - 26 Mar 2000
C 300 Castle Gate Former Carbon County Couple Reported Killed in Japanese War - Mr. & Mrs. M.O. Carlson Sun Advocate - 15 Mar 1945
C 301-302 Spring Canyon William Edward Ruff Utah Since Statehood, Vol IV pg 45-46
C 303 Spring Canyon George Ruff Utah Since Statehood, Vol IV pg 82
C 304-306 Castle Gate Butera, Antonio News Advocate - 29 Nov 1917 & 30 Nov 1917
C 307 Price Grames, Charles W. facts compiled by Frances Cunningham
D   Winter Quarters Tragedy at Scofield by Allan Kent Powell - Utah Historical Quarterly
D   Winter Quarters The Day 200 Miners Died 81 years ago by Noel Milan - MSHA Staff Writer
D   Carbon County Some Dreams Die - Utah's Ghost Towns and Lost Treasures by George A. Thompson
D   Carbon County The Historical Guide to Utah Ghost Towns by Stephen L. Carr
D   Castle Gate The Next Time We Strike - Chapter VIII - The Castle Gate Mine Disaster by Allan Kent Powell
D   Winter Quarters The Next Time We Strike - Chapter II - The Winter Quarters Mine Disaster by Allan Kent Powell
D   Spring Glen Rebels and Relatives: The Mormon Foundation of Spring Glen, 1878-90 by Nancy Jacobus Taniguchi - Utah Historical Quarterly Fall 1980 vol 48 no 4
D   Castle Gate A Struggle for Survival and Identity: Families in the Aftermath of the Castle Gate Mine Disaster by Janeen Arnold Costa - Utah Historical Quarterly summer 1988 vol 56 #3
D   Hiawatha I Remember Hiawatha by Virginia Hanson - Utah Historical Quarterly
D   Pleasant Valley - LDS church Pleasant Valley Birth Records FHL film 2024
D   Sunnyside "Bring Me Men To Match My Mountains" - a History of Sunnyside, Utah by Frank G. Farlaino 1991
E 1 Helper Former Banker Bound Over on Theft Charge - Jerry Roberts The Sun - 30 Sep 1943 pg 1
E 1-2 Price Auto Crash Victim Dies of Injuries; Leaves 4 children - Walter Andrews Lovins The Sun - 30 Sep 1943 pg 1
E 3-4 Rains & Mutual Utah Ghost Towns description by Stephen L. Carr
E 5 Latuda Utah Ghost Towns description by Stephen L. Carr
E 5-10 Columbia My Teenage Years in Columbia by Kula Mavrakis Francis
E 11 Greeks A list of Carbon County Greeks that are now living in San Jose and Central California area by Michael Francis
E 12 Price Ross Boyack - Boyack recalls career by Ann Kay Marsing - Sun Advocate 1994
E 13-15 New Peerless Gas Explosion In New Peerless Mine Kills 5 Workers; Crews Rescue Eight from Shaft Alive News Advocate - 13 Mar 1930
E 16-17 Castle Gate Miner Succumbs to Mine Injuries - Eugene Wendell Smith The Helper Journal - 16 Nov 1950
E 16 Carbon County Those now officially in the armed services The Helper Journal - 16 Nov 1950
E 18 Carbon County Population Chart 1890-1960 History of the Sun Advocate book - Price City Library special collections
E 19-20 Hiawatha Richard MacDermad Utah Since Statehood pg 294-295
E 21 Maple Creek Coal Maple Creek Coal Company Official Dies in Salt Lake Sun Advocate - 11 Nov 1948
E 22 Price "The Shop is what keeps me going" about Domnick Besso by Albert Fossat - Sun Advocate 28 Nov 2002
E 23 Dragerton Old Utah Mine To Be Closed by U.S. Steel newspaper article
E 24 Price William Bert Wilde obit FHL film 1598468 pg A-71
E 24 Price Helen Doulgerakis Minter FHL film 1598468 pg A-71
E 25-27 Greeks List of Members of Pancretan Assoc.  
E 28-29 Sunnyside A Brief Account of the Founding of Sunnyside, Utah Nels Nelson for Jane Hopkinson
E 30-37 Carbon County List of Utah Coal Companies and Coal Mining Companies by Don Strack
E 38-39 Helper Woman is Found Dead (Mary Albo) The Sun - 9 Jun 1916 pg 1
E 40-41 Sunnyside Death and Injury When Engine Hits Coach The News Advocate - 7 Dec 1916
E 42-47 Sunnyside Ploughs Through Sunnyside Coach - Two passengers Killed...six others mangled... The Sun - 8 Dec 1916
E 48-55 Castle Gate Castle Gate Relief Fund Committee Third Annual Report newspaper - after 31 May 1927
E 56 Price Early Settler of Price River Valley Passe Away Here - Charles Henry Empey The News Advocate - 1 Jul 1926
E 57 Winter Quarters Index to the book "History of the Scofield Mine Disaster" (not all pages are indexed) J.W. Dilley
E 58 Carbon County Initial Development plan Scofield & Gooseberry dam information Sun Advocate - July 2003
E 59-60 Standardville Nephi Albert Lamph & Nora Blanche Memory Lamph history
E 60-61 Standardville William James Lamph Lamph history
E 61-62 Standardville Albert Earl Lamph Lamph history
E 63 Standardville Eleanor Blanche Lamph Lamph history
E 64-67 Standardville Francis Memory Lamph Lamph history
E 67-68 Standardville Adelia Luera Lewis Lamph Lamph history
E 68 Standardville Jeanette Elizabeth Lamph Lamph history
E 69-70 Standardville Arlean Pearl Lamph M'Laker Lamph history
E 71-72 Standardville Robert Harold Lamph Lamph History
E 72 Standardville Robert Lee Litster Lamph History
E 73-79 Standardville Thomas Topping Lamph Lamph History
E 79-85 Standardville Lucille Lamph Cox Lamph History
E 86 Standardville Thos. Lamph Dies In Price (obit) Lamph History
E 87-91 Price Paitakis - First Generation in America book in possession of CCHS
E 92-116 Helper Helper Centennial - 100 years 1881-1981 Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 94 Helper Early settlers gave Helper Unique Identity Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 95 Helper First Helper Settlers had Common Goals Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 96-97 Helper Teancum Pratt - First Settler Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 98 Helper Telegraph filled its Pages Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 99-100 Helper Ethnic Landscape Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 101 Helper Pest House Rural Solution Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 102 Helper 1919 Fire Threatened Town Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 103 Helper Railroad Gave town its identity Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 104-106 Helper Building projects helped lift town Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 107 Helper Education in Helper Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 108 Helper Parish reflects Helper Diversity Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 109-112 Helper Helper was once baseball center Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 113 Helper History of Mormons Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 114 Helper Celebration begins Friday Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 116 Helper A look to the future Supplement to the Sun Advocate
E 117 Clear Creek Carbon Man is among pardoned - Fragiadakis, Mike newspaper - 24 May 1929
E 118-120 Price William Price II Daughters of Utah Pioneers - Lesson for October 2000
E 121 Helper Cima obituaries received from Earnie Cima
E 122-127 Carbon County Ads in Japanese - Summit Café, Price Fish Company, Price Bottling Works, Standard Coal Company, E. Aramaki, Utah Fuel Co., H.M. Eda Co., Inc. in Helper Japanese Directory
E 128-156 Castle Gate newspaper articles about Highway 6-50 in Price Canyon about new road, tunnel and the Castle Gate Helper Journal and Sun Advocate
E 164-166 Spring Canyon Four Men Killed in Spring Canyon Sun Advocate - 23 Jan 1958
E 167 Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Mine Disaster Spotlighted Sun Advocate - 23 Jan 1958
E 168 Spring Canyon Bounce, Gas Blamed in Spring Canyon Accident Sun Advocate - 30 Jan 1958
E 169 - 170 Spring Canyon News Highlights About Spring Canyon Residents Reported Sun Advocate - 30 Jan 1958
E 171-181 Price Dedication prayer for Price Third Ward  
E 182 Price Hans Ulrich Bryner Pioneers & Prominent Men
E 183 Helper Dora Mae Martin Helper Journal - 27 Sep 1945
E 184-194 Price Chidester Sand & Gravel by Bart Chidester
E 195 Hiawatha Amusement Hall Opens Saturday News Advocate - 14 Mar 1918
E 196-197 Hiawatha Big Time Coming News Advocate - 21 Feb 1918
E 198-201 Hiawatha Very Large Crowd of Guests The Sun - 22 Mar 1918
E 202 Clear Creek Residents enjoyed skiing at Local resort 1940's Sun Advocate - 20 Jan 2004
E 203 Carbon County Through the sights of a gunner - Emil Simone Sun Advocate - 8 Jun 2006
E 204 Columbia Harvey Family of Leaders Keep Mine Safety First Sun Advocate - 15 Apr 2004
E 205 Hiawatha 91 and still living it up - Remo Spigarelli Birthday Sun Advocate
E 206-212 Price Joseph A. Cha - World War II Veteran by Joseph A. Cha
E 213-215 Dex Canyon Gully - Bluebell Wash Misadventures of Earlier Years by Max Finley
E 216 Price Charles Rex Berry obit Sun Advocate - 1 Jul 2005
E 217 Helper Caboose relocated to accommodate expansion Sun Advocate - 28 Jun 2005
E 218 Helper Helper Alters City Role in Preserving Historic Mainstreet - contains list of 64 building # and description of businesses on historic register Sun Advocate - Aug 4, 2005
E 219 Sunnyside Miners Trading Post - Leonard Family Photo Sun Advocate
E 220 Price Dr. William H. Bash obit News Advocate - 2 Dec 1927
E 221 Price Matt Gilmore News Advocate - 29 Oct 1915
E 222 Price Matt Gilmore poem Carbon County News - 26 Jun 1913
E 223-227 Minnie Maud History of Minnie of Minnie & Maud NMCS Association newsletter
E 228 Carbon County History of the Flu in Carbon County Sun Advocate - 8 Nov 2005
E 229 Price Tom Rice - Carbon County Artist's Sun Advocate - 8 Nov 2005
E 230   Edith Johnston - A daughter of Pioneers Sun Advocate - 9 Mar 2006
E 231 Wellington Fern Meredith - The lady from Stoney Lonesome Sun Advocate - 6 Oct 2005
E 232 Carbon County Work Rushed on three New Highway Projects News Advocate - 9 Jul 1931
E 233 Rolapp Rolapp cutoff to Open Next Week News Advocate - 8 Oct 1931
E 234 Castle Gate Work Progresses on Road Project News Advocate - 25 Jun 1931
E 235 Castle Gate Tunnel underpass to be built News Advocate - 12 Feb 1931
E 236 Price Arthur Lermusiaux obit Sun Advocate - 26 Apr 1945
E 237 Price Verda T. Peterson obit Sun Advocate - 26 Jul 1983
E 238-239 Price C.W. Peterson obit Salt Lake Tribune - 19 Jan 1982
E 240-241 Carbon County Calico Railroad opened to Commercial Mining by Joan Hunt
E 242-244 Hiawatha Remo Spigarelli UMWA journal - 26 Nov 2004
E 245 Wilberg Mine - Emery County List of men killed at Wilberg Mine Sun Advocate - 26 Dec 1984
E 246 Price A Witness to History for 100 Years - John Escandon Sun Advocate - 13 Apr 2006
E 247 Price A Band of Brothers - Pike, Bruce, Bob, Bud, Norman & Don Sun Advocate - 10 Nov 2005
E 248 Carbon County A Lady for 100 Years - Lucille Wilcox Wimmer Sun Advocate - 8 Dec 2005
E 249 Helper An Old Time Helper Christmas Excerpts of Helper Journal
E 250-258 Hiawatha Town of Hiawatha, Utah - Nov 5th 1948 "We, the undersigned, have subscribed our names to the attached list to express good faith in our intent to have telephones placed in our homes whenever such service is made available within the Town of Hiawatha, Utah." This list contains the names of all the residents of Hiawatha. If they chose to have a phone installed there signature is also included on the list. Town of Hiawatha
E 259 Hiawatha A License and a check of the Town of Hiawatha Town of Hiawatha
E 260 Hiawatha News Notes, James Catterall reporting
The Junior Class of Hiawatha Ward, M.I.A. held their Rose Membership party
King Mine Foreman Advanced, Shefton Gordon advanced to the position of General Mine Foreman.
Town of Hiawatha
E 261 Hiawatha 23 Apr 1917 - Resolutions adopted by the Board of Trustees upon the resignation of Thomas W. Lewis Town of Hiawatha
E 262 Hiawatha 1 May 1923 - A letter concerning the permits of Angelo Peperakis expiration. Town of Hiawatha
E 263 Hiawatha 21 Jan 1932 - resolution covering license fees for peddlers Town of Hiawatha
E 264 Price Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Lodge No. 1550 - A membership roll for the Elks November 1, 1945 Elks
E 265 Price Veterans' July 4th Homecoming celebration 1946 Sponsored by Miners post 2379 VFW - Souvenir Program Price, Utah

Special thanks is given to Emma Kuykendall for donating all the articles in the following binder.

BK Page Subject Title Author
F 1-4 Castle Gate Castle Gate Mine Explosion by Arva Smith, staff writer of Sun Advocate
F 5 Price How Shoot-Em-Up Johnson Killed Gunplay Maxwell By Lamont Johnson - Sun Advocate newspaper article
F 6-15 Price Morals and the Mayor (J. Bracken Lee) by Dr. Francis W. Kirkham
F 16-18 Carbon Band Carbon Band was number one in nation - At Chicago World's Fair by Arva Smith, staff writer of Sun Advocate
F 19 Warner A tribute to Matt Warner by Joyce Warner - Sun Advocate article
F 20 Jaussi, Sherleen I wasn't afraid of dying, but... By Scott Lloyd, staff writer - Sun Advocate
F 21-23 Winter Quarters The Great Disaster of 1900 by Wayne Carle - newspaper article
F 24-25 Rhodes or Rhoades His Secret Died With Him By Jean Miles Westwood - newspaper article
F 25 Rhodes or Rhoades more about Rhoades gold mine by Jim C. Young
F 26-32 strike Italians and Greeks involvement in Union Strikes of Carbon County an interview with Phillip Notarianni
F 33-48 Carbon Co. Historical highlights of events in Carbon County transcript of tape recording of Floyd O'Niel
F 49-57 Carbon Co. Historical highlights of events in Carbon County transcript of tape recording of Floyd O'Niel
F 58-72 Halamandaris Interview of Olga Halamandaris transcript
F 73-102 Carbon Co. Settlement of Price River Valley  
F 103-107 French people Discovering the French by Ron Watt
F 108-114 LDS church Welfare Building Construction 1938  
F 115-116 Soldier Summit Short History of Soldier Summit  
F 117-119 French French Emigrants to Price handwritten document
F 120-127 Sunnyside Sunnyside History  
F 128-129 Consumers Baxter the Cat & Bozo the bull dog Coal Camp Doctor stories by J. Eldon Dorman, MD
F 130-131 Consumers Sister Billy: Goldie & Mary Day Coal Camp Doctor stories by J. Eldon Dorman, MD
F 132-133 National Bill Hall - teacher Coal Camp Doctor stories by J. Eldon Dorman, MD
F 134a Gordon Creek Crazy Jim possible Coal Camp Doctor stories by J. Eldon Dorman, MD
F 134 National Lt. William Edward Hall, U.S.N.R. American Heroes of the War in the Air pg 104
F 135-154 Helper Interview of Mary Pizza interviewed 2-19-73
F 155-168 Helper Interview of Mary Pizza - continuation of interviewed 2-19-73
F 169-183 Price Interview of Gomer Peacock about Early Price history interviewed by Carol and Kendra Tomsic
F 184-196 Keller Judge Fred Keller - about events of his life transcript of a tape
F 197-213 French The French Influence in Eastern Utah By Ronald G. Watt
F 37 pages Fisk Profile of Dr. Frank F. Fisk brief history of his life by Kent Fisk & Trevor Fisk
F 215-221 Price Price City Cemetery History by RC and KG Powell (some pages missing)
F 222-223 Colton Incident at the Colton Corral as George Graham told it to Jim C. Young
F 224-226 Green River The Desolation Canyon Cake Ride Deseret News December 1948
F 227 Price English Family's views on Life Here Interesting - Michael O'Shea family by Jim Young - page 2 Napa Register Tuesday Apr. 8, 1958
F 228 Price The First Radio in Price by Jim C. Young
F 229 Price First Hospital in Price by Jim C. Young
F 230 Price The First Root Beer Stand in Price & My First Suit by Jim C. Young
F 231 Coal Creek Trappers and the first ranch by Jim C. Young
F 232 Price Early Auto stages from Price to the Coal Camps by Jim C. Young
F 233 Hanksville The Buffalo Rodeo (Ritter Ekker, Budge Wilcox, Arthur Ekker) Tribune magazine section in 1950
F 234 Nine Mile Al Thompson  
F 235-237 Kenilworth As I Remember Kenilworth by Louise Burton Tatton
F 238-255 Nine Mile Nine Mile School Written by Lois Ewell Washburn

Pages 1-208 are included on the Price History Index.

BK Page Subject Title Author
G 209-217 poem Poems written by John R. Jensen - Not In My Back Yard, Hiawatha, The Steam Engine, Brent and Kent, Vietnam Soldier, The Wall, A Drop of Water, Our Youngsters, Band Day John R. Jensen
G 218-224 Hardscrabble Mine article about mine accident Helper Journal newspaper
G 225-242 Lamph family pages 168-185 from the book "Lamph's: They came from Marketville" by Francine Berrett
G 243-246 Lamph Family Short history of Lucille Lamph Cox Lucille Lamph Cox
G 247-260 Sunnyside notes taken while researching book "Sunnyside Wars" Fred Civish
G 261 Electric Lights Price Will Celebrate - The Turning on of the Electric Light in the City of Price - October 5th Carbon County News pg 1 date 23 Sep 1910
G 262-263 Scofield Mrs. James Smith Passes to the Great Beyond Eastern Utah Advocate page 1 - 3 Nov 1904
G 264 mine explosion Explosion Victim is buried over at Fairview (John Melgaard) newspaper article
G 264   Lad Badly Burned - Black Powder in Overalls Pockets of Price Boy is Ignited (Charley Brown) newspaper article
G 265 obit John T. Rowley - Pioneer Farmer of Carbon County Dies at age of 77 News Advocate - 5 Feb 1925 pg 1
G 266-267 Rowley Short History of John Thompson Rowley  
G 268-272 Andrew Young Short history of Andrew Young L.D.S. Biographical Encyclopedia Vol 2 pg 92
G 273 Kenilworth 1937 map of Kenilworth  
G 274 obit Mrs. Mary Lindsay Littlejohn Goes to Beyond News Advocate - 21 Aug 1919
G 275 obit Mrs. Hannah Daphne Smith Dalton - Mother of Former Price Mayor Dies News Advocate - 13 May 1937
G 276 obit Thomas Fitzgerald, Sr. Former Councilman - Final Rites Held for Price Pioneer newspaper article
G 277-278 Mrs. Charles Marsh Casket Unearthed After Quarter of a Century & Pioneers Rest Broken News Advocate - 25 & 26 Jan 1923
G 279-282 Rowley Charcoal Manufacturer - John T. Rowley - Silas Rowley - John Thompson Rowley  
G 283-290 Kenilworth Kenilworth - Early Beginnings Frances Cunningham
G 291 Blackham History of John Moroni Blackham Anna Blackham Nielson
G 292-293 Electric Lights Our Lights Are the Best Ever - Eighty-two Lamps In Business and Residence Section & Advocate Has Electric Lights Eastern Utah Advocate - 3 Nov 1910
G 294-295 Sally Mauro Educator Retires after 44 years Helper Journal - 17 May 1973
G 296-302 Hiawatha Remembering Hiawatha - Little Carbon County coal town lives on in many hearts Deseret News - 30 May 2002
G 303 lawman & outlaws WOLA 2004 Presents - Riders of the Purple Sage (Watson, Warner, McCarty, Earp) Western Outlaw-lawman Association
G 304-305   Three towns in one Consumers, National, Sweet Ghost towns of the west
G 306 Latuda Clampers dedicate Latuda with plaque on walkway Sun Advocate - 15 Jul 2004 pg 3B
G 307 CEU One Last Look - demolization of the Main building Sun Advocate - 18 Dec 2003 pg 12A
G 308 power plant 50 powerful years for Carbon Plant Sun Advocate - Sep 2004
G 309 Central School Central School building completed in 1916 Richard Shaw, Sun Advocate - 22 Oct 2002
G 310 map Columbia map for Jan 1929 Sanborn map with updates by Michael Francis
G 311 Finley, WWII Softly Spoken, loudly Heard - History of Max Finley by Richard Shaw - Sun Advocate, August 12, 2004 1B
G 312-315 Castle Gate COAL - Utah Fuel Opens West's Finest Coal Plant published monthly by Utah Fuel Co. Vol. II No. 5 Feb 1940
G 316 Price River bridge Now and then in Price 12 Sep 1956 three photographs of the bridge Sun Advocate - Oct. 9, 2003 pg 4A
G 317-320 Tony Laboroi Tales of Early Helper Pioneers Helper Journal - 24 Apr 1941 pg 1
G 321-323 school Helper Central School Destroyed by Fire Helper Journal - 27 Aug 1964
G 324-326 Mauro 1930 U.S. Census for Sallie Mauro family in Segundo, Las Animas, Colorado U.S.A.
G 327-329 amusement Park New Resort at "Frenchy's Ranch" to be known as Riverside Park Eastern Utah Progress - 12 Jun 1912
G 330-335 Botero, Fontenella Castle Gate Man Shoots Down Host, The Sun - 30 Nov 1917
G 336 hospital, Rose Hospital for Price newspaper
G 337 mine accident First Latuda Mine Mishap in six years kills one, hurts 2 Sun Advocate - 10 Jun 1937 pg 1
G 338 maps property leased for Maple Creek Mine in Spring Canyon donated by Michael Francis
G 339-367 obits 339-Oscar Koski, 340-James Irvin Doss, 340-Danella Sivley Doss, 341-343 Ruff surname, 344 & 346-Ulrich Bryner, 345-Albert Bryner, 347-349 Alma Johnstun, 350-Forsyth, 351-Louie Felice, 352-353 Brigham O. McIntyre, 354-John Pace, 355-William M. McIntire, 356-J.H. Van Natta, 357-Mary Teresa Albo Montoro, 359-William Riley Powell, 360-Thomas Fitzgerald, Jr., 361-Fern Smith Fitzgerald & daughter, 362-Edith E. Miles Bryner, 363-Harmon C. Bryner, 364-Erasmus Frandsen, 365-George Downard, 366-Margaret K. Bryner, 367-Susanah Wilstead newspapers
G 368-369 WWI Navy Launches Utacarbon after WWI ends - Mrs. C.H. Stevenson, A.W. Horsley, R.W. Crockett newspaper
G 370 obits Funeral announcement for Theora Jane Powell Holt funeral
G 371 short history Ben L. Naillon history.  
G 372 newspaper Unigque characters play key role in Sun Advocate's history, evolution - a brief history of the Sun Advocate newspaper. Richard Shaw
G 373-378 letter Nine Mile Canyon Settlers Association 2009 Fall Newsletter - Minutes of NMCSA Board Meeting, story called Mystery of the Cowboy Bench Rock House. Story was told to Norma Dalton by her mother, Lucille Rich. Jenny Christensen, president
G 379-384 short history History of Justus Wellington Seeley II written in 1970 Mildred Brown of Castle Dale, UT
G 385-390 history pedigree chart beginning with Edna Brown, born 20 Apr 1915, letter to Dr. Dorman from Lenard D. Brown, letter to Lenard D. Brown from Dr. Dorman, short history of Minnie & Maud in Nile Mile canyon, Poem called "I'd Rather Have" donated by Kim Huff
G 391-395 cemetery Carbonville cemetery list from Frances Cunningham & map donated by Michael Francis

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  • If you have any questions regarding any of these resource records or if you have articles and information about Carbon County that you would like to donate please e-mail Kathy Hamaker. Thank you.

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